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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


credits: Jinjiao3 / Quainte

I can't wait to get my own copy of this ALBUM. :) "Let's Break Away"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Joongbo love.

I simply diagnose myself as a JOONGBO addict, and yes.... I truly adore this couple like crazy. I witness everything from awkwardness vibe into something unbelievable feeling. Two people who don't really know how to express their own feelings to one another. But yet manage to let other people see it and felt it for themselves.

A lot of people came to love this couple for their unique way of showing CARE and LOVE towards each other. Love that wasn't shown, but better yet... FELT. Words that weren't even spoken, but yet had been clearly understood by the other partner, just simply by the way they were looking at each others EYES!

For this couple? I don't think they needed to even have a conversation at all, they can practically read each others mind by just looking. Hahaha.

Some people say it was all an ACT, and you can't always believe to what you see everyday, cause your eyes are pretty deceiving at times. But I didn't just saw it, I witnessed it with my own eyes, and felt it into my veins. I choose to believe in this couple and will continue believing. (:

SSANGCHU COUPLE hwaiting....

Super Junior madness. (:

Super Juniors is one of my daily addiction too. kekeke. Yes, I love to get a load of my daily obsession in life. (: They're like my personal brand of heroin. I try to get a dose of them pretty much everyday, so I can sustain in my daily activities in life. kekeke.

Just like SS501, I love how close they're and each person has it's own charismatic effect. (: Singing, Piano, Violin, Dancing.... what else? they don't even need back up dancer when they perform, this boys practically own the STAGE and the CROWD every performance. (:

The boys finally came out with their 3rd album " Sorry Sorry" in which shook everyone up and got their feet's working on the Sorry Sorry dance step...( Well, at least I know I did. hahaha. ) The song is pretty catchy indeed, and with the choreography plus with gorgeous and ever loving adorable boys? How's that for a COMBO huh? hahaha.

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