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Sunday, February 15, 2009

SS501 obsession. (:

The reason to my pure obsession to K-POP would all be credit to this GUYS! kekeke. They got me BAD! (: I mean, who wouldn't be crazy about them right? Talented, Personality are awesome, Drop dead GORGEOUS boys and etc..
Now tell me? would you seriously let them slip away in your LIFE OR EVEN in dreams?
I truly admire the BROTHER hood relationship that this group share. They have been into so much struggle and all together they OBTAIN it one by one with the helping hand of each member. Even tho with their separate projects, this boy never FORGOTTEN were they all STARTED and what they were as a GROUP!
I love them and would continue SUPPORTING my oppa's til earth becomes nothing but a DUST!
SS501 hwaiting. (:

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