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Saturday, October 2, 2010

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

JB fanfic feats U-know part 4

HB: Can we really do this?

HJ: Of course we can

HB: It's Yunho-shi~~~ should I answer it?

HJ: Yeah! tell him your meeting him up~~

HB: Yeoboseo?

Yunho: Where are you?

HB: Uhmm! ( Looking at HJ ) Where are you, i'll just go and meet you up

Yunho: I'm on my way to the dorm

HB: Oh really? okay, i'll see you soon.

HJ: Where is he?

HB: His on the way to their dorm.

HJ: Perfect! Let's go~~

HB: I don't know if this is really a good idea Joongie

HJ: Don't be scared~~ I'm here! I won't leave you alone anymore.

HB: Since when did you learn to talk big?

HJ: I became a man after reflecting the things I've done wrong.

HB: So your here now to make it right? Aigooo~~ your trying to seduce me with your manly self now?

HJ: Aniyo~~ you were already so in to me since we got married.

HB: Aish! I think I got it wrong~~ your still the same.

HJ: I was just teasing you~~~

HB: Aigo~~ this isn't the time for a joke. We got a big problem to solve

HJ: Why are you saying it like the world is about to end with this?

HB: Don't you think it will end?

HJ: How can it be? When I'm staring at it and she looks completely intact to me?

HB: I can't live another day talking to you~~

HJ: Relax!! I'm just trying to calm down you down. You looks so nervous.

HB: So what are we going to tell him?

HJ: Hmmm~~ I'm taking my wife back and that you guys can't get married.

HB: What?

HJ: Yeah! after I say that~~ I grab your hand and leave.

HB: Are you crazy?

HJ: Don't you watch dramas? don't they usually walk out like that?

HB: Yaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~

HJ: What?

HB: Are you really planning to just do it like that? Here all along I thought you got a speech planned out. Omo omo omo~~ ottokie~~ Aisssh chincha~~~

HJ: What do I need a speech for? Am I running for president?

HB: Stop the car~~~ Let's plan this right.

HJ: Waeyo? We're already here

HB: Omo Omo Omo~~ ottokie~~ ottokie~~~

HJ grabs her hand and looks at her in the eye. He smiled so calmly at her with a straight confident look at his face.

HJ: Stop worrying~~ you don't have to say anything, just be right next to me. Okay?

HB: Araso~~~

HJ: Let's go?


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Ideal Man :)

Yup! I'm officially and finally found my Ideal Man :) How does he look? Pretty awesomely charming, right? kekekekeke!

Jung Kyung Ho is the name & a name that I would remember for the rest of my life. :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

JB fanfic feat. U-know part 3

HJ: you were never good at lying.

HB: What is there to lie about anyways?

HJ: DID? Pssssshhh~~ it’s clearly you still do. Other wise, you won’t be here right now. Other wise, you wouldn’t worry what I would think or do.

HB: Don’t get cocky little boy and don’t think you know me that well to say those things.

HJ: It’s not being cocky. It’s knowing that I have the confidence to say that I do know who you are and the real you.

HB: Oh really? You have that much confidence? Then tell me why I said yes when U-know proposed to me.

HJ: You want me to answer?

HB: Yeah, since you take credit of knowing me damn well.

HJ: I know one thing for sure. The reason why your asking me this question is because you~~ yourself don’t even know the real answer for it either. So if I were to answer your question, then I would say NO! I really don’t know why you said YES!

HB was embarrass caused it just hit her and naturally realize that she really didn’t know the real reason for it. She doesn’t have a respond to give and it was a total knock out defeat situation for her.

HJ: Why the long silence? Coz I’m right?

HB: Does it matter? If I love him enough, if I care for him enough? I can learn to love and care about him you know. It’s not that hard, that’s how relationship starts.

HJ: Why are you being so stubborn~~~

HB: I’m certainly not being stubborn. What is it really that you want Joongie? So we can get this over with.

HJ: I want you!!! I want you back!!!!

HB: It’s not going to happened

HJ: Why not???!!?? Why is it impossible???!!???

HB: Because I already said the word “ YES “

HJ: that’s it?

HB: It’s already complicated joongie, please.. Just let go already!

HJ: I can’t~~~ that’s the reason why I’m here! That’s the reason why I’m fighting this out of you~~~ that’s the reason why I wanted you to end it!!! The reason why I’m begging you~~~ because I LOVE YOU!!! And I want you to spend your entire life with ME and not him~~~ I want to have a family with you and no one else!!! I want to built that soccer team I’ve always been dreaming about with you. YOU!!! Don’t you get that?

HB: Why tell me this now huh? Why confess to me now? Why put me in this position? Why are you making me suffer like this.

HJ: Why are you thinking I’m making you suffer? I’m here~~~ I’m right next to you!! You really think I’m gonna let you go through it on your own? What kind of a man would I be? If I ever let you go through it on your own? That would only prove me not worthy of you. If your going to end it with him, I promise you I will always be right next to you~~ We will face it together, even if it will ruin everything.

HB felt secured in HJ’s words. She felt it again for the longest time since they were separated. That exact warm and secure feeling she’s been missing from him was brought back by the same person who she’s been waiting for unconsciously. Somehow she feels complete when it’s him. She feels alive when his around her. She feels nothing, but his presence and right there she knew what her own true feelings was hoping and longing for. It was him~~ It was Hyun Joong and no one else.

To be continued..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Joongbo MV

full credit: Lovemain 1028 @ YT

this is prolly by far one of the best JoongBO MV ever made :D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

JB fanfic feat. U-know Part 1

Part 1

Headline: Hwang Bo got a surprise proposal from a famous and respected idol star in Korea. Not only one person would be crying of happiness, but millions of fan girls are and would be crying from sadness upon hearing they will about to lose their beloved idol.

the proposal happened in a public street of Seoul and indeed it was a sudden proposal, basing it on a fanvid that was captured by a fan who was innocently walking by the same street with the lovebirds.

U-know dropped his bomb and caused a major commotion in one of Seoul's smallest streets. People who knew them or even people who didn't was anticipating for Hwang bo's reply. She was blushing and it wasn't something she couldn't have hide or run about. She then give him the biggest smile and said the word " Yes " in the sweetest voice anyone could possibly hear. As you all know, Hwang Bo has a different voice and at that moment, everyone heard it clearly and it was something really special.

Hyung Jun: Oh crap! I don't think hyung would wanna see this

Hyun Joong: What is it that I don't want to see?

Hyun Joong looks at the TV and saw a big picture of his on screen ex-wife with another man that he sure personally knows.


Hyun Joong: No, don't even think about changing it. I want to watch the whole thing.

Hyun Jun: Hyung, I don't think it's a good idea.

Hyun Joong: Why not? it's a TV. It's meant for watching.

Jung Min: Just remember we just bought it and that one surely didn't came out cheap as what the set of numbers in the receipt appears.

Hyun Joong: Don't worry~~ I'll get us a new one.

Hyun Jun: Hyung~~ don't be like this. I really like this TV.

Young Saeng: Don't we have warranty for that?

Hyun Joong: There you go~~ solves the upcoming problem.

Jung Min: Saengie-shii~ your such a big help.

Young Saeng: Glad to be at your service

Jung Min: Hah, really funny.

Young Saeng: Look I'm laughing~~~

Jung Min: Whatever! I'm going to take a nap. Break whatever you want to break, just be sure to clean them up right after.

Hyun Joong: Go take your horsey nap

Jung Min: Sooo bitter

Hyun Joong: and your so annoying

Jung Min: It's okay, I understand.

Hyun Joong: You know what.. I think it's a better idea to break horse jaws than a TV

Baby & YS: woooahhh woooahhh!

Jung Min run to his room in a speed of light. I think it was better that he did or else he might have lost his jaw. Seems like mr. jealous wants to be a jawbreaker and not a heartbreaker? or is he the one that got a heart that is totally breaking as of right now?

to be continued.....

Note: I decided to write, yet another Joongbo fanfic. I was really moved and motivated. hahaha!

Kyu was missing in action, but what the other members didn't know about was that he went and secretly called Hwang Bo over his phone.

KJ: Noona, is it really true?

HJ was looking for Kyu and it was the perfect timing he heard the man said " is it really true. " HJ immediately took the phone off Kyu's ears and put them in his.

HB: Uhmm, yes it is..

HJ: Oh! so it was true then... Not a scandal or anything.

HB: Wait, who is this?

HJ: No other than your ex-husband.


HJ: I'll pass back the phone to Kyu Jong-shi. Oh by the way, congratulations Hye Jung.

HB was speechless and didn't know what to say back, but even if she did said something in return, HJ wouldnt have abled to hear anything, since he left right away knowing what he saw on TV was true. He was kinda hoping it was just a scandal and did ease his anger and didn't even broke a thing, but now his whole body was going numb. It took him awhile to get to his own room and it surely took seconds to hear Hwang Bo's respond that actually made his body that way.

KJ: Noona, are you still there? Bian, I didn't know hyung was behind me.

HB: I really was going to tell him, but I didn't know the media would out run me for that. I had like hundreds of missed calls in my phone. He could even check it, if he wants too.

KJ: Don't worry noona, we will take care of hyung

HB: Please do! You guys already know how his temper is like. I don't want him to be doing something stupid.

KJ: We got this noona. I guess right now isn't the perfect time to talk about this situation, so I'll just call you back again.

HB: okay.

HJ locked himself in the room and wouldn't open the door for anyone. He couldn't even hear them, coz he was out of the real world and going crazy thinking of what to do.

HJ: I can't believe he really did it. I thought he was just kidding, when he told me about it. I should call him.

HJ called U-know and he answered the phone.

U-know: Hey Bro! My bad dude~~ I was going to call you, but I got hundred of calls earlier and didn't even got a chance to answer all of it. Guess what man~~~ I finally did it and she said " YES " Up until now I still can't believe it.

HJ immediately hanged up the phone without saying goodbye. He heard what he wanted to hear. U-know gave him
the crystal clear answer of what he wanted to know and confirmed.

HJ: same here, I still can't believe she said YES to you.


HJ: I can't believe she didn't even told me about it.

HB: Why would I be concerned if he does something? Why do I have to let him know that I'm engaged? his not even my father.

HJ: As her ex-husband she should at least give a notice

HB: What does he want? A notice that I'm engaged?

HJ: Yeah, at least that. right?

HB: No, I won't be bother by him anymore. To think his the one who left me.

HJ: To think I left just for her.

HB: What am I doing~~ it's not like he was really my husband. Tho he did act like he was mine.

HJ: Maybe for her it wasn't real, but for me it was. That's why I never agreed to that stupid mission to

HB: Wait did we got divorce in WGM?

HJ: Wait we never got divorce in WGM?

to be continued......

JB fanfic feat. U-know Part 2

Part 2

Hyun Joong couldn’t take it and needed to see her as soon as possible. Hearing it on the phone wasn’t good enough for the man. He wanted her to say it right before his eyes and ears, even within his nervously breathing self, as long as she was there in front of him admitting each details from yesterday was all true. He would rather accept that, than taking it second handily over a piece of electronic. Which by the why was almost slammed on the floor, and could have been turn into tiny pieces as of right now, but nope the guy was able to control himself and passed it onto it’s rightful owner.

Even if this confirmation he wanted for himself could and will hurt him completely at the end, he still didn’t hesitate to give his ex-wife a call and told her to meet up with him. He is willing to take all the chances there is left, if it all means that this could be just a joke, prank or even better a mere dream that he got stuck into. At least if it were to be a dream, he could just wake up and everything would be back to normal and he will now be given a chance to do something about it.

HJ: Calling….

HB: OMO! It’s Joongie. Should I answer it? ( Asking her manager. )

Manager: It’s your call, you already gave me the biggest problem that I could possibly handle right now. You take care of that on your own.

HB: Hello~!

HJ: ( Sounded so serious ) Do you have a free time today?

HB: I have a photo shoot in like 10mins. What’s up?

HJ: Can you meet up with me? Right after your photo shoot?

HB: Uhmm…. Sure?

HJ: Okay, thanks. Just call me when your done, and I could set a place for us to meet up privately.

HB: Ye, araso.

HJ: I really have to do this or else I won’t be able to do anything. And this would seriously just drive me crazy for the rest of my life.

YS: Hahahahahahaha

HJ: Ya~~~ what’s so funny ?

YS: You

HJ: how is being me a funny thing?

YS: You, talking to yourself and saying it drives you crazy. It already has driven me crazy to think that you and her have gone out for quite a while now and since then… YOU STILL HAVEN’T MADE A BIG MOVE. Now that someone did, your like a worthless person trying to deny all of this thing is happening. Face it Joongie~~ Noona is a one hot lady. Sorry, but even if you ask random people in the streets right now, they would be damn stupid to say no. Everyone wants someone like her, she’s everything a man could ever dream of marrying. I just don’t understand someone like you who had her in hands and you let go of it

HJ: We did got married

YS: See, that’s your problem. Wake up kiddo~~ I’m talking about reality over here. You keep thinking that you had her already, but honestly bro.. You never had her from the start, coz you never told her or even showed it to her. She is blind as a blind woman can be.

HJ: You already know I’m not good with those things. I mean, she should have known already and waited for me. I thought she was waiting for me.

YS: Are you really that stupid? What do you think of her? A psychic? Even if she felt it, people need confirmation. What could have been so hard on telling someone you love them, when you really do. Did you?

HJ: You already know that’s not even a question anymore.

YS: I do, but does she?

HJ: You think it’s too late?

YS: Dude, it’s never too late. You can always meet her halfway, if you know what I mean.

HJ: I honestly don’t know what your talking about, but it doesn’t matter. I need to at least try.

YS: Good! That’s what you should do and you better do it fast. I heard yunnie wants the wedding ASAP!

HJ: He must be really that excited to steal my wife.

YS: Correction! She was never your wife.

HJ: Wait, I thought you were on my side?

YS: I’m not on anybody’s side

Hwang Bo got done with her photo shoot and called Hyun Joong after she was done changing into her normal clothes. She was a bit hesitance to call him at first and even felt weird about it. Of course it does feel weird since she is now a fiancee of DBSK’s leader, who happened to be a good friend of her on screen ex-husbands.

HB: Calling…

HJ: Hello?

HB: Silence…

HJ: Hye Jung-shi~~

HB: oh! Hello~~ so yeah.

HJ: Meet me at the beach… I think it’s the safes place I could think of.

HB: Ohkay…

HJ: I’m already here, so just give me a call when your close enough. Araso?

HB: Ye, araso.

Hwang Bo reached the destination and saw Hyun Joong waiting for her patiently. The beach was so peaceful and not that much people were around. Mostly there was just old people taking a walk along side the beach.

HJ: Traffic?

HB: Nah! I was just hesitating if I should go or not.

HJ: Why? Are you afraid to see me now?

HB: Not that… I think I know why you called me and why you wanted to meet up.

HJ: Seems like YS was wrong. You’re really a psychic, but just not good enough to see that I was your man.

HB: Pardon me?

HJ: Anyways, I should get to the point. Hye Jung~~ is it really true?

HB: What is it that you really want me to say Hyun Joong? No?

HJ: I’m really hoping for that..

HB: You think this is just a joke? That I would make up stuff like this? A child play?

HJ: Why are you getting mad? I’m just asking you a serious question…

HB: I JUST…. I DON’T KNOW~~~ At the moment, I’ve been really confused lately.

HJ: Your confused? Maybe coz you know deep down that you don’t really love him good enough to marry his ass.

HB: You better watch your mouth

HJ: Oh! So your going to defend your fiancee now?

HB: Grow up damnittt~~~ I’m outta here. This conversation is pointless.

HJ: Wait~~~ don’t go! Break it off~~

HB: What?


HB: You must be out of your mind.

HJ: Yup, your right. I am going to go out of my mind thinking that my wife is marrying someone else.

Hwang Bo was in deep shock to her the word “ Wife “ she wanted to speak up, but couldn’t. Nothing was coming out from her mouth. She just stood there in front of him looking terribly shock.

HJ: I don’t want you to marry him Hye Jung.

HB: And why not? Your not my father you know… You can’t just tell me what to do. You already left me, so why are you so concern about me getting married anyways.

HJ: I LEFT YOU TO PROTECT YOU! I didn’t want you to get hurt in the process of everything. I was thinking you would have wait for me. I was thinking to do my move on the perfect moment. But no~~~~ you go off and get yourself engaged.

HB: So this is supposed to be my fault? Coz you left without saying anything? Coz you expected me to wait without saying a word? Are you that selfish enough to put all of this things to me? You know what~~~ ever since.. I never felt so secured and love since U-know came into my life.

HJ: How is that even selfish when the whole time I was protecting you? Why can’t you get it that I did all of those things so you can live a normal life and no fan girls would be waiting and trying to hurt you in any way.

HB: I’d rather take that, than being hurt with someone who you once loved.

HJ: say what?

HB: Yeah! I did loved you~~~ DID!!!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pyramid - by: Charice feat. Lyaz with Lyrics.

Shawty's love is like a pyramid (ooh)
We stand together till the very end (eh ooh)
There'll never be another love for sure (ooh)
Iyaz and Charice let we go

Stones, heavy like the love you've shown (shown)
Solid as the ground we've known (known)
And I just wanna carry on
We took it from the bottom up (no no no)
And even in a desert storm (yeah)
Sturdy as a rock we hold (oh)
Wishing every moment froze
Now I just wanna let you know
Earthquakes can't shake us
Cyclones can't break us
Hurricanes can't take away our love

Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock
It feels just like it's heaven's touch
Together at the top (at the top baby), like a pyramid
And even when the wind is blowing
We'll never fall just keep on going
Forever we will stay, like a pyramid

Like a pyramid like a pyramid eh (ooh)
Like a pyramid like a pyramid eh (ooh)
Like a pyramid like a pyramid eh eh (oooh)

Cold (cold), never ever when you're close (close)
We will never let it fold (fold)
A story that was never told
Something like a mystery (yoh!)
And every step we took we've grown
Look how fast the time has flown
A journey to a place unknown
We're going down in history
Earthquakes can't shake us (oh)
Cyclones can't break us (oh)
Hurricanes can't take away our love

Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock (hey!)
It feels just like it's heaven's touch
Together at the top, (at the top baby) like a pyramid
And even when the wind is blowing (wind is blowing)
We'll never fall just keep it going (keep it going)
Forever we will stay, like a pyramid (eh oh)

Like a pyramid girl let me show you
That I love you so much
That we gonna get through (oh oh)
Even when there's storms
I will never go, Ima be the one to keep you safe (hey)
Before was our love back it up more than enough
Holding on to one another be the cover when it's rough (oh oh)
Mother nature (hey) or disaster won't stop at happy ever after

Pyramid, keep it going (like a pyramid, like a pyramid)
Oh oh ooooh (like a pyramid, like a pyramid)

Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock (solid rock)
It feels just like it's heaven's touch (oooh)
Together at the top (at the top baby, at the top girl), like a pyramid
And even when the wind is blowing
We'll never fall just keep on going (keep it going)
Forever we will stay (Charice), like a pyramid (what what)

Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock
It feels just like it's heaven's touch
Together at the top (at the top baby, at the top girl), like a pyramid (pyramid)
And even when the wind is blowing
We'll never fall just keep it going
Forever we will stay (ooh), like a pyramid

Like a pyramid like a pyramid eh
Like a pyramid like a pyramid eh
Like a pyramid like a pyramid eh eh

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Strong Heart ( Remix ) FINAL

( Some of the cast from last week was able to comeback on the show. Hyun Joong was a little nervous. Why? maybe because he was anticipating for someone to comeback. Could he be? )

HJ: ( tense )

PD: the show is about to start soon, let's go people~~ be on your respective places already.

JM: That's a little disappointing

HJB: What is?

( HJ was just eying Jung Min and didn't say a word at all. What was he supposed to say back anyways, he got caught. Jung Min knew what he was thinking he didn't have to say a word, his actions says it all. )

JM: T-H-A-T Y-O-U-R here

HJB: Aish~~~

( Everyone started sharing their individual stories in life and Hyun Joong was one of the cast that got chosen to share his own personal experiences in life. He went on and talked about a ghost that he once encountered, just a normal story for a 4-d idol. But like always, his story cost a major laughable matter in the set. Other than Hyun Joong, someone also shared his personal stories in life. The person went on and talked about his hardship. He even went farther as to reveal his past relationship. The guy then confessed that the girl he dated once before wasn't a celebrity and even that didn't changed a thing at all. It was still hard, since he was an idol. )

MC: How about our dear SS501? Hyun Joong-shi are you guys able to date? Or are you guys currently dating right now?

HJ: Not that we aren't allowed to date. Just that sometimes it doesn't work out.

Brian Ah: this guy, you sound like you're dating someone. Who is she? a celebrity?

HJ: yes, she is.

MC Lee SeungRi: Oh chincha? Did you guys went out alot?

HJ: Yes, we went to movies, fishing and sushi.

MC Kang Don: In public places? Like public dating?

HJ: Yes!

MC: How long were you guys dating?

HJ: ( Thinking deeply ) FIVE months?

JM: Yaaaaa~~~ Are you sure you it wasn't a ghost?

HJ: Was she a ghost?

Brian Ah: Maybe you thought you guys were dating, but for her it wasn't a date.

HJ: ( Thinking hard... ) It could be too~~

HJB: I think I know who it is

JM: Who is it? tell me.. tell me..

HJB: Hyung~~ you should know. I can't believe you dont know this.

HJ: Hey, let me know too.

JM: Yaaa~~ why do you need to know, when your the one who dated her.

HJ: Well, now that you mentioned it. I'm doubting myself, if she was really a ghost or not. What if the ghost lady tried to possess the girl I was dating, in a way to seek revenge on me.

(HJ's unique way of thinking, his 4Dness is what made everyone almost rolled over the floor. Even Seungri couldn't breath anymore. Most of the people on the set got all teary from laughing. )

MC Seungri: Chincha~~~ Chincha~~~ Hands down to you HJ-shi~~

( The show ended and it was all a success. Everyone said goodbye and SS501 left right away to go on to their next schedule. )

JM: That's more like it, your slowly loosen up.

HJ: Yaaaa~~ Stop it.

HJB: I can't believe Jung Min Hyung didn't know who you were talking about.

JM: I did know, stupid~~~ I just did that for a reason. I wouldn't want the revealation be coming from my own mouth. Someone might KILL ME~~~

HJ: Stop it!

JM: okay okay okay!!


After the show ended, it was HJ's turn to recall his past. A past that includes one particular person in his life. She was no other than his Hwang Bo noona. No, actually she wasn't just a noona or a sunbae towards him. He acknowledge her as his buin and no one else. She was the very person who shared wonderful memories with him and damn right the same person who left him for a painful truth and damn it! for it was a reasonable truth. It was just simply a reason that none of them could have avoided, because it was an obvious truth, that not even a good liar could have pulled it off in any way of escape.

"What could have been and what might have happen, if things continue."

Seeing it realistic wise and putting it in a reality perspective way, it hurt the both of them to accept it. Their hearts felt like it was ripped and yanked out from their very own weak bodies.

What can we do?
What should we do?

Questions like that were both clashing within their confused minds.

The reality ahead of them was too cruel and in some point they wanted to be in a fantasy world, but...

Is there even a fantasy world?

Such place could be in any existence in this world?

Why are they still trapped?

Why do they feel like reality is constantly hunting them?

Should they wake up?

Maybe its time...

If reality broke them apart, then reality is the only way that can bring them both back together.

"Reality is the only place to see things right, and the only right
thing for me is to see you standing on it." - Hwang BO

" Buin~~ your absolutely right. Reality is where we both stand and
this kind of reality is where I rather want you to be. " - Hyun Joong

HB: If given a chance, and if it's really meant to be...

HJ: I want to meet you again... in this world of reality.


told you it was a short one. LOL!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chapter 37 - ENDING CHAPTER -

( Hyun Joong hasn't called Hwang Bo for about a week now. Hwang Bo was getting worried that her hair is falling off from stressing out. She doesn't know what's going on with Hyun Joong and neither did the boy wanted to tell her any of his plans and why is that his not answering his phone. None of the members are answering their phones either. It seems like they're hiding something, no they're are really hiding something from her. )

HB: Yaaaaaaa~~ if you don't answer your phone right now, you can call it OVER!

incoming call....

HB: so now you decide to call me back?

HJ: WOW! is that a way to greet your boyfriend who sincerely miss you alot?

HB: this is how I treat people who gives me stress.

HJ: Chill out~~

HB: Where were you? How come you never answered my calls... It's been a week now, have you even notice that? I was about to call the police out there and reported you missing

HJ: Hahahahhaahhaahaha! you would really do that?

HB: Of course I would~~ Who knew, after that stupid speech you did at the award night.. your fans found a solution to kidnap you.

HJ: Thanks, but you didn't really have to worry about me that much. I don't think Triple S would be that crazy to even kidnap me. I think the Joongboers would prolly be the one having that plan ready. Hahahaha!

HB: Joongboers? Anyways, are you going to tell me what happened to you?

HJ: I'll tell you, as soon as you open your door right now.

HB: Open my door? Huh? Why would I open the door?

HJ: Uhhh~~ to come and let me inside?

HB: Why would you be here?

HJ: You want me to leave?

HB: Ohhh, what? your here? your outside?

HJ: I just said thattttttttttt~~~ now, come and open the door, it's a little chilly out here.

( HB opened the door and found a young man with his brightest smile, that even other people could have mistaken him as a sunlight flashing at them. The boys were there too, waiting for HB to open the door for them. )

HB: What the... when did you guys got here?

( HJ kneeled down and proposed to her right away )

HB: What is this?

HJB: His way of proposing to you noona~~

HJ: Can you just please say yes, it's a little embarrassing and my knees are starting to hurt.

HB: What if I say no?

KJ: Then I'll be the one proposing next

JM: If you dumped both of them noona~~~ don't worry, I'll be the third one :) They say, third time is the lucky charm.

HJ: I feel like it has been my biggest mistake for bringing you guys along with me.

HB: Ani, it's just the perfect time to bring them here. I wouldn't want them to mess this time, when I say YES to your propose.

" YES, I would love to get married with you Kim Hyun Joong "


Monday, January 18, 2010

Strong Heart Part 3 ( Remix )

Manager: Ya! Hye Jung~~ What was that earlier? A death wish? Didn't I told you not to~~ Ahhhh! Chincha, I'm going crazy.

HB: It's done already, right? Nothing happened, so why are you still worked up about it? Stop worrying already.

Manager: How? How am I going to easy up on this? When you know well enough that I'm not doing this to hurt you. You know damn enough, that this could led into assumption for other people. We both know damn well this is going to ruin you in the future. Hye Jung~ remember that you made the choice. Not me, but you did.

( HB turned her back from the manager and started walking a few steps ahead. She suddenly paused and looked back. )

HB: ( Looks back ) I made the choice, because I didn't have any.

Manager: Why are you being like that Hwang Bo-shi? Your stronger than this...I know you're.. Don't let this thing~

HB: If you know someone or anything that can take this away, then be sure to let me know. Coz for the most part? I'm so so so tired of it.

Manager: is that how desperately you've loved him?

HB didn't respond, but she did turn her head back towards the manager for the second time around. Her eyes were getting watery, tho she held it strong. Fighting for those tears to not come out and start running to her cheeks. She didn't want a single tears to fall off. The manager stared at her and saw the agony and pain she has on her eyes. Hwang Bo didn't have to explain or speak, it was all there. Written all over her face expression and her sorrowful eyes. Manager-nim understood it clearly than any other person could. The feelings that Hwang Bo has for Hyun Joong wasn't just a silly love thing, but something more serious than that, something more deeper than that and that's why Hwang Bo herself is having a hard time handling it. She was in this position way back, but she was never in a position that she's closer to being broken.

Manager: OMO~~

( Hwang Bo turned around right away, afraid that she might have been showing it to much. Afraid that she's revealing everything without a word. Which scares her to be that obvious to people.)

HB: I don't have any schedule or today right?

Manager: No, not at all.

HB: Then may I have this day to play? I want to rest and relax.

Manager: Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure. Do that. Do you want to take a vacation? A week? Go to Jeju island? Oh wait, maybe not Jeju. I don't think Jeju is ever a good idea. Just somewhere else?

HB got in her car and sat there for awhile. She was calming herself down, but instead of doing that she suddenly had a flashback of what happened earlier. The scene where she meet HJ's eyes for a couple seconds and how that affected her. Tears suddenly came out, yes the tears that she was holding and fighting for earlier are now sliding down her cheeks.

HB: ( Laughed) A tear? It used to be bucks of bucks of them. If I did collected them all, it would have been a river by now.

( She continued laughing by herself like a crazy women. )

HB: If he were to hear what I just said right now, then he would have prolly have told me to always carry a boat around. Just incase something like this could be happening. Such a silly 4D thinking, but why did I ever find that attractive? Maybe coz I'm crazy too?

( She continued to laugh, seems very amused of what her mind is thinking. But she knows after recalling all the beautiful memories, this is something not good for her. It's amazing how she can be happy to just be thinking about him, but suddenly too, when all of those memories are done recalling itself, she feels nothing but a sudden burst out of pain, coz reality is where she is standing and her reality where her bad memories started.)

Strong Heart Part 2 ( Remix )

( Everyone started sharing their individual stories and it came up to a point where someone from the set talked about her personal relationship. A relationship of an actor/actress/idol's and how hard it was back then to have someone who worked at the same industry with you. The pain of having to keep it, so you can keep your job as well. It was sad and painful to hear and watch the person talking, because it is the truth. A fact that everyone in this industry knows about. Even Hwang Bo's heart started pounding even faster than usual. Not because she felt that she was about to have an anxiety attack, but rather she felt and knew the other person's feeling. She felt that connection to the person who was talking. She felt it deeply that she wanted to share her own thoughts too, very eager that she couldn't hold herself to stay put and shut her mouth. She wanted to console her and tell her that she isn't alone on this matter. But how? She's being strictly instructed not to mention anything. Even a word that would trigger the topic of her and hj. Would she be able to speak out? )

HB: Actually, I too have witnessed something like this... It was right before my eyes if you could say.

( Everyone became shocked and for most of them they were really curious. Specially the manager who is cringing on the side watching the whole thing happening. )

Manager: Omo.. Omo... Otokie?

(HB was hesitating if she should continue what she started. But she had no way out of it now. Everyone was looking at her directly, very focused that not a single strand of hair can escape from the people eyes around her. All were very anxious and waiting impatiently for her story. Most importantly the two boys were there and that didn't help her at all. She was blaming her auto respond, but then again it was auto, so nothing can be helped in that situation either. It was simply just like in a situation when someone says "Hi" to you, then you automatically say "hello" without thinking it thru and process it even longer to counter and stop that.)

HB: Uhmm, it was a story of one of my friend in the industry. I wont tell you guys the name, coz I rather want her privacy to remain hidden and safe where it should be. But yes, it is very painful to watch. They weren't allowed to see each other as much as they wanted too. Can't even look at each other face to face and have a talk freely. Only thing they could do is stare at each other thru mirrors and when they walk by pass each other. I too, honestly hated the idea of being restricted. We aren't robots to begin with and we're simply human who love and wants to be loved back. It's upsetting and hurtful indeed to witness it, but at that time... I was in no power to do anything for the both of them. We all needed our job and because of that, I didn't do anything. But still it didn't escape the fact that it did hurt to watch the both of them being in that situation, so I was thinking how much more the both them? How much pain could they have been feeling inside? From then on I promised myself not to be in that kind of position, because in anyway.. reality os still what counts and probably our reality would just bring pain for me and for that other person too.

(Everyone got all teary, coz they all know it's the truth. They all don't have to experience it to know and understand the situation. Having to pick this industry, it wasn't easy for all of them. They all know how hard it can be sometimes and how many rules were being demanded and a must for everyone to follow. This line of work has it's luxurious and cruel side, and if want to be in this kind of work style then you must have to accept this facts. The show ended with an emotional closing ends. Everyone couldn't have forget todays episode, since pretty much everyone shared alot of their personal stories, it didn't matter if it was in or outside work. It was finally time for everyone to go home and some of them stayed to chat, coz they didn't have any other schedule for the rest of the day. The boys said their goodbyes to HB before they head out to meet their van who's been waiting for them. HB hugged KJ first then right on to YS. Before KJ took a step into the van, he waved back again to HB and baby who was inside the van suddenly stuck his head out to say his playful greeting to HB. That made her smile, the maknae of the group was once being spoiled in her hands too. But one thing for sure her eyes didn't escape.. it was HJ, who happened to be sitting right next baby. It was pretty impossible for her not to noticed him, since both of their eyes meet for a couple of quick seconds and then she looked away.)

JM: We came here a little early and you couldn't even say "Hi" to her?

HJ: Who said we came here to say "Hi" to anyone? We came here to pick up these two, who happens to be lagging so much.

KJ: We can't just be all rude and not say bye to everyone. We were late earlier, remember?

YS: Yup, coz the makane has to take a dump first, when he knew all along that we had a schedule.

HJB: Hey hey, it was a call of nature. You can't prevent nor predict that from coming.

HJ: I bet you need to take a leak, when we get there.

HJB: Hehehehe~~ I actually do need to take a leak when we get there. How far are we? I need to go~~~~

HJ was spacing out a bit. Recalling HB and his gazed meeting earlier.

HJ: Buin hasn't changed at all. She still beautiful as ever. Even cuter, when she actually starts blushing. Was she blushing, coz she saw me? Nah, that cant be. She hates me to her guts.

YS: Yo!

HJ: ( distracted ) Oh yeah? what's up?

YS: Uh! we're here?

HJ: Oh!

JM: Dude, calm down. You cna pee now.

HJB: (excuse me 3x) I can't hold it anymore.. I really need to pee now. ( Excuse Me, sorry3x ) Ahhh, my bladder is about to blow up.

YS: Hey Joongie~~

HJ: Uhmm

YS: Something interesting for you to watch the next week episode of strong heart

HJ: Why? did someone shared something funny?

( KJ jumpe into the conversation. )

KJ: Oh it is really really interesting hyung. ( Smile )

( Both YS and KJ went inside first while having that big teasing smile on their faces. )

JM: Ya~~ are you both crazy? laughing for no reason?

KJ: Why are you so in a bad mood?

YS: Baby made him wait~ remember?

KJ: Oh yeah~~ hahaha

(HJ remained outside thinking again. He seems to be spacing out a lot these days.)

HJ: They really didn't have to tell me to watch it. I was going to watch it anyways from the start.

HJB: Oh hyung, why are you here and not inside? Waiting for me? You didn't have too.

HJ: Yeah, I was afraid that you might get lost.

HJB: How sweet of you.

HJ: Hey hey, no touch. Did you wash your hands?

HJB: Of course I did. let's go inside~

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Strong Heart Part 1 ( Remix )

It was that same day, when both Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong was supposedly have to appear together in a variety show called Strong Heart. One of them opposed to this arrangement and there was nothing that can be done to force the person to come out right at the same time with the other one. Maybe it could be better this way, them avoiding seeing each other for some time being.

Hwang Bo arrived at the studio a little early, she was scanning the place hoping to see the person she wanted and didn't want to see. She spoke to herself softly that even a fly can't hear a thing from what she was talking about.

HB: Why in the world would I be looking for someone who doesn't even wanna be in the same place than I do? Well, maybe I wasn't expecting him to turn down the offer. Ahhh, can he be less immature than this?

Hwang Bo's manager suddenly interrupted her thoughts and told her the things she need to do, like the seating chart and the things she shouldn't be talking about.

Hwang Bo: I know.. I know.. I shouldn't mention his name in anyway and avoid as much to bring the WGM topic.

Manager: ( Sight ) I'm sorry Hwang Bo-shi, but this is for your own good.

Hwang Bo: I know, you don't have to remind me all the time.

Manager: I feel like I have too, everytime I see your lonely sad face.

Hwang Bo: I'm just tired.

Manager: I guess, if you really wanna put it that way.

Hwang Bo: I said I'm fine, you don't have to worry about anything.

Manager: How long has---

Hwang Bo: Please~~

Manager: Araso!

The show will be airing soon and Hwang Bo chatted to a few of the people who will be on the same show with her. She didn't spot the two other SS501 members. She somehow felt worried, wanting and eager to know what's going on and why hasn't the two membere arrived in the setting yet.

Jong Ri: Yaaa~~ your like a giraffe. Your neck keeps turning and scanning the place.

HB: Where are the boys?

Jong Ri: Who?

HB: Kyu Jong-shi and Saengie

Jong Ri: I heard they're running late.

HB: Oh chincharo?

Jong Ri: Waeyo? are you waiting for someone that might come with them?

HB: Eh?

Jong Ri: Come on Hwangbo-shi~~ I might be a comedian, but serious things I can be serious too. Spell it out sister.

HB: I don't know what your talking about.

Jong Ri: There are rumours and we comedian like to gossip them all. Better tell me now, or I might open it up later.

HB: Go ahead~~

Jong Ri: I'm just kidding~~ but if you don't want to share it right now.. I completely understand your privacy. But if you do decide to talk about it openly, then don't forget to call me. I'm one of you guys fan.

HB: Hahahaha~~ unnie, you never fail to make me LAUGH!

Jong Ri: Oh it is my only my JOB!

The show started and the boys were late indeed, but was able to catch up with the show. Hwang Bo gave the two boys a welcoming smile and they too responded respectfully to their noona. Both also greeted everyone and apologized for being so late.

Jong Ri: Why so late? did you guys know someone was waiting impatiently for you guys?

Everyone was curious and eyed Jong Ri the moment she finished her statement.

MC Kang Dong: Who would that be? care to reveal it?

Jong Ri: She's in here. She's very beautiful and just everything or everyone would want.

MC Kang Don: Stop the thrillers and reveal it already.

Jong Ri: Naega Naega Naega!!!

that revelation exploded everyone to LAUGHTER, while Hwang Bo on the other hand was having almost an anxiety attack, but ended up bursting out laughing at the end, together with everyone. Jong Ri almost got Hwang Bo right there, but she kept it low key in any way.

Chapter 36 cont.

(Everything is settled now. The scandal died down like all scandal issue usually do. The MV has given quite a great response from the netizens, because of its realistic captured scenes. Alot of them commented about how they both got great chemistry together and it would be good, if they could have a drama together or perform together somehow. The concept of Noona and Dongsaeng relationship became a trending thing and thru this, Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong gained a lot of fans and supported their couple appearance quite massively that anti's wont ever dare to say a comment to ruined them both.)

Scene: Award Night

MC: The Best MV that moved a lot of netizens of this year goes to SS501

HJ:First of, I would like to thank someone very special. This award wont be in our hands right now, if it werent for a specially person who made it all happened. Hwang Bo noona~~~ this is for you too! Triple S friends of mine this award wont be nearly in the tip of our hands without of your support. ( Did a heart shape ) Thank you.

HB: is he crazy? has he gone crazy? is he stupid? what the heck is he doing?

( the rest of the member did their little speech and said thanks to Hwang Bo as well. The other members simply supported their leader for revealing this big news to everyone. they all said encouragement things to their leader.)

MC: Oh wow, that was a very big suprise revealation from the leader of SS501.

Scene: After the award night

HB: Yaaaaa~~~ chincha!! Have you gone CRAZYYYY? Are you insane? A fool?

HJ: Calm Down~~ why are you so mad at me? Aren't you supposed to be HAPPY? A normal GF would be speechless as of right now. I just reveal my feelings in a national television. You know how hard that is? I can't even count how many times I had to repeat those lines for me to say.

HB felt guilt for yelling at HJ over the phone. She knew how hard could have that been for him to say those words. Specially infront of so many people and also infront of fans who some of them tried to tear them both apart.

HB: You didn't have to do it.

HJ: I wanted to do it.

HB: For what HJ? the scandal just died down. Are you really looking for a new one?

HJ: It wouldn't be a scandal, if it is true.

HB: that's beside the point. Aren't you afraid of what could this bring to you and the rest of the members? Why do you always have to make it so difficult.

HJ: It is already difficult. Aren't you hurting inside? Arent you tired of HIDING? aren't you tired of this situation? coz I am.

HB: Your being selfish Joongie.

HJ: Yeah, I am selfish. I'm really good at that area aren't I? isn't that my specialty of all.

HB: I didn't mean it that way. You didn't even told me about this and what about the boys? Have you even discuss this with them? Your manager? president?

HJ: Yes, I have. Once again in my life... I want to be selfish for you.

HB: *sigh*

HJ: It sounds like I've just been dumped.

HB: If I don't love you enough to tolerate your crazyness, then I would have dump you instantly

HJ: What can I say... I'm crazy for you to do these things.

HB: You make me VOMIT!

HJ: Oh that is so TOUCHING! that's just pure LOVE!

HB: Maybe I'm the crazy one to accept your feelings. Maybe I should return it back

HJ: Fine, then I'll just give it to someone else.. Like CL, Lee Hyori noona

HB: go ahead and do that. I don't care... eh eh eh!

HJ: It sure is a LOVE LIKE THIS!

HB: It sure is.

HJ: Love you, I'll call you back later.

Chit Chat :)