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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chapter 36

Happy New Year!!!!

Chapter 36 preview

( Hwang Bo never spoke a word to any media reporter as a promise she made to Hyun Joong. She did had a hard time, but endured it for the man he loved. She wasn’t about to ruin his carrier now or ever. It does hurt her to deny their relationship to the public, but it would hurt her even more to destroy his dreams and for the other members as well.

HJ: Your having a hard time aren’t you?

HB: Huh? What are you talking about?

HJ: I can tell. I can feel it too.

HB: Am I really that obvious?

HJ: It’s not really that hard. With our current situation right now, it would be weird for us not having a hard time. I feel so... Coward? Ani~~ more like useless. Useless that I can’t even do anything to make everything right for your sake.

HB: Have we talked about this already? Haven’t we finished this conversation along time ago?

HJ: It’s never going to finish til I find a way to keep you away from all this.

HB: I’m fine, what are you worrying about? They aren’t attacking me with rocks or anything. I’m not physically hurt by them, so there isn’t anything major about this.

HJ: Maybe not physically, but I know your hurting emotionally. I know I am~~ Having to hear that my fans are attacking you verbally, it hurts me twice. I felt like I had to pick between you and them. It hurts that I can’t reveal what I feel. It hurts that they're( fans ) hurting the most precious person to me. It hurts me that I can’t tell them you’re my girlfriend and express that to the world even. I hate that I’m Hyun Joong who is useless of a person.

HB: Joongie-shi, do you think everybody has to know? Do you think it matters that we can’t say it to the world that we’re both in love? Maybe it hurts a little that we have to deny it. But I don’t really care about that. I care about your feelings and what we have for each other. Only the both of us matter. As long as I know you love me and I love you back, then that’s good enough for me. If I have you and I’m already happy with that. Don't you think that's enough already?

HJ: you know what? Your happiness is too low, that it sounds so unrealistic.

HB: So your saying I’m just lying right now?

HJ: Aniyo~~

HB: So what are you trying to say now?

HJ: Omo, it’s turning into a fight now.

HB: I’m not trying to start an argument with you. I just wanna clarify what were you trying to say.

HJ: I’m just saying, your becoming too cheesy these days.

HB: So you would want me to say that I don't care~~~ ( singing the 2ne1 song )

HJ: Can you stop teasing me with that.

HB: Your the one that confessed that.

HJ: I merely did it, so people wont be so suspicious anymore.

HB: Why are you giving me a long explanation? It's not like I asked for it. Hahahaha! Are you guilty?

HJ: I'm not and stop it already.

HB: CL-shi is a young bright & talented girl, while I'm an Ajumma. Omo, Otokie?

HJ:Seriously? Look... Can CL-shi make my heart skip a beat lik you can? NO! Can she make me feel so happy in a split second without even doing anything, but just being by my side? NO! Does she know me? the real me that is? NO! Do you? YESSSS!

HB: Now look who became cheesy.

HJ: that's not being cheesy at all, that's just speaking the truth.

HB: Oh please~~~ like that is all true. I bet it has some sugar toppings on top. hahahaha!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas :D

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!
I hope your having a wonderful time with your FAMILY/ FRIENDS

- twacywacy/ tahrehsi -

Monday, December 14, 2009

Chapter 35

Scene: Anything to keep her safe.

(HJ didn't even spoke a word with the questioned being asked and went out of the room the moment he got the chance to do so. KJ went behind him too, when he detected his hyung was about to leave the scene.)

KJ: Aren't you going to say something?

HJ: Like what? Manager you shouldn't have done that? You shouldn't have released it without our consent?

KJ: So your fine about it being in public? Aren't you worried about what's going to happened to noona?

HJ: Of course I'm worried about what's going to happened to her. I want to protect her as much as you do. I wouldn't want her to go thru another problem again. I've already put her in a difficult situation countless of times already and I don't want that to ever happened again.

KJ: So what are you going to do now?

HJ: I'm going to call her and that's why I stepped out of the room. She has to know as soon as possible, before she sees it.

KJ: Yeah, that would shock noona big time. Ok hyung, I'll leave you to talk to her.

Scene: Ssorry
Ring Ring Ring~~~

HJ: Babe?

HB: Hi hon, what's up?

HJ: Did I woke you up?

HB: No, why?

HJ: We kinda got a bit of a situation here.

HB: What is it? something wrong? did something happened?

HJ: Well, a scandal came out about our trip over there.

HB: What scandal?

HJ: About me and you. Just all of us.

HB: I'm not quite getting what your trying to tell me.

HJ: Someone took a secret video and was following us the whole time. Actually there was two crews who followed us. The company and unknown source who tried to get a captured of everything we did overseas. Since what happened to my scandal and our sudden vacation trip, they were speculating that something was going to happened overseas and they wanted to get a scope of it.

HB: Really? OMO! did that really happened?

HJ: Manager-nim took care of it and played off the whole thing. He released part of the video as a teaser MV drama for our next album. Now we practically got the copy right of the whole thing and the media can't release it. But eventho they can't released their video, they're still able to spread the word in every article. Now, I'm pretty sure a lot of media people will come and looking for you. If anything happened, just don't let them interview you until I tell you. Araso?

HB: Yeah yeah, don't worry about it. I wont let them interview me or even answer a single question.

HJ: Babe, I'm so sorry about this.

HB: this isn't your fault, okay! so stop blaming yourself.

HJ: Yes it is. If only I'm just an ordinary person who fell in love with you, then things like this wouldn't be happening and you wouldn't be get involved in such things like this all the time. I feel like I'm always causing you never ending problems. I don't want you to get hurt in any way. Even if it's not intentionally.

HB: PABO! even if you were an ordinary person, you were never an ordinary person to me. I love you to the extraordinary extent and if shutting my mouth would help you and everyone in this situation, then that's what I'm going to do.

( HJ was silent for a moment and couldn't process the whole thing. He couldn't believe the person his talking to in the other line is actually Hwang BO. HJ never have heard her expressed that kind of things towards him, since he knows how she dislike cheesy stuff nor does he like those type of things. He never thought in his life, that he can and able to hear those words coming out from her. The sudden confession got him all choked up. It was prolly ordinary for other people, but it was surely something different coming from Hwang Bo. )

HB: Yeoboseo? Joongie-shi? Babe? you still there? Hello!

HJ: Yeah! I'm still here. Don't worry babe, everything will get cleared out after this MV and issue gets passed. Thank you for understanding. Really! I must have done something really good in my past life to receive such a girlfriend like you.

HB: NO, you already have done it in your present life right now and to think of it? I should be the one who have done something good in my past life to have received such a boyfriend who comes and protect me in any situation. Maybe you haven't noticed it, but you actually helped me out on deciding things that I would have never done. Like coming over here? and finishing my dream and having to take a step of it. You were the one who drove me to take it.

HJ: is that so? How come I'm just hearing all of this right now? You know how much I felt bad about it?

HB: Hahahaha! Well, it was a pay back too. For ignoring me the whole time.

HJ: Hey Hey Hey! You can't really say I ignored you babe. I was just confused at that time.

HB: yeah yeah yeah~~ excuses!

HJ: Are we really going to start this again? BABE~~

HB: Araso Araso, lets just leave the past behind and concentrate on what have become of it.

HJ: Yup

Note: Hehehe, sorry for the soooooooooo LATE UPDATE!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jang Geun Suk being pretty

HOOOOLLLLLLYYYY CRAPPPPNESS! can life be any unfair? His good looking in both GENDER!

I gotta admit, when he ate that FRUIT! that was just too damn HOT. :)

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