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Friday, July 31, 2009

Chapter 6

Scene @ Photo shot

HJ: Hyung-nim, where is HB noona?

Hyung-nim: (pointing..) She is..

HB: I’m right over here.. Got your coffee Manager-nim and here you go MR. Kim-Hyun-Joong.

HJ: is..

HB: Cappuccino with extra cream? Not to hot and not to cold.. And yes, it got everything that you needed. If you want some more extra sugar.. I got some extra~~ I even got 3 different brands..

( HJ couldn’t say anything.. HB basically got him the perfect COFFEE that he has
ever tasted in his whole entire life, and even better than the cousin’s coffee, that HE
really likes. She was very detailed with everything.. That even HJ as a person who got that kind of character was freaked out about how detailed she was. )

HJ: Ok, Thank you..

HB: Ah~~ you actually got hidden manners.

HJ: Yes I do.. Anyways, got the list?

HB: Yup, it’s right here.. We need to be over on your next schedule in an HOUR. We better pack up now and get going.. It takes about 30mins to get over there and traffic is starting to build up right now.

HJ: OK.. Hyung-nim.. We need to get going now. Noona said I have to be over there in an hour.

Manager: Yeaaah, I’ll be there.. Everyone~~ grab everything and go to the VAN already.

SCENE: @ the VAN

HB: Are you sick?

HJ: Why?

HB: Your not being mean to me… and it’s a miracle that you haven’t said a word to annoy me.

HJ: Must be the COFFEE~~

HB: Hahaha, the coffee must have awaken you.. OR could be that your being nice to me now and be a jerk later on of the day.. Just a new way to annoy me..

HJ: ( Smiled charmingly.. ) Maybe.. ( Gets in the van..)

HB: Aigoo~~ maybe I shouldn’t talk to you..

HJ: You can’t do that.. ( moves over.. So HB can sit right next to him. )

HB: ( sat on the back instead..) Why not?

HJ: ( Looking at her passed by the seat the he was saving for her.. ) Uhmm.. Coz.. You’re my personal assistant?

HB: OK.. Now you acknowledge me as your assistant.

HJ: But you’re, arentchu? not that I wanted you to be.. But I didn’t have a choice..

HB: Well, like what you said.. You didn’t have a choice.. Soo might as well get along.. But first you need to start treating me nicely, if we keep arguing.. It would be hard to work together.. As your assistant.. I’m one of the person that will be always around you day and night.. And one of the person you’ll see pretty much 6times a day minus ONE day which is my day off, and that my friend is whether you like it or not.. You’ll be seeing more of me. ( Fake Smile )

HJ: ( Mumbles.. ) Yaaay, great..

HB: Excuses me?

HJ: Nothing. But I gottacha.. I’ll try to be less more blunt..

HB: Nothing is wrong with a few comments.. And direct ones.. Just that.. I would like you to know your limits.

HJ: I normally do say what I think..

HB: Sometimes what you think can affect people..

HJ: Well, that’s the truth..

HB: that’s your problem.. Isn’t it? You think everything you say is the TRUTH.

HJ: It is.. I’m just being true to myself.. Why say something~ when you really don’t mean it that way. Don’t you think it’s double lying? A lie to that person and a lie to yourself.. The truth is sure ugly.. But that’s just the way it is.

Manager: OK, is everyone here? Did we leave anything? HB.. Check if everything is here..

HB: Ye, hyung-nim.. Everything and everyone is here..

Note: The manager was in a perfect timing.. He came in, when HB was out of words to say.

Scene: @ HB’s room

HB: He actually got a point. Maybe, that could be my problem and weakness.. Trying to please the people around me.. And not being true to what I really do feel inside..
Gaah, I hate it when he does actually say something RIGHT.

Ring Back tone: Wuss up ( Caller ID: King of all JERKS )

HB: What do you know.. Speaking of the devil.. ( Hello.. )

HJ: Annyeongsaeyo noona..

HB: Annyeong.. Is there something wrong?

HJ: Nah, just want to know.. If I got some free time tomorrow. I have some personal stuff that I need to go to.

HB: Well, your schedule isn’t packed tomorrow.. Only SS501 activities are listed, if you have anything that you want to ADD just tell me now, so I can put them on the book..

HJ: No need.. Just wanted to make sure.. That I’m not fully schedule tomorrow.

HB: Oh ok.. If anything.. I will let you know.. Ahead of time.. You know that your schedule changes a lot, it’s like a stock market.. It changes frequently.

HJ: OK, thank you noona and sorry to bother you at this time. See you tomorrow at work. Bye

HB: It’s ok and yeah.. See you bright and early tomorrow. Bye

Note: She gets frustrated when his wrong, but hates it when his RIGHT. haha XD

Scene: HJ’s hidden agenda

HJ: Noona, just tell Manager-nim that I left already. OK? Since everything is done.. And I have an appointment that I need to catch up.

HB: Uhmm, well.. I guess?

HJ: OK, thank you.. I’ll call you later.

(HJ left in a speed light. HB didn’t even got a chance to say BYE to him, coz he was that in a hurry.. )

HB: I wonder.. Where he was going.. He seems to be very tense since this morning.

KJ: Noona, what are you doing today?

HB: Uhmm, other than making HJ’s schedule and prepare everything for him.. I got nothing in mind. Why?

HJB: We’re planning to go for a little drink, and we want to invite noona.

HB: Chincha?

JM: Why not? You cooked for us last time..

YS: Yeah, thinking about it..

HJB: Makes me hungry~~

YS: Maan, I rarely say something.. But when I do~~ you steal or finish them for me.

( HB was laughing~~ and accepted the invite from the boys. )

HB: So where are we going? Do you guys have a place in mind?

Manager-nim: OK good, that you guys are still here.. Wait~~ where is HJ?

( Everyone looked at each other, and asking each other if they have seen him or not. )

JM: After the activity.. I don’t know where he went..

YS: *nods*

HJB: Yup, didn’t notice he left either..

KJ: I know he went to go changed right away, but after that.. Never saw him again..

(Everyone looked at HB.. And waiting for her to say something.. )

HB: Well, he told me that.. To tell you he left already, coz he has an appointment.

Manager-nim: What appointment? I never got a call for anything today for him, and I thought his schedule today was just this activity? Did he ever told you where this appointment is?

HB: No, he said .. I don’t need to put them down on the notebook list.

Manager-nim: What? So you don’t know where he is right now? Isn’t that supposed to be your JOB? To know where he is at all time? To keep track on his daily agenda?

KJ: Hyung~~ just calm down.. I’ll call him and ask where he is right now.

( HB was almost in tears.. The other members were all quite and except for KJ who stood up to the manager and prevented the scolding to even go farther.. )

Manager-nim: Tell him to get back over here right now..

Note: Kyu to the rescue~~ Maan, the manager is being mean to unnie.. She didn't even do anything wrong.. It was HJ who left and not her.. what? she's gonna say NO? she has no right to say that anyways... The manager made it sound like SHE COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING.. Errr~~

To be continued..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Spazz

Video Credit: Greenstar317 @ YT


1 - it came over me in a rush
When I realized that I love you so much
That sometimes I cry, but I cant tell you why
Why I feel what I feel inside

How I try to express whats been jugglin my mind
But still cant find the words
But I know that somethings got a hold of me

Repeat 1

Baby, some day Ill find a way to say
Just what you mean to me
But if that day never comes along
And you dont hear this song
I guess youll never know that...

Repeat 1

And when I say inside, I mean deep
You fill my soul with something I cannot explain
Whats over me

Repeat 1 til end

Lyrics Credit: Google

I think this song really fits JoongBO and I couldn't help myself getting flashback at the House Warming episode. It also reminds me of the wedding episode too, when Joong Joong Oppa told buin that he was scared.. but he didn't know why? Maybe, because feelings were rushing into him.. that he got scared.. because he wasn't to clear what it was really... Feelings that he wasn't sure why he had them.. Not until he got to know buin... and started to share and open up to her even more.

"And when I say inside, I mean deep
You fill my soul with something I cannot explain
Whats over me"

This part reminds me of Joong Joong oppa once told buin.. that none of his friends knew him deeply inside.. except for buin. She was the only one.. who trully knows him from in and out.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Chapter 5

Scene: HJ vs Young Master

YS: That's what you get for being a mean person~~~

( HJ hit's YS with a towel that he was holding. )

YS: Moya~~

( HJ wets the towel and started hitting YS again. )

YS: HJ-ah~~ Stop it~~ I just ate.. I can't run.

HJ: You guys keep eating, while we're all behind with our MV. Everyone let's go~~ We need to make this MV the best one we ever made. Pali~~ Pali~~

HJB: Hyung, we just got done eating.. We can't just go ahead and start dancing.

JM: ( Wipes Maknae's face...baby got sauce all over his face.) Yup, baby is right... Do you want us to get appendicitis?

HJB: Moya~~

JM: Duh, isn‘t it obvious I‘m whipping your dirty face?

HJB: Stop it, I can do it myself.. I’m not a baby anymore.

JM: Maybe next time. Mr. I’m not a baby anymore.. Should start learning how to eat with his mouth, instead of his nose.

HJB: Aissssh~~~

( With the two members arguing… HJ left to take a good deep breath in the roof top of the building. But on the way over there.. He passed by the table, were the foods are placed… HJ’s stomach started growling upon looking at the feast in front of him. There was still something left, since he didn’t eat with them.. He grab some secretly and took the food with him to the roof top. )

Scene: @ the roof top

HJ: At last peace and quite ( took a big bite of the food ) Hmmm, this is really good.. Who knew that witch knows how to COOK.

HB: If that witch your saying is referring me? Then I would like to take that food back.

HJ got startle upon hearing the voice. All this time, he thought he was alone up there.. and that place was sort off his breathing area… A place where he can find peace and quite… not worrying about anything.

HJ: How did you get here?

HB: Duh! Using my broomstick of course.

HJ: HA HA! Funny~~~ if your trying to be a comedian.. You still got a long way to go.

HB: I wasn’t trying to be funny… I was being SARCASTIC, maybe sarcasm only works for you when your saying it and not when it’s being told towards you.

HJ: Again, if you were auditioning right now? And if I were one of the judges? I would have said NEXT in an instants.

HB: Yaaaa~~~ why don’t you just eat.

HJ: Why don’t you just stop stalking me.

HB: Huh? don’t you realize.. That stalking you is partly my JOB? I do have to know your daily LIFE SCHEDULE, if you haven’t noticed… I am your personal assistant.

HJ: Oh great, I have a new stalking assistant

HB: Aigoo~~~ How in the world did my cousin ever get along with you.

HJ: We got along, because she wasn’t like you… and most definitely unnie wasn’t a WITCH.

HB: Ugggggghh, I’m leaving…. The more I talk to a crazy person, the bigger chances of me getting infected.

HJ: Annyeong~~

HB left the roof top with head over heels frustration, she couldn’t win against him..

HJ: Hahaha, she actually looks cute when she get frustrated and mad. ( thinking.. ) Like a TOMATO!

Note: What the heck is he thinking now? TOMATO? ROFL~~~ Maybe, because unnie was mad and her blood was raising. Turned her face all red and looking like a tomato? He calls her WITCH now TOMATO? What’s next?

Scene: HJ almost got caught

HJB: Where did the food go? I knew there was still some, before we started practicing.

HJ: I didn't eat it..

HJB: But I never said you did...

HJ: But you were looking at me

HJB: No I wasn't...

HB: Mianhe, jun-gie... I gave some to the driver. I thought you guys were full and done eating already.

HJB: Aniya, it's ok noona. I was just asking~~

( HB passed by HJ and whispered... you owe me one buddy... )

HJ: Owe you what? I didn't even asked you to saved me at that spot...

HB: We both know.. that you ate it.. I even saw you with my two eyes. I just saved your PRIDE today, so you better treat me nicely thru out the remaining day.

HJ: Aisssh, sincha.. whatever~

Note: Hahaha, they can't be CLOSE together... but they have too, because of WORK! THEIR like tom and jerry~~~

Scene: HB @ home

HB: Umma, I’m home~~

HB’s mom: Oh dear, how was work?

HB: Exhausted~~~ ( kissed her mom on the cheek and sat right next to her while watching TV )

HB’s mom: Ohh poor baby~~~ if you tell umma about your JOB.. Then I might able to ease your exhaustion.

HB: Hahaha, nice try mom..

( Both were talking, and suddenly the commercial came on… and HJ was on it… )

HB: Uggghh~~~ Can I have a break? His everywhere….. Even in my own house… I keep seeing him!

HB mom: I think your going crazy…

HB: Yes mom, I think I’m close to losing my mind… dealing with him..

HB mom: Who is him? A new BOYFRIEND? Who… Who… Who? How come I didn’t know about this new boyfriend of yours?

HB: I don’t have a new BOYFRIEND… I can’t even have time to think about boys, coz I’m so trap up in the idol worlds LIFE!

HB mom: I did not understand a single word, that you just told me right now.

HB: It’s better that you didn’t mom.. Trust me, or else you’ll be getting headaches like what I’m having right now.

HB mom: If that’s the case, then I’ll pass on that… Getting OLD, headaches are something I can’t handle good quite good anymore. Ha hay, must be good to be young.

HB: I’ll go ahead and changed mom.. I’ll be back down so we can eat dinner already.

HB mom: I ate already…

HB: You didn’t even wait for me?

HB mom: My show is about to start, so I ate already…. ( Smiling @ her )

HB: Sincha? Your picking TV over your only daughter now?

HB mom: Stop with your drama, and go change.. So you can eat.. I’ll set the table for you..

HB: Aniya~~ it’s fine.. I’ll do it myself, just concentrate on your BELOVED TV SHOWS.

HB mom: Aigoo~~ Stop being a BABY! Your old already.

HB: I wasn’t even acting like a baby ( Somehow, my mom just reminded me of that one GUY! ) Nooooo~~~~

HB mom: What?

HB: Nothing~~

HB mom: Something is weird about you… Are you sure that JOB of yours is LEGAL?

HB: Yes mom. Anyways, I’m going up now.

HB mom: OK, the food is in the FRIDGE. Just heat them up..

HB: Ye, araso.

to be continued....

Chapter 4

Scene: HB's house

HB: Dang, didn't even realized.. that it's already morning... What time is it? ( Looking at her WALL CLOCK ) ok good, at least I get an HOUR nap.

( the time was moving so fast than usually.. The moment she closed her eyes was like the moment she had to open them up again.. Her alarm clock was beeping crazy... )

HB: STOP ALREADY~~ I'm awake~~ ... ( Struggling to get up.. ) Must prepare FOOD and head to work...

( HB managed to get up, and went for a shower....After shower, She prepared foods that each of the Young Master wanted. )

HB: What time is it? Umma, can you please clean this up? I wont be able to have time to clean.. Gotta run to work...

Umma HB: What kind of work is it actually? A chef? in a Restaurant? OMO OMO, could it be something ILLEGAL?

HB: I can't tell you Umma~~~ it's PRIVATE.. But ONE THING FOR SURE... it's completely NOT ILLEGAL~~~

Umma HB: Why is that you can't tell me? Are you working at the CSI? or some special work under government?

HB: Hahaahaa, umma... I think you need to cut off your TV time.. You have been watching too much lately..

Umma HB: You can actually learn more with those TV shows..

HB: Like what? the IMPOSSIBLE becomes POSSIBLE? Anyways, I really have to go Umma.. Let's catch up some other time.. yeah?

( HB left in a hurry to avoid another CONVO with her mom, she didn't want her to know about her WORK. Unnie thinks that.. her umma might not understand the situation.. why she's settling for being an ASSISTANT, when she already has a DEGREE.. even her mom wasn't approve of her going back to school for DESIGNED. But because of her PERSISTENT... her umma gave up, but doesn't mean she accepted it at all. )



( Someone pressed the CLOSE button... )

KJ: Wait~~ that was noona

JM: you would do such thing?

HJB: Hyung, why are you being so mean?

YS: I think his HAVING FUN~~~

HJ: It wasn't my fault~~ the door was closing already... She wouldn't have made it anyways...

KJ: She could have~~ if you pressed the OPEN button...

Note: He didn't have any intention of pressing the OPEN button, coz he desired to press the CLOSE button the moment HE SAW HB unnie. JERRRRRRRRRRRRKKKKKK~~ such a big JERK~~~~

Scene: HB unnie tries not to be LATE

HB: Aissssh, sincha~~~ I knew HE SAW me.... but he didn't even hit the OPEN button.. UGGGGGGGGGGGHH~~~ his really.. Wait~~ I need to get going before that guy say something again.....

( HB took the stairs instead while carrying the heavy lunch basket for the Young Masters. )

HJ: ( Looking @ his watch.. ) Your late~~ ( showing his watch for her to see.. )

HB: Yaaaa~~~ It was your fault why I was late anyways...

HJ: Wae?

HB: You saw and heard me yelling stop the elevator, but you didn't even do anything....

Note: Hahahaha, sure he did something... he sure did pressed the CLOSE instead of OPEN...

HJ: Was that you? My bad.. anyways, that wasn't my fault.. so don't come out at people blaming your tardiness... If you didn't wanna be late.. you could have set 10 minutes extra to avoid CIRCUMSTANCES like today.

Note: Ohh you did not just said that..... WHAT A~~~~~~ ugggghh, I wanna SAY SOMETHING TO HIM~~~ I wanna curse him out....

HB: What? what did you say?

KJ: Noona, your here... Ssorry, it was to late already... we saw you, but the door was closing already.. Didn't had a fast reflex on pressing the OPEN button.

HB: Aniya aniya.... it was ok.. ( looking at HJ oppa )

Note: Someone had a fast reflex on pressing the CLOSE button.... too fast, that none of them even noticed it...

HJ: See told yah.. you can't be blaming people~~ bleehhh

( HB unnie just contained her anger.... and just letting it go~~ Good thing KJ was there to MELLOW the atmosphere... )

SCENE: SS501 and HB

KJ: Huh?

HJB: I smell something....

JM: What? Food? that's the only thing your good at smelling anyways.. Even your dirty socks at home.. you can't smell them, but when it comes to food.. your like a MASTER sniffing pig...

YS: I smell flavored chicken~~

HJB: ( sniffing.... ) It should be around here somewhere... ( walking towards HB unnie.. )

HB: Ohhh, you guys must be smelling the food I cooked for you guys....

HJB: Sincha? noona cooked for us?

KJ: Noona, you did?

HB: Yeah, I figured you guys would be having lunch out here... since it was on the list, so I decided to cook you guys some.. as a thank you for your warm welcome towards me.

YS: is there any flavored chicken noona?

HB: Yeaaah, I cooked some for you.. I know you really like them...

YS: ( excited. ) Sincha... SINCHA? kansahamida~~

HJ: ( mumbles.. ) She trying to get the boys on her side? she sure knows how to kiss up~~~

JM: Wae? my son dislike his new personal assistant? or could it be I misunderstood the communication? instead of dislike....Hmmmm~~~

HJ: Huh? what non sense are you talking about? grabs a carrot from the basket.. Here~ I think you need some...

JM: Ahhh~~ thank you~~

Note: Now we all know how to make JM shut his mouth.. Just plug in some CARROTS... kekekeke

Scene: HB and HJ conversation

( Everyone was having fun talking, and sharing stuff to HB... but except HJ.. who refused to eat HB's cooking.. )

HJ: I would never eat her food, what if she put something on it? I should just practice...

HB: Yaaa~~ Mr. Kim Hyun Joong.. why aren't you eating your lunch? I didnt wake up so early just to make them, and for you to just ignore and waste them.. If your thinking I put some kind of poison on them.. well.. your wrong, if you want I can taste each food I brought.

HJ: I never told you to cook for us, and I don't remember ever mentioning nor cooking lunch for us was included in the schedule book list for today.

HB: Aigooo, aisssh... really? what is wrong with you? Why are you like this towards me? Have I done something wrong? God, I just barely started working.. What could have I done something wrong that made you really MAD? was it because I was late for 5mins? coz I was running my way out here using the stair ways?

HJ: ( felt guilty of what he did.... but still tries to be cool.. ) Why didn't you wait for the elevator to come back down?

HB: Huh? Weren't you just upset of me for being a couple of minutes late? and now your telling me I should have waited for the elevator to come down? I would have been more late, if I did waited for it.

HJ: Well, you were late either way..right? so you could have just waited for the elevator and saved you the sweat...

HB: Aigooo~~ I just can't understand you at all....

HJ: Then QUIT~~

HB: What? Yaaaa~~ lemme make this clear to you.... I would never QUIT my job just for the very reason of your childish acts towards me. Never ever~~~ you got that? Here... this is your next schedule.... and here is some TOWEL and water. If you have any question.. Just yell out my name.. you seemed to be very good at that... Araso?

HJ: * eyes blinking * nods ( He didn't intended to nod, but it was a fast reaction... something he didn't realize he actually did it. )

( Before HJ could even say anything.. HB unnie left already.... )

to be continued....

Chapter 3

Characters in the FANFIC

Hyeon: HJ's original ASSISTANT and HB's distant cousin.

Manager: SS501's manager

President: Owner of DSP media

SS501 members: KJ,JM,YS AND HJB

HB's umma: Hwang Bo's mom

Regular assistant: Doesn't have a name yet, but shes just a REGULAR assistant and helps out with HB unnie. :)

Main characters: HB AND HJ

Scene: Lunch Break

HB: I'm about to go order lunch for everybody.... Do you guys have any special ORDERS?

YS: ( Raised his hand~~~ ) Flavored Chicken for me~~

JM: Chicken salad with a side of carrots for me please~

HJB: Anything that's MEAT!

KJ: ( Smiled ) Anything is fine with me Noona~~

HJ oppa was concentrating on practicing the new MV's dance step by himself, in front of the mirror.

HB: Excuse me....

HJ: yeah? ( still dancing.. )

HB: I'm about to go order lunch for everybody... is there anything that you want?

HJ: ( Mumbles~~ ) If unnie was here.. she should have known what I want already....

HB: ( Heard what he said... ) Uh, excuse me?

HJ: Ohh nothing... Just get me anything...

HB: Ohhkkaaay? i'll be going then...

(While on the road.... )

HB: What's wrong with him? I was just asking what does he want for lunch.. Aisssh, I just barely started... what does he want me to do? Know everything about his LIFE in like a day? For his information.. I'm no MIND reader.... Aisssshhhh, sincha~~~~ that guy was just being funny earlier when I first meet him..He must have some kind of BI-POLAR disorder... I shouldn't have asked that brat... and let him starve... But wait.... that would mean.. I'll lost my FIRST JOB.. Aigooo~~ I can do this.. I'm not gonna let that boy defeat me.... ~~ Hye jung~ Aja Aja fighting!!!

Scene: HB back with LUNCH FOOD

HB: Here you go guys... dig in~~

HJ: Where is the sauce?

HB: What sauce? that one doesn't come with a sauce?

HJ: But I like eating it with a sweet and sour sauce...

HB: I got extra soy sauce out here... do you wanna try this one instead?

HJ: I don't like soy sauce.... I want sweet and sour sauce...

HB: Really? do u want me to go run and buy some sweet and sour sauce for you ?

HJ: Ne

HB: Arasooo!

KJ: Aniya Aniya~~~ I got sweet and sour sauce in mine... Hyung, you can just have mine~~~

HJ: No, that's yours...

HB who looked really IRRITATED and just want to PUNCH HJ oppa face who was across the table...

KJ: But seriously.. I don't really want them.... Noona, it's ok.. you don't have to go...

Note: What a FREAKIN JERK~~~~~ why is he like that to Hwang Bo unnie?

Scene: KYU and HJ's conversation

KJ: Hyung.. why all of a sudden you were being demanding?

HJ: Me? I wasn't demanding.. She offered to get some~~ didn't she?

KJ: Yeah, but that wasn't the point... She was forced to insist to get them, since u keep enforcing you wanted sweet and sour? Sincha, hyung.. is there something u don't like about your new assistant?

HJ: Hahaahhahaha~~~ when did u become sooo serious? I'm just testing her... Relax kyu-shi.... ( pat's Kyu in the left shoulder and walked away to join the other member...)

KJ: Test? what is he talking about?

Scene: HB got caught

HB: Breath in... Breath out~~~ No stressing...... That guy is really challenging me... is he really trying to play this kind of game towards me? then fine, game on kiddo~~~ I would never quit this JOB, specially if the reason was because of you.... ( screamed out side of the DSP BUILDING ) Kim Hyun Joong~~~ I tell you now... your not gonna succeed...

HJ: Who said I was doing it, so u can quit? It wouldn't be that fun anymore if you leave too soon...

HB looked back and saw HJ oppa's teasingly smiling brightly at her, before he left...

HB: Uggggggggggggggghhh~~~ ( stamping her feet... ) Sincha~~ I really hateeeeeeeeee that guy~~~~ Why am I stuck with this JOB and with him specially... hu hu hu..

Note: Just bare with it unnie... I know this would really be a good thing for your resume later on.. HB unnie Aja Aja fighting!!!

Scene: HB and HB's umma conversation

HB umma: Did u had dinner already?

HB: I don't feel like eating~~

HB umma: Wae? How was your first day of work? Did u meet your boss already?

HB: Yeah, I did... and which I wish.. that I didn't~~~

HB umma: WHY? Did something happened?

HB: nothing umma, i'll go ahead and get ready for bed... I'm tired and need to do something for work tomorrow.. Goodnight Umma~ ( Kissed her mom on the cheeks and rush to go upstair.. )

Scene: HB's room

( HB unnie stayed up all night... researching about HJ's~~~ She even called her cousin)

HB: Unnie, mianhaeyo... I need help on something..

Hyeon: Aniya, it's ok.. is there something? Did my kid ever did something bad?

HB: Actually... ( She paused... wait...I shouldn't tell her... His prolly gonna think I need someone's help for this BATTLE... Aniya, that wont do.. I can't let him find the slightest way to tease me... ) Nothing unnie.... Just wanna ask a couple of things...

( HB and the cousin were talking for awhile regarding about HJ and the things that interest him.... )

Hyeon: Wae? why do u have sooo many question about the kid?

HB: Well, for me to work with him... don't u think I need to know what are the things he like and dislike? this way... my work would go smoothly....

Hyeon: Ahh, ok.... Soo everything is going well so far. right? Were they behaving? Treating you nicely?

HB: ( mumbles... ) Except for one person...

Hyeon: Eh?

HB: Yeah, they're very polite and good kids unnie.. like what you told me.... Anyways, how is uncle?

Hyeon: I'm afraid still worst.. nothing has changed since I got here... But we are hoping for a slight change in his condition..

HB: Me and Umma will be praying for uncle's fast recovery... Unnie, you should go back to sleep... really sorry for waking you up..and thank you for the info.

Hyeon: Aniya, it's ok..

(Both said their goodbyes on the phone... )

to be continued....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Vid's of SS501

Credit: snajper67 @ YT

Note: Hahaha, just random cute VIDEO's of SS501 :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chapter 2

Scene: Hwang Bo's first day @ work

KJ: Annyeongsaeyo, Noona~~ how's your first day of work? today is your first day, right?

HB: Your Kim Kyu Jong.. right? ( pointing at him to confirm )

KJ: Ye, and Noona don't have to address me with my whole full name. You can just call me KYU.

HB: Araso, to answer your question earlier... so far~~~ I'm still breathing and alive.

KJ: Hahaha, yeaaah. I noticed you were really in a HURRY! and running back and forth. I thought you were LOST or something.

HB: I was actually LOST and in HURRY at the same time.... I had to get this and transfer that to here and there... I feel like I was riding a ROLLER coaster.. ( She took her handkerchief, and started wiping her over pouring sweat...)

( KJ who was thoughtful enough and offered Hwang Bo unnie some bottle of water, that he was holding. )

KJ: Here Noona, drink some... you looked exhausted than I do...

HB: Thank you, but I got one right here myself.

KJ: Oh ok.. Well, I better get going Noona.. Don't want to upset the Mal omma.

HB: Mal omma?

KJ: Oh yeah, since noona is new.. prolly you don't know the nicknames that we call each other out here. OK, let's start of with Jung Min hyung... ( points out towards JM) that's Mal omma, and the the one right next to him....

HB: isnt that Kim Hyung Joon? the youngest of the group right?

KJ: Right, his the MAKNAE.. but we gave him the nickname of a TURTLE and he loves to eat.. but doesn't really cook. The other guy right over there at the CORNER... can you see him?

HB: Yeah, the quite one?

KJ: Yeaaah, that's Hyung Saeng... He doesn't really talk much.. But his really good at cooking.. He spoils the turtle a lot and cooks for him sometimes... We call him the love doctor, otter or some fans call him BEAR! Which I don't seem to understand...

HB: GOT IT! Must take notes.. hehehe

KJ: Hahaha, you'll get use to it Noona... don't worry! OH YEAH, I missed Hyung Joongie... His not here yet.. but he should be arriving in a couple of minutes...

HB: Yeah, I was supposed to be with him.. but the manager told me to just stay here.. and he'll take care of Hyun Joong's first activity for the day...

( JM yelling out for KJ to come back and start rehearsing with them.... )

KJ: I see, that explains why your here and not with him.... Anyways, gotta run Noona.. the mal is yelling already...

HB: It was nice chatting with you Kyu-shiii~~ gotta run to bring all this inside too.

Scene: Joong Joong arriving @ the set

( HJ while walking into the hallway... noticed a light yellow handkerchief and grab them from the floor. )

HJ: Ohh, someone dropped something... is this yours Noona?

Service maintenance lady: Nope, that's not mine.

HJ: Oh ok! ( puts it in his pocket... )

Another assistant: HB unnie, the manager is here already and HJ oppa just arrived too..

HB: Sincha? Aissssh~~ where is the book... I need the book..

Another assistant: It's right here...

( HB grabs the notebook, and runs to meet the MANAGER and HJ oppa. )

HJ: Achoooo~~~~ ( Covers up... and smelt the fragrance on his own PALM.. sniff~~~ ) My hands actually smells good.

HB: Bless you~~

HJ: Oh thank you...

Manager: Oh Joongie-ah.. this is your new assistant Hwang Bo-shi~~~ She will be taking care of your schedule and everything...

HJ: Annyeongsaeyo, Chunin Hyun Joong imnida...

HB: Annyeong~~ it's nice to finally meet you sir...

Manager: I'll leave you guys alone, and talk about whatever it is that you guys have to talk about. I'm pretty sure Hyeon young told you everything that you need to know right?

HB: Yes manager-nim.. I got everything out here...

Manager: If anything... don't hesitate to ask... ok.

HB: OK! anyways, sir... here is your schedule for today.. I crossed this one out... since your done with it... so here is your line up schedule for the remaining of the DAY! ( Hands the paper to him.. )

HJ: You don't have to call me SIR... Just call me Hyun Joong, since that's my name.. at least that was my name the last time I checked my birth certificate...

HB: Hahahaha~~ your one funny guy.... OK, I shall call you Hyun Joong then..

HJB: Hyung, your here... When did you got here? ( Didn't notice the lady right next to his hyung... )

HJ: Just a couple of minutes ago.....

HJB: Oh ok.. we started with the dance step already...

HJ: Yaaaa~~~ where is your manners?

( HJB who finally noticed Hwang Bo unnie... and bow down his head.... )

HJB: Mianhaeyo Mianhaeyoo, Annyeongsaeyo Noona..

HB: Ani, it's ok....

HJ: I'm ssorry about that... Anyways, thanks for the line up schedule and just tell hyung-nim I saw this one already.

JM: Hey guys.. hurry up~~ so we can get going with our next activity.

HJ: Arasooo! Coming~~~

Note: No awkwardness? I thought there would have been a massive awkward moment for the both, since it was the first MEET, but I guess Hyeon ( old assistant and HB's distant cousin ) was right after all. She once told HJ that she's gonna pick someone who can get along with him pretty well... Would HJ and HB really get along in the FUTURE?

to be continued..........

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chapter 1

Scene: @ DSP company

OLD assistant: I'm really sorry joong-ah, but I really need to go back to the province... I have a family emergency. Plus, I already told the MANAGER-NIM and the Company President... about my vacation... it is also been approved.

HJ: Do you really have to go Noona? Pleaseeeeeeeeee, stay...... :(

OLD assistant: Stop being a BABY... anyways, I'll let you know and personally introduce the person before I leave... I'll make sure to get you a GOOD assistant, and someone you can get along with EASILY.. I know.. How you are..

HJ: Bring me with you.... Just pretend to kidnap me.. yeah yeah?

OLD assistant: no plan of going TO JAIL with your 4D thinking.... that's non sense joong-ah.. and you got TONS of work and responsibilities to do out here. Your fully book for almost the WHOLE year.

HJ: Aissssh, I just wanna get out of here... Pleaseee take me with you Noona~~ ( The boy was pleading endlessly... but the assistant wouldn't give in to his plead. )

OLD assistant: your like a little KID who wants to go grocery shopping with his mom..

HJ: But you know how hard it is for me to work with someone else.. that I don't know....

OLD assistant: You don't have to worry about that.. I will personally RECOMMEND someone to replace my spot. I'm sure you two will get along just fine.

HJ: Who?

OLD assistant: You'll find out sooner...

HJ: OK, if you recommend her.. then I'm sure she's ok. But I do hope Uncle gets better soon. Please tell him my greeting Noona.

OLD assistant: I will, and you better behave while I'm gone...

HJ: I was never a ba ba badboy~~~~

( HJB heard his hyung singing it, and started to imitate the DANCE... )

OLD assistant: Baby, you better behave too... and that goes for all of you guys...

SS501 members: Ye, Noona~~~

( The assistant was like a big sister to the young masters, but specially to Joong Joong oppa.. since she was his PERSONAL assistant after all... )

Scene: HB and OLD assistant

OLD assistant: Hwang bo-shiii, I'm soo glad they picked you instead of someone else....

HB: I'm really glad I was picked... and thanks to your recommendation unnie.

OLD assistant: I was going to ask you anyways, even if they didn't pick you. I can't leave my kids with just someone~~~

HB: Hahaha, you sure do SPOIL your kids.. Who are they anyways?

OLD assistant: Hahaha, they're all great kids with lot's of ambition and dreams in life. I've witness their hard work.

HB: Don't worry unnie... You just go and take care of Uncle.. and don't worry about work... I'll take care of it. :)

OLD assistant: I know, I can count on you~~~

HB: I can just feel the PRESSURE right now. T___T

OLD assistant: I have to leave tomorrow, and I promised the BOYS.. that I will personally introduce you to them.

HB: Do you really have too? ( I think it's even better that they don't know ME, and just work like a GHOST~~~ Pressure on my first JOB. )

( HB is actually still going to school to get her 2nd degree on fashion design.... She always have the PASSION of fashion and art itself. The old assistant and her are actually distant COUSIN's, but they do keep contact with each other once in awhile... But never really talked about personal STUFF such as WORK and etc. )

Scene: HB was being introduce by the YOUNG MASTERS ( SS501 members )

OLD assistant: Boys, I would like you to meet your new NOONA

SS501: ( Except HJ oppa who hasn't came yet... ) Annyeongsaeyo ( Each one of them introduced themselves to HB. )

(After the exchanged greeting, the young master all excused themselves to go on with their practice. )

Note: Such polite HANDSOME sexy beast :D

OLD assistant: Where is HJ? Aisssh, sincha~~ I have to catch my train in a couple of minutes. I guess it's no helping~~ Hwangbo-yang.. you might have to introduce yourself to him tomorrow without me..

Note: Remember that HB and the lady are DISTANT cousin and they barely talk about personal life... soo that's one of the REASON why HB never thought that she was going to be working with the FAMOUS hallyu stars SS501 and neither she knows about them...

OLD assistant: You knew you were working with SS501 right? I mean they did told you in the interview? right?

HB: Nooo, it wasn't even an INTERVIEW! more like.. OK THANK YOU, AND HOPE YOU'LL ENJOY WORKING WITH US..... They told me since you recommended me, that I didn't have to go thru into an INTERVIEW!

OLD assistant: Now you know, and I need to get going~~~ before I miss my TRAIN. I told you about the STUFF already.. and the BOOK... pleaseeeeee~~ don't lost that one... Everything is OVER THERE! I listed everything you need and everything you have to know, soo just gooo and study them. OK?

HB: OK, have a safe trip, and call me when you get over there.

OLD assistant: Call me when you have any questions. OK? bye

HB: Ye

Scene: HB @ home

HB: Aiissssh, this is supposed to be my summer vacation, and now.. I'm gonna be stuck all night~~ studying about SS501~~~

( HB was really not into the MUSIC industry, and more fascinated at ART and FASHION. She even aims to leave Korea to pursue her dreams, outside where she can expand her talent in a place where her passion is COMPLETELY accepted and has brighter future. )

HB: OMG, this has everything~~~~~~ and How come this one guy Kim Hyun Joong has his own FILE? and everything seems to about him?

( HB still doesn't know that she's going to be HJ's personal assistant.. but she also helps out with the SS501 agenda's and stuff.. )

to be continued....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Young Saeng's OST :)

Credit: Hoonfami @ Youtube

Note: His sooo awesome, and I'm really proud of him. :)

Final Chapter " BO's Service "

Scene: HJ and HB

HJ: ( Looking...... )

( HB who was walking towards him.... )

HB: What are you looking at? ( Looking behind her ) It seemed like your very interested at it

HJ: Aniya, I just saw darkness coming out towards my way. hahaha~~

HB: Yaaaa!! you need to stop making jokes like that...

HJ: But don't you think it's funny tho? It's funny right? it was funny huh.. See...See... your even about to laugh right now.

HB: hahahahaa~~~ ( Covering her mouth.. ) Aisssh, that's UNFAIR.. you know I laugh about anything....

HJ: You know it baby.... you know you can't resist me.

HB: HA! your the one that can't resist me. Who is the one that MESSAGES
alot saying.. Baby~~~ I really miss you.... I can't wait to see you....

( HJ who was accused with all of this just stayed quite.... )

HB: Why arent you saying anything now? Because you know it.... hahaha~~~

HJ: It's ok... I don't have to reason out... they said "WHEN YOUR OLD, YOUR DEFEATED..." so no matter what.. you LOST, so no need for me to reason out at all.. it would be a waste.

( HB who couldn't help it, but grabbed Joong Joong oppa's face with both of her hands and squeezed his face. )

HB: Aigoo, my boyfriend is sooo cute~~ I just can't win against you can I? ( Pinching his CHEEKS and gave him a little light kissed on his forehead..)

Note: Good thing it wasn't YS, it would have been a problem. :)

HJ: Why up there? how about goo a little lower?

HB: A little lower? ( Kissed him on the NOSE.. )

HJ: Still not satisfied~~~

HB: Hahahahaha~~ since you were being BAD today.. that's what you get.

HJ: Aigoo, baby~~~ I promise i'll be good. ( Putting both of his hands together. The boy looked like he was praying and begging at the same time. )

HB: Nope, I won't be that easy~~~ Let's go back inside already.

( HJ stopped HB from walking, and caught her by the hand.... )

HB: Let's goo babe...

HJ: Wait, I have something to tell you...

HB: What is it? can you tell me inside instead? It's getting cold out here...

HJ: Nah, I have to do it out here... It's the perfect moment and spot.

( HB who kinda got the feeling of what Joong Joong oppa might about to do...)

HB: Are you really? Sincha? ( Nervous.... )

HJ: Yeaaaah, right here and right now...


HJ: I'm doing it ok..... You just stand there and look at me carefully....


HJ: AAHHHH~~ sincha.. why did all of a sudden I thought of doing something like this.... right now ahhh!!! sincharo....you can't look at anything else but me... ok? ok?

HB: Araso Araso... ( Excited and Nervous... )

Scene: A little summary

Stephanie and James later got married, and went to state to live and start a family. Not to long ago Steph gave birth to her first baby BOY, and named it Hyejoon.

HB got her degree in designing... she even personally designed Stephanie's wedding dress as a wedding gift coming from her. HB became famous with her originality/unique style and, and caused a major storm offers from TOP designer all around the world. But she turned them all down, because she wanted to make her own LABEL. Bringing herself to the TOP with her own talent, and wants to see what she can do, and how far can she get or reach by using her own abilities.

HJ and HB relationship had been kept low key for awhile. But the couple later came out when HB became famous, and created her own reputation/name in the entertainment industry. The fans were really being ACCEPTABLE about the situation and even made a fan club ( Joongbo ADDICT's) for the both of them. The two had way many supporters than the actors and actress who were coupled in some movie or shows.

The Young Master were still the same... and from the beginning til the end.. they were their to support their Leader and Walking tool noona. SS501 were still doing SKYROCKET recording sale all around the world, and that's all thanks and because of Joongbo, hyunnies, Hye Jung angels and triple s fans who united themselves to SUPPORT them.

Scene: HJ and HB conversation

( Young Master suddenly came out of nowhere, and started doing some aegyo )

YOUNG MASTERS: Uhmmm, hmmmm.. Uhmmmm, hmmmmm... Mwaaaaahh~~~ ( HJ who was in the middle )

HJ: ( Doing the Aegyo.... DANCING the heart dance....) Hwang BO-shiii will you marry me?


HJ: Yup~~~ ( looked back... ) didn't I paid you guys already in advance? So what are you guys still standing here?

HB: Hahahahhahaha~~ did you really paid them? just for... Ahh~~ Sincha? hahahhaa

HJ: Yup~~ hahaha, soooo with those smiles and laughter? IS that a YES?

HB: UH UH UH~~ ( Trying to copy HJB... ) Uh-ave to see that AEGYO again.. hahahaha~~~

HJ: NOOO~~~ babeeee~~ cmon now.. that was really.. ( turned red.. )

HB: Hahaha, just kidding.. YES! Kim Hyun Joong.. I would love to marry you, so I can see that AEGYO of yours everyday. hahaha~~

HJ: ( Teasing..) Uhhmmm.. hmm.. Uhmm..hmmmm~~

- the end -

Note: thank you for reading my fanfic, and hoped it brought laughter and pure amusement in you... while you were reading it. :)

Chit Chat :)