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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Strong Heart ( Remix ) FINAL

( Some of the cast from last week was able to comeback on the show. Hyun Joong was a little nervous. Why? maybe because he was anticipating for someone to comeback. Could he be? )

HJ: ( tense )

PD: the show is about to start soon, let's go people~~ be on your respective places already.

JM: That's a little disappointing

HJB: What is?

( HJ was just eying Jung Min and didn't say a word at all. What was he supposed to say back anyways, he got caught. Jung Min knew what he was thinking he didn't have to say a word, his actions says it all. )

JM: T-H-A-T Y-O-U-R here

HJB: Aish~~~

( Everyone started sharing their individual stories in life and Hyun Joong was one of the cast that got chosen to share his own personal experiences in life. He went on and talked about a ghost that he once encountered, just a normal story for a 4-d idol. But like always, his story cost a major laughable matter in the set. Other than Hyun Joong, someone also shared his personal stories in life. The person went on and talked about his hardship. He even went farther as to reveal his past relationship. The guy then confessed that the girl he dated once before wasn't a celebrity and even that didn't changed a thing at all. It was still hard, since he was an idol. )

MC: How about our dear SS501? Hyun Joong-shi are you guys able to date? Or are you guys currently dating right now?

HJ: Not that we aren't allowed to date. Just that sometimes it doesn't work out.

Brian Ah: this guy, you sound like you're dating someone. Who is she? a celebrity?

HJ: yes, she is.

MC Lee SeungRi: Oh chincha? Did you guys went out alot?

HJ: Yes, we went to movies, fishing and sushi.

MC Kang Don: In public places? Like public dating?

HJ: Yes!

MC: How long were you guys dating?

HJ: ( Thinking deeply ) FIVE months?

JM: Yaaaaa~~~ Are you sure you it wasn't a ghost?

HJ: Was she a ghost?

Brian Ah: Maybe you thought you guys were dating, but for her it wasn't a date.

HJ: ( Thinking hard... ) It could be too~~

HJB: I think I know who it is

JM: Who is it? tell me.. tell me..

HJB: Hyung~~ you should know. I can't believe you dont know this.

HJ: Hey, let me know too.

JM: Yaaa~~ why do you need to know, when your the one who dated her.

HJ: Well, now that you mentioned it. I'm doubting myself, if she was really a ghost or not. What if the ghost lady tried to possess the girl I was dating, in a way to seek revenge on me.

(HJ's unique way of thinking, his 4Dness is what made everyone almost rolled over the floor. Even Seungri couldn't breath anymore. Most of the people on the set got all teary from laughing. )

MC Seungri: Chincha~~~ Chincha~~~ Hands down to you HJ-shi~~

( The show ended and it was all a success. Everyone said goodbye and SS501 left right away to go on to their next schedule. )

JM: That's more like it, your slowly loosen up.

HJ: Yaaaa~~ Stop it.

HJB: I can't believe Jung Min Hyung didn't know who you were talking about.

JM: I did know, stupid~~~ I just did that for a reason. I wouldn't want the revealation be coming from my own mouth. Someone might KILL ME~~~

HJ: Stop it!

JM: okay okay okay!!


After the show ended, it was HJ's turn to recall his past. A past that includes one particular person in his life. She was no other than his Hwang Bo noona. No, actually she wasn't just a noona or a sunbae towards him. He acknowledge her as his buin and no one else. She was the very person who shared wonderful memories with him and damn right the same person who left him for a painful truth and damn it! for it was a reasonable truth. It was just simply a reason that none of them could have avoided, because it was an obvious truth, that not even a good liar could have pulled it off in any way of escape.

"What could have been and what might have happen, if things continue."

Seeing it realistic wise and putting it in a reality perspective way, it hurt the both of them to accept it. Their hearts felt like it was ripped and yanked out from their very own weak bodies.

What can we do?
What should we do?

Questions like that were both clashing within their confused minds.

The reality ahead of them was too cruel and in some point they wanted to be in a fantasy world, but...

Is there even a fantasy world?

Such place could be in any existence in this world?

Why are they still trapped?

Why do they feel like reality is constantly hunting them?

Should they wake up?

Maybe its time...

If reality broke them apart, then reality is the only way that can bring them both back together.

"Reality is the only place to see things right, and the only right
thing for me is to see you standing on it." - Hwang BO

" Buin~~ your absolutely right. Reality is where we both stand and
this kind of reality is where I rather want you to be. " - Hyun Joong

HB: If given a chance, and if it's really meant to be...

HJ: I want to meet you again... in this world of reality.


told you it was a short one. LOL!

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