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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chapter 37 - ENDING CHAPTER -

( Hyun Joong hasn't called Hwang Bo for about a week now. Hwang Bo was getting worried that her hair is falling off from stressing out. She doesn't know what's going on with Hyun Joong and neither did the boy wanted to tell her any of his plans and why is that his not answering his phone. None of the members are answering their phones either. It seems like they're hiding something, no they're are really hiding something from her. )

HB: Yaaaaaaa~~ if you don't answer your phone right now, you can call it OVER!

incoming call....

HB: so now you decide to call me back?

HJ: WOW! is that a way to greet your boyfriend who sincerely miss you alot?

HB: this is how I treat people who gives me stress.

HJ: Chill out~~

HB: Where were you? How come you never answered my calls... It's been a week now, have you even notice that? I was about to call the police out there and reported you missing

HJ: Hahahahhaahhaahaha! you would really do that?

HB: Of course I would~~ Who knew, after that stupid speech you did at the award night.. your fans found a solution to kidnap you.

HJ: Thanks, but you didn't really have to worry about me that much. I don't think Triple S would be that crazy to even kidnap me. I think the Joongboers would prolly be the one having that plan ready. Hahahaha!

HB: Joongboers? Anyways, are you going to tell me what happened to you?

HJ: I'll tell you, as soon as you open your door right now.

HB: Open my door? Huh? Why would I open the door?

HJ: Uhhh~~ to come and let me inside?

HB: Why would you be here?

HJ: You want me to leave?

HB: Ohhh, what? your here? your outside?

HJ: I just said thattttttttttt~~~ now, come and open the door, it's a little chilly out here.

( HB opened the door and found a young man with his brightest smile, that even other people could have mistaken him as a sunlight flashing at them. The boys were there too, waiting for HB to open the door for them. )

HB: What the... when did you guys got here?

( HJ kneeled down and proposed to her right away )

HB: What is this?

HJB: His way of proposing to you noona~~

HJ: Can you just please say yes, it's a little embarrassing and my knees are starting to hurt.

HB: What if I say no?

KJ: Then I'll be the one proposing next

JM: If you dumped both of them noona~~~ don't worry, I'll be the third one :) They say, third time is the lucky charm.

HJ: I feel like it has been my biggest mistake for bringing you guys along with me.

HB: Ani, it's just the perfect time to bring them here. I wouldn't want them to mess this time, when I say YES to your propose.

" YES, I would love to get married with you Kim Hyun Joong "


Monday, January 18, 2010

Strong Heart Part 3 ( Remix )

Manager: Ya! Hye Jung~~ What was that earlier? A death wish? Didn't I told you not to~~ Ahhhh! Chincha, I'm going crazy.

HB: It's done already, right? Nothing happened, so why are you still worked up about it? Stop worrying already.

Manager: How? How am I going to easy up on this? When you know well enough that I'm not doing this to hurt you. You know damn enough, that this could led into assumption for other people. We both know damn well this is going to ruin you in the future. Hye Jung~ remember that you made the choice. Not me, but you did.

( HB turned her back from the manager and started walking a few steps ahead. She suddenly paused and looked back. )

HB: ( Looks back ) I made the choice, because I didn't have any.

Manager: Why are you being like that Hwang Bo-shi? Your stronger than this...I know you're.. Don't let this thing~

HB: If you know someone or anything that can take this away, then be sure to let me know. Coz for the most part? I'm so so so tired of it.

Manager: is that how desperately you've loved him?

HB didn't respond, but she did turn her head back towards the manager for the second time around. Her eyes were getting watery, tho she held it strong. Fighting for those tears to not come out and start running to her cheeks. She didn't want a single tears to fall off. The manager stared at her and saw the agony and pain she has on her eyes. Hwang Bo didn't have to explain or speak, it was all there. Written all over her face expression and her sorrowful eyes. Manager-nim understood it clearly than any other person could. The feelings that Hwang Bo has for Hyun Joong wasn't just a silly love thing, but something more serious than that, something more deeper than that and that's why Hwang Bo herself is having a hard time handling it. She was in this position way back, but she was never in a position that she's closer to being broken.

Manager: OMO~~

( Hwang Bo turned around right away, afraid that she might have been showing it to much. Afraid that she's revealing everything without a word. Which scares her to be that obvious to people.)

HB: I don't have any schedule or today right?

Manager: No, not at all.

HB: Then may I have this day to play? I want to rest and relax.

Manager: Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure. Do that. Do you want to take a vacation? A week? Go to Jeju island? Oh wait, maybe not Jeju. I don't think Jeju is ever a good idea. Just somewhere else?

HB got in her car and sat there for awhile. She was calming herself down, but instead of doing that she suddenly had a flashback of what happened earlier. The scene where she meet HJ's eyes for a couple seconds and how that affected her. Tears suddenly came out, yes the tears that she was holding and fighting for earlier are now sliding down her cheeks.

HB: ( Laughed) A tear? It used to be bucks of bucks of them. If I did collected them all, it would have been a river by now.

( She continued laughing by herself like a crazy women. )

HB: If he were to hear what I just said right now, then he would have prolly have told me to always carry a boat around. Just incase something like this could be happening. Such a silly 4D thinking, but why did I ever find that attractive? Maybe coz I'm crazy too?

( She continued to laugh, seems very amused of what her mind is thinking. But she knows after recalling all the beautiful memories, this is something not good for her. It's amazing how she can be happy to just be thinking about him, but suddenly too, when all of those memories are done recalling itself, she feels nothing but a sudden burst out of pain, coz reality is where she is standing and her reality where her bad memories started.)

Strong Heart Part 2 ( Remix )

( Everyone started sharing their individual stories and it came up to a point where someone from the set talked about her personal relationship. A relationship of an actor/actress/idol's and how hard it was back then to have someone who worked at the same industry with you. The pain of having to keep it, so you can keep your job as well. It was sad and painful to hear and watch the person talking, because it is the truth. A fact that everyone in this industry knows about. Even Hwang Bo's heart started pounding even faster than usual. Not because she felt that she was about to have an anxiety attack, but rather she felt and knew the other person's feeling. She felt that connection to the person who was talking. She felt it deeply that she wanted to share her own thoughts too, very eager that she couldn't hold herself to stay put and shut her mouth. She wanted to console her and tell her that she isn't alone on this matter. But how? She's being strictly instructed not to mention anything. Even a word that would trigger the topic of her and hj. Would she be able to speak out? )

HB: Actually, I too have witnessed something like this... It was right before my eyes if you could say.

( Everyone became shocked and for most of them they were really curious. Specially the manager who is cringing on the side watching the whole thing happening. )

Manager: Omo.. Omo... Otokie?

(HB was hesitating if she should continue what she started. But she had no way out of it now. Everyone was looking at her directly, very focused that not a single strand of hair can escape from the people eyes around her. All were very anxious and waiting impatiently for her story. Most importantly the two boys were there and that didn't help her at all. She was blaming her auto respond, but then again it was auto, so nothing can be helped in that situation either. It was simply just like in a situation when someone says "Hi" to you, then you automatically say "hello" without thinking it thru and process it even longer to counter and stop that.)

HB: Uhmm, it was a story of one of my friend in the industry. I wont tell you guys the name, coz I rather want her privacy to remain hidden and safe where it should be. But yes, it is very painful to watch. They weren't allowed to see each other as much as they wanted too. Can't even look at each other face to face and have a talk freely. Only thing they could do is stare at each other thru mirrors and when they walk by pass each other. I too, honestly hated the idea of being restricted. We aren't robots to begin with and we're simply human who love and wants to be loved back. It's upsetting and hurtful indeed to witness it, but at that time... I was in no power to do anything for the both of them. We all needed our job and because of that, I didn't do anything. But still it didn't escape the fact that it did hurt to watch the both of them being in that situation, so I was thinking how much more the both them? How much pain could they have been feeling inside? From then on I promised myself not to be in that kind of position, because in anyway.. reality os still what counts and probably our reality would just bring pain for me and for that other person too.

(Everyone got all teary, coz they all know it's the truth. They all don't have to experience it to know and understand the situation. Having to pick this industry, it wasn't easy for all of them. They all know how hard it can be sometimes and how many rules were being demanded and a must for everyone to follow. This line of work has it's luxurious and cruel side, and if want to be in this kind of work style then you must have to accept this facts. The show ended with an emotional closing ends. Everyone couldn't have forget todays episode, since pretty much everyone shared alot of their personal stories, it didn't matter if it was in or outside work. It was finally time for everyone to go home and some of them stayed to chat, coz they didn't have any other schedule for the rest of the day. The boys said their goodbyes to HB before they head out to meet their van who's been waiting for them. HB hugged KJ first then right on to YS. Before KJ took a step into the van, he waved back again to HB and baby who was inside the van suddenly stuck his head out to say his playful greeting to HB. That made her smile, the maknae of the group was once being spoiled in her hands too. But one thing for sure her eyes didn't escape.. it was HJ, who happened to be sitting right next baby. It was pretty impossible for her not to noticed him, since both of their eyes meet for a couple of quick seconds and then she looked away.)

JM: We came here a little early and you couldn't even say "Hi" to her?

HJ: Who said we came here to say "Hi" to anyone? We came here to pick up these two, who happens to be lagging so much.

KJ: We can't just be all rude and not say bye to everyone. We were late earlier, remember?

YS: Yup, coz the makane has to take a dump first, when he knew all along that we had a schedule.

HJB: Hey hey, it was a call of nature. You can't prevent nor predict that from coming.

HJ: I bet you need to take a leak, when we get there.

HJB: Hehehehe~~ I actually do need to take a leak when we get there. How far are we? I need to go~~~~

HJ was spacing out a bit. Recalling HB and his gazed meeting earlier.

HJ: Buin hasn't changed at all. She still beautiful as ever. Even cuter, when she actually starts blushing. Was she blushing, coz she saw me? Nah, that cant be. She hates me to her guts.

YS: Yo!

HJ: ( distracted ) Oh yeah? what's up?

YS: Uh! we're here?

HJ: Oh!

JM: Dude, calm down. You cna pee now.

HJB: (excuse me 3x) I can't hold it anymore.. I really need to pee now. ( Excuse Me, sorry3x ) Ahhh, my bladder is about to blow up.

YS: Hey Joongie~~

HJ: Uhmm

YS: Something interesting for you to watch the next week episode of strong heart

HJ: Why? did someone shared something funny?

( KJ jumpe into the conversation. )

KJ: Oh it is really really interesting hyung. ( Smile )

( Both YS and KJ went inside first while having that big teasing smile on their faces. )

JM: Ya~~ are you both crazy? laughing for no reason?

KJ: Why are you so in a bad mood?

YS: Baby made him wait~ remember?

KJ: Oh yeah~~ hahaha

(HJ remained outside thinking again. He seems to be spacing out a lot these days.)

HJ: They really didn't have to tell me to watch it. I was going to watch it anyways from the start.

HJB: Oh hyung, why are you here and not inside? Waiting for me? You didn't have too.

HJ: Yeah, I was afraid that you might get lost.

HJB: How sweet of you.

HJ: Hey hey, no touch. Did you wash your hands?

HJB: Of course I did. let's go inside~

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Strong Heart Part 1 ( Remix )

It was that same day, when both Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong was supposedly have to appear together in a variety show called Strong Heart. One of them opposed to this arrangement and there was nothing that can be done to force the person to come out right at the same time with the other one. Maybe it could be better this way, them avoiding seeing each other for some time being.

Hwang Bo arrived at the studio a little early, she was scanning the place hoping to see the person she wanted and didn't want to see. She spoke to herself softly that even a fly can't hear a thing from what she was talking about.

HB: Why in the world would I be looking for someone who doesn't even wanna be in the same place than I do? Well, maybe I wasn't expecting him to turn down the offer. Ahhh, can he be less immature than this?

Hwang Bo's manager suddenly interrupted her thoughts and told her the things she need to do, like the seating chart and the things she shouldn't be talking about.

Hwang Bo: I know.. I know.. I shouldn't mention his name in anyway and avoid as much to bring the WGM topic.

Manager: ( Sight ) I'm sorry Hwang Bo-shi, but this is for your own good.

Hwang Bo: I know, you don't have to remind me all the time.

Manager: I feel like I have too, everytime I see your lonely sad face.

Hwang Bo: I'm just tired.

Manager: I guess, if you really wanna put it that way.

Hwang Bo: I said I'm fine, you don't have to worry about anything.

Manager: How long has---

Hwang Bo: Please~~

Manager: Araso!

The show will be airing soon and Hwang Bo chatted to a few of the people who will be on the same show with her. She didn't spot the two other SS501 members. She somehow felt worried, wanting and eager to know what's going on and why hasn't the two membere arrived in the setting yet.

Jong Ri: Yaaa~~ your like a giraffe. Your neck keeps turning and scanning the place.

HB: Where are the boys?

Jong Ri: Who?

HB: Kyu Jong-shi and Saengie

Jong Ri: I heard they're running late.

HB: Oh chincharo?

Jong Ri: Waeyo? are you waiting for someone that might come with them?

HB: Eh?

Jong Ri: Come on Hwangbo-shi~~ I might be a comedian, but serious things I can be serious too. Spell it out sister.

HB: I don't know what your talking about.

Jong Ri: There are rumours and we comedian like to gossip them all. Better tell me now, or I might open it up later.

HB: Go ahead~~

Jong Ri: I'm just kidding~~ but if you don't want to share it right now.. I completely understand your privacy. But if you do decide to talk about it openly, then don't forget to call me. I'm one of you guys fan.

HB: Hahahaha~~ unnie, you never fail to make me LAUGH!

Jong Ri: Oh it is my only my JOB!

The show started and the boys were late indeed, but was able to catch up with the show. Hwang Bo gave the two boys a welcoming smile and they too responded respectfully to their noona. Both also greeted everyone and apologized for being so late.

Jong Ri: Why so late? did you guys know someone was waiting impatiently for you guys?

Everyone was curious and eyed Jong Ri the moment she finished her statement.

MC Kang Dong: Who would that be? care to reveal it?

Jong Ri: She's in here. She's very beautiful and just everything or everyone would want.

MC Kang Don: Stop the thrillers and reveal it already.

Jong Ri: Naega Naega Naega!!!

that revelation exploded everyone to LAUGHTER, while Hwang Bo on the other hand was having almost an anxiety attack, but ended up bursting out laughing at the end, together with everyone. Jong Ri almost got Hwang Bo right there, but she kept it low key in any way.

Chapter 36 cont.

(Everything is settled now. The scandal died down like all scandal issue usually do. The MV has given quite a great response from the netizens, because of its realistic captured scenes. Alot of them commented about how they both got great chemistry together and it would be good, if they could have a drama together or perform together somehow. The concept of Noona and Dongsaeng relationship became a trending thing and thru this, Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong gained a lot of fans and supported their couple appearance quite massively that anti's wont ever dare to say a comment to ruined them both.)

Scene: Award Night

MC: The Best MV that moved a lot of netizens of this year goes to SS501

HJ:First of, I would like to thank someone very special. This award wont be in our hands right now, if it werent for a specially person who made it all happened. Hwang Bo noona~~~ this is for you too! Triple S friends of mine this award wont be nearly in the tip of our hands without of your support. ( Did a heart shape ) Thank you.

HB: is he crazy? has he gone crazy? is he stupid? what the heck is he doing?

( the rest of the member did their little speech and said thanks to Hwang Bo as well. The other members simply supported their leader for revealing this big news to everyone. they all said encouragement things to their leader.)

MC: Oh wow, that was a very big suprise revealation from the leader of SS501.

Scene: After the award night

HB: Yaaaaa~~~ chincha!! Have you gone CRAZYYYY? Are you insane? A fool?

HJ: Calm Down~~ why are you so mad at me? Aren't you supposed to be HAPPY? A normal GF would be speechless as of right now. I just reveal my feelings in a national television. You know how hard that is? I can't even count how many times I had to repeat those lines for me to say.

HB felt guilt for yelling at HJ over the phone. She knew how hard could have that been for him to say those words. Specially infront of so many people and also infront of fans who some of them tried to tear them both apart.

HB: You didn't have to do it.

HJ: I wanted to do it.

HB: For what HJ? the scandal just died down. Are you really looking for a new one?

HJ: It wouldn't be a scandal, if it is true.

HB: that's beside the point. Aren't you afraid of what could this bring to you and the rest of the members? Why do you always have to make it so difficult.

HJ: It is already difficult. Aren't you hurting inside? Arent you tired of HIDING? aren't you tired of this situation? coz I am.

HB: Your being selfish Joongie.

HJ: Yeah, I am selfish. I'm really good at that area aren't I? isn't that my specialty of all.

HB: I didn't mean it that way. You didn't even told me about this and what about the boys? Have you even discuss this with them? Your manager? president?

HJ: Yes, I have. Once again in my life... I want to be selfish for you.

HB: *sigh*

HJ: It sounds like I've just been dumped.

HB: If I don't love you enough to tolerate your crazyness, then I would have dump you instantly

HJ: What can I say... I'm crazy for you to do these things.

HB: You make me VOMIT!

HJ: Oh that is so TOUCHING! that's just pure LOVE!

HB: Maybe I'm the crazy one to accept your feelings. Maybe I should return it back

HJ: Fine, then I'll just give it to someone else.. Like CL, Lee Hyori noona

HB: go ahead and do that. I don't care... eh eh eh!

HJ: It sure is a LOVE LIKE THIS!

HB: It sure is.

HJ: Love you, I'll call you back later.

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