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Thursday, April 15, 2010

JB fanfic feats U-know part 4

HB: Can we really do this?

HJ: Of course we can

HB: It's Yunho-shi~~~ should I answer it?

HJ: Yeah! tell him your meeting him up~~

HB: Yeoboseo?

Yunho: Where are you?

HB: Uhmm! ( Looking at HJ ) Where are you, i'll just go and meet you up

Yunho: I'm on my way to the dorm

HB: Oh really? okay, i'll see you soon.

HJ: Where is he?

HB: His on the way to their dorm.

HJ: Perfect! Let's go~~

HB: I don't know if this is really a good idea Joongie

HJ: Don't be scared~~ I'm here! I won't leave you alone anymore.

HB: Since when did you learn to talk big?

HJ: I became a man after reflecting the things I've done wrong.

HB: So your here now to make it right? Aigooo~~ your trying to seduce me with your manly self now?

HJ: Aniyo~~ you were already so in to me since we got married.

HB: Aish! I think I got it wrong~~ your still the same.

HJ: I was just teasing you~~~

HB: Aigo~~ this isn't the time for a joke. We got a big problem to solve

HJ: Why are you saying it like the world is about to end with this?

HB: Don't you think it will end?

HJ: How can it be? When I'm staring at it and she looks completely intact to me?

HB: I can't live another day talking to you~~

HJ: Relax!! I'm just trying to calm down you down. You looks so nervous.

HB: So what are we going to tell him?

HJ: Hmmm~~ I'm taking my wife back and that you guys can't get married.

HB: What?

HJ: Yeah! after I say that~~ I grab your hand and leave.

HB: Are you crazy?

HJ: Don't you watch dramas? don't they usually walk out like that?

HB: Yaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~

HJ: What?

HB: Are you really planning to just do it like that? Here all along I thought you got a speech planned out. Omo omo omo~~ ottokie~~ Aisssh chincha~~~

HJ: What do I need a speech for? Am I running for president?

HB: Stop the car~~~ Let's plan this right.

HJ: Waeyo? We're already here

HB: Omo Omo Omo~~ ottokie~~ ottokie~~~

HJ grabs her hand and looks at her in the eye. He smiled so calmly at her with a straight confident look at his face.

HJ: Stop worrying~~ you don't have to say anything, just be right next to me. Okay?

HB: Araso~~~

HJ: Let's go?


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Ideal Man :)

Yup! I'm officially and finally found my Ideal Man :) How does he look? Pretty awesomely charming, right? kekekekeke!

Jung Kyung Ho is the name & a name that I would remember for the rest of my life. :)

Chit Chat :)