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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chapter 31

Let's start the chapter 31 with some SS501 Love Like This MV :]

Credit: Shibogurl @ YT

3 brothers

(HJ took the laptop and started typing YJ's full name. A lot of things popped up, but HJ found what he was looking for and started writing down the address of a certain location.)

HJ: Hey, you guys can go ahead~ I need to go somewhere.

HJ's brother: ya~ ~ Oh! your not going anywhere bro.

HJ: I just really need to go take care of something.

HJ's brother: You know it's rare for the 3 of us brothers to be together now a days & Jinwoo-shi even offered to go have fun at his place. Can that business of yours be taken care of tomorrow? C'mon now bro, didn't you say you were here for a vacation?

(HJ couldn't say anything to his brother, it's true that they rarely see each other now. Being busy with their own jobs and having to be separated in thousand of miles away, they surely haven’t had that bonding time as brothers as they used to back then.)

HJB: Uhmm, not to interrupt or anything, but did hyung just said ~~ 3?

HJ's brother: Yeah, the 3 of us. Me, HJ & Sanghwan

Sanghwan: Yo!

HJB: Am I missing something here?

JM: Apparently, your the only one who doesn’t know, coz once again~~~ your the clueless person who or any of us out here could ever meet in our their whole entire life.

HJB: Soooo you mean~~ HJ hyung, Sang hwan hyung and you are real brothers?

HJ's brother: Yes, we're real brothers. Well, me & HJ here have the
same mother, while Sanghwan has a different mom. We're half brothers
to Sanghwan.

JM: Can you not see the resemblance between the 3 of them? Don't they
look like triplets to you? Gosh, I could have never thought, that you would come out as clueless as like this. You're the WORST!

HJB: wae wae? Kyu Jong hyung and leader looks a lot a like, but
they aren’t related.

KJ: What? ( Protesting about what HJB-shi was just talking about, but he was being ignored )

JM: But c’mon now.. These 3 brothers are just obviously related to each
other. They got uncles face. Look~~ ( Pushing the 3 brothers together.)
HJB: Now with this view, they do look like triplets.

HJ: Come to think about it, from this view too~~ Baby looks like a TURTLE.

SangHwan: Now that you have mentioned it~~ I kind of now see that too

HJ's brother: Indeed

HJB: It's no doubt, that you guys are brothers. ( Runs off to YS )

HJ: Where you going baby~~~ why are you hiding.. ( Smiling like he was planning to do an attack )

HJB: Hyung~~ protect me.

YS: Ya~~ why are you hiding behind me.. get off ( Trying to push HJB away from him )

( SangHwan was a son from HJ's fathers affair from another women. After SangHwan's mom died, they took SangHwan and brought him home. SangHwan's mom was being abandoned by her own family, because of her love affair situation to a married man. SangHwan stayed at HJ's house for awhile til HJ was finally born. Their gap wasn't even really that far apart. The 3 of them had spent each other lives as if they were full blooded brothers. But things changed, when SangHwan's grandparents came along and took him. They sent him to US to stud. SangHwan's grandparents are actually very wealthy and wanted SangHwan to be their successor, since his the only eldest grandson of the family. )


Ding Dong Ding Dong...

Melanie: Chakaman~~~ ( Opened the door ) Unnie~~~

HB: Do I have a choice? hahaha

Melanie: Nope!

Jongyi: HB Noona~~ Annyeonghasaeyo

HB: Jongyi-shi~~~

YJ: Unnie, your here~~

( A little awkward, but Melanie saved the atmosphere and kept them both busy with the preparations. )

HB: Yeah, Melanie told me about a gathering that's going to happen tonight and she needed my help. How's the apartment hunting?

YJ: Oh! that... Still looking. But I've seen a couple that I'm interested with, so far~~ I still need to look for more options.

HB: True, the more options you have.. the better. Plus, you should get somewhere that isn't too far from the store or a school for JY.

YJ: Yeah, that's what I was planning on doing. I was around searching somewhere close to the store too earlier.

Melanie: Wasn't there a open condo building close to our store? Have you been into that one?

YJ: I saw one, but I don't think it was the same place you were talking about.

(While the 3 ladies were talking and JY was watching TV... the main door swung opened and a couple of chattering guys were entering the main door one by one.)

JY: Appa~~~~~~~~~~~ ( runs towards HJ) MOM, dad's here.

(YJ, HB and Melanie looked at each other before looking at the new arrival of visitors.. )

HJ: Jongyi-ah~~

YJ: HJ-ah?

HB: Joongie-shi?

KJ: Hwang BO noona?

SangHwan: YJ-shi?

Melanie: Oh boy~~ ( Fainted )

Jinwoo: Hon~~~ are you okay?

Scene: It's really you

( HB grabbed her stuff and immediately searched for her EXIT. )
KJ: Noona~~ where you going?

HJ: JY-ah, i'll be back okay?

HJ's brother: ( grabs HJ's arms ) What the hell is going on?

HJ: I can't explain it right now.. I have to go after her. Please hyung~~ I can't let her go any father away from me anymore.
(HJ's brother felt the serious emotions that his little brother was feeling inside and loosen his grip. He has never seen HJ this serious before..)

SangHwan: Why are you here?

YJ: ( Looking at the man in front of him closely )

SangHwan: You don't remember me?

YJ: ( Flashing back at that one NIGHT they both first meet each other ) -gasp- OTOKIE... OTOKIEE... OTOKIEEE... it's really you..

JY: Mom~~ I'm thirsty

YJ: ( Immediately grabbed JY away from SangHwan. ) Mommy will get it for you baby.

( SangHwan was looking at the little boy in front of him and no matter how much you look at them, JY looks more like a COPY cut of SangHwan than HJ. )

SangHwan: Is there something you wanna tell me? Why is this KID calling my brother APPA?

YJ: ( Whispered at JY's ears ) Go to the room first okay?

JY: Okay~~~

SangHwan: What the heck is going on?

( YJ grabbed SangHwan and took him out of the place.)

YJ: You want to know what's going on? do you still remember that one night we have spent together?

SangHwan: I do~~ that day when you left the hotel we stayed in without even saying anything... not a number.. not an address I could contact you. Nothing~~

YJ: What are you talking about? Your the one who left me in that hotel without saying anything.. not even a word.

SangHwan: I never left you~~~ I wrote a note to you in the table.. Saying, I will be right back to go get us something to eat. Right when I came back.. You were gone already~~ not even a NOTE I saw at that HOTEL.

YJ: Liar Liar Liar~~~ stop it. You never left anything.... All your stuff was GONE.. not even a SINGLE thing from you were to be found in the HOTEL, so stop telling me this.

SangHwan: Of course not a single thing you‘ll find that was from me in the hotel.. What did you wanted me to do? GO naked in the streets? I never left you, and I'm not that kind of person who would just leave. I even went to that club countless of times. Hoping I might bump into that same girl who I have spent a wonderful night with. None of the people knew you... nobody can tell me where you were. Even up until now, I still go to that same CLUB once in awhile to see, if it's possible... that one day I might see you again.

YJ: That can't be true.... It's too impossible..

Scene: Stop running away...

HJ: ( grabs HB ) Hye Jung STOP it~~~

HB: Let go of me....

HJ: I don't want too

HB: Kim Hyun Joong~~ let go of me...

(KJ was behind them, he was about to go and do something about the situation, but before he could take another step. HJ already grabbed HB and held her tightly in his arms.)
HJ: Stop it already noona. Stop running~~ No matter what you do~~ I'm still going to find you.

( They both stood still at that scene for awhile. HB never thought being hugged tightly with someone who she initially wanted to avoid seeing could feel so warm and secure. She wanted to let go and separate herself from him, but her body wouldn‘t move an inch from the position she was in. Her brain keeps telling her to get away, but her body wasn‘t responding at all. She became too weak and just rested herself on his chest, listening to nothing but his heart beat. )

KJ: Why do I feel like crying? Noona~~ do you really love Hyung for you to run away like this?

To be continued….

Let's END the chapter 31 with this amazing MV :]

Credit: Sweetjunki @ YT

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chapter 30

Scene: Unknown Planet

Melanie: Annyeongsaeyo unnie~~

HB: ( Spaced Out )

Melanie: ( Waving her hands in front of HB’s face ) Unnie? Kwenchana?

HB: Oh! Melanie-shi~~ you’re here already? Annyeong

Melanie: Yeah, I’ve been standing here for about 5mins now. Are you okay?

HB: Yeah, just thinking about something.

( Melanie grabbed HB and went into a place at the store were nobody can hear them both )

Melanie: Are you sure unnie? That your really okay?

HB: Yeah~~~

Melanie: Unnie~~ I know what happened and if you wanna talk about it, then I’m more than happy to listen to you.

HB: Thank you~~ but really~~ I’m okay. I was just thinking about the school I’m going to be enrolling next opening. About what happened~~ It already happened and if anything… YJ is the one that really needs our help right now.

Melanie: Unnie~~~ Chincha!! Chincha~~ I really admire you.

HB: Huh? Waeyo?

Melanie: I can’t believe someone like you could ever be EXISTING in this world. He must be really that stupid to let someone like you go.

HB: Eh?

Melanie: Come here unnie~~ you deserve a big hug!

( HB was still confused to why Melanie was acting like that, but she didn't protest nor instigate even more. With Melanie’s warmth hug, HB felt a little better. She surely needed one, after hearing what was going on. The scandal news seemed to have gotten her back in a position in which she was avoiding back in Korea from the beginning. )

Linda: Excuse me~~

Melanie: Oh, Linda? What is it?

Linda: Sorry, but the Kim couple are here.

HB: Oh yeah, they were the couple I told you the other time.

Melanie: Ahh~~ yeah, they made an appointment with me today. Sorry unnie, but I have to go entertain them now.

HB: Don’t worry about me~~ go ahead, they’re waiting. I need to finish doing the inventory with the new arrivals too.

Melanie: Yeah, Linda give HB unnie the list. OK?

HB: She gave them to me already. Thanks Linda

Melanie: Oh okay good. I’ll check them later on then.

( Melanie went and entertained her visitor, while HB was still left at that same spot thinking. )

HB: *Sigh* Just when I thought I could be free and start a new life. Here comes a situation that seems to be so familiar. What should I do? Moved across to another unknown planet?

Scene: Back door

Sang Hwan: I think it would be safer, if we take the back door exit. When we came inside earlier, your fans were waiting outside.

HJB: Really? How do they know, that we’re here?

Lee Hong: I think your fans got the hi-tech radar device, just exclusively for you guys.

HJ: Sometimes fans are better in getting updates & infos, than those reporters.

HJB: Now that you mention it~~ there was a time that a fan said something about me and I didn’t even notice it myself, not til that certain fan pointed it out.

JM: Nah, your just clueless.

HJB: ( Gave JM the look )

JM: What?

HJB: Nothing~~

HJ’s brother: We should leave, before it gets even more crowded.

Lee Hong: I’ll go ahead and bring the car at the back.

Jinwoo ( Melanie‘s Fiancee ): Let’s go Lee Hong-ah

( The boys got out safely and went straight to the Hotel where they all met up, since they were riding two separate cars on the way back. )

Scene: Back at the HOTEL

HJ: Hyung~~ How does the internet works out here? It says I need a password.

Sang Hwan: You need to go down at the front desk area and ask for the password. Actually, I’ll do it instead. We have to check in for now anyways. Our other appointment got canceled, and I don’t want to drive back and forth.

HJ’s brother: What’s going on?

Sang Hwan: Oh, he needs to use the computer. But he needs an internet connection pass code. Wait, just use my laptop then. Lee Hong-ah~~~

Lee Hong: Yeah, what’s up Hyung?

Sang Hwan: The laptop was in the car? Right?

Lee Hong: Yeah, why?

Sang Hwan: Give me the car keys and a mah go down and get it, while you go ahead and check, if they still have rooms available.

Lee Hong: We’re staying out here? At this Hotel?

Sang Hwan: Yeah, unless you want to drive back?

Lee Hong: Hell no~~ Plus, aren’t we doing Karaoke later on?

Jinwoo: Yeah, at my condo. I can’t wait to see the reaction of my darling, when he finds out who’s all coming. She would probably be speechless. Wait, let me go call her right now and let her know we’re all coming later on.

Ring Ring Ring Ring…

Melanie: Hi honey~~

Jinwoo: Hi babe~~ you busy?

Melanie: Ani, just got done talking to a client.

Jinwoo: Really? Was it the Kim couple you were talking about?

Melanie: Yeah, they really do want me to designed her wedding dress.

Jinwoo: Really? That’s good. Congratulation babe.

Melanie: Thanks, oh did you want something? Or were you going to say something? Why is it loud over there.

Jinwoo: I’m still with my friends. But yeah, I invited them to come over later on. They wanna do karaoke and watch the baseball game.

Melanie: Really? But I haven’t cleaned up?

Jinwoo: It wont be til later and I have a surprise for you.

Melanie: Chincha? You do?

Jinwoo: Yup, and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. I think you might even go speechless.

Melanie: I’m excited now. Araso, I’ll see you later on then… I have to get out early so I can clean up and prepare for later on.

Jinwoo: Okay babe~~ love you

Melanie: Love you too. Bye

Scene: Clean Clean Clean

Melanie: Unnie~~ I have to leave early today.

HB: Oh okay~~

Melanie: Jinwoo just called and told me last minute, that his bringing his friends. Oh yeah unnie~~~ favor!!

HB: What is it?

Melanie: Can you come? I need your help. YJ might not be home yet, coz she went to go look for apartments.

HB: Oh really? Yeah, sure~ After I’m done with the inventory.

Melanie: OK, just let them close. I’ll give you the address to my house. I have to go shop for food. See you later unnie~~ you better come.

HB: Hahaha, yeah~~ I will.

Melanie: Bye everyone.

To be continued.

Note: I don’t think she’ll be just SPEECHLESS! because SS501 are coming~~~ I think Melanie might even COLLAPSE! XD because of something MORE!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chatting with the Otter Prince ( Chapter 1 )

Chatting with the Otter Prince

It was one of those days, when you feel like something is about to happen. Your not a psychic of course, so you just ignored it. But somehow that feeling doesn't go away. Your heart started beating even faster, like you knew it was coming. For the second time you ignored it and proceed to whatever you were doing. Hmmm, should I go check out the International Fan site of SS501? I haven't really been checking about their latest update. Been really busy with school lately. Since I have a spare time right now, I should go take a look. Your heart started to beat abnormally again, and you keep thinking to yourself what is this? Do I have a heart problem or what? You decided to ignore that for the third time and tried to distract yourself. You finally decided to say hello to the few people who were online at the chat box.

"Hi everyone"

you greeted them and a few online chatter have noticed your presence, and replied respectfully to your greeting. But one screen name popped out and responded to your greeting as well. You were a bit shocked, for the screen named appeared to be Young Saeng. You have been to this site for awhile now and knew about a couple of rules. Surely one thing you remembered being one of those few rules was that nobody must use the 5members name as their screen names. Of course, you were there late, so you didn't have any idea what was going on before you even came.

Being the ignorant person you're, you told that person off.

" Hey, their are rules in this chat room that we all have to follow and one things for sure, it's not allowed out here to use the SS501 members name as your own screen name "

Everyone got quite and the person who was using the screen named replied back.

" I'm sorry, I didn't know about the rules. I’m new here and today is my first time being in this fan site. But what should I changed it into? Otter? Prince? I have those as my nickname, so should I use those instead? "

Still being the clueless one, you replied once again with a unmanneredly tone.

" You should have checked the rules first, before even started chatting out here and why are you asking me? Figure it out yourself "

The person replied back to you, though he felt like you were being intimidated by his presence at this point. He doesn’t even know why you were being so cold blooded towards him.

" Oh, I just wanted to hear your suggestion. But I guess I'll go with Otterprince then, since I can't really decide between the two. How about Otterprince everyone? Does this screen name fits me the best? "

Everyone started replying.

" YES ", "That's a cute SN oppa" , "It suits you best"

You were confused to why are they acting like that? Oppa? so his actually a guy? you started to type again.

" Your a guy? "

He replied back to you

" Last time I checked.. I'm pretty sure I was a guy. "

You thought to yourself, what a sarcastic guy he is. As much as you don't want to admit it, but you really do feel intimated by him, so you replied back.

"Hahaha, very sarcastic kiddo"

The man replied once again.

" What did you just called me? a Kiddo? How old are you by the way? "

You replied without hesitation.

" Why? interested much? Sorry, but I don't really entertain kids"

He laughed at your response.

" Kid? haha, what if I tell you I'm already 23? does that changed a thing? Would you talk to me more formal and not act like a little diva, just like what your doing right now? "

You got pissed and more irritated than you were just earlier. Your emotions were getting out of control, you were very fed up with what he just said towards you. But you know better that it would be pointless to keep arguing with him, so you just choose to leave the chat room and never said a word to them.

" Ahh~~ really~~ Who does he think he is? No wonder I felt like something was going to happened today and that's probably why my heart was beating so fast, it was to warn me about that JERK. "

To be continued.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chapter 29

Scene: Early Morning

( HB got into CAR and saw JY was playing in the back, right when she turn around her view bumped into YJ who gave her a warm welcome smile. )

HB: Good Morning~~

JY: Annyeongsaeyo~~

HB: Annyeong JY-shi

YJ: Morning unnie, did you had a good rest?

HB: Somewhat, I couldn't really sleep.

YJ: Jetlag?

HB: Yeah, maybe~~ Where are we going?

YJ: At the park, is that okay with you unnie?

HB: Yeah, so JY could play around while we catch up.

At the hotel
Ring Ring Ring...

HJ's brother: HJ-ah~

HJ: Hyung, we just got to the hotel.

HJ's brother: Araso, I'll meet you guys up over there. Just get yourself settled down and we'll all go have lunch together.

HJ: Oh okay, I'll see you guys later on then.

Scene: At the park

YJ: Unnie~~

HB: Kwenchana?

YJ: Eh?

HB: I heard about it and I figured out that's why you wanted to talk to me. Right?

YJ: *Shocked*

HB: Looking at JY & YOU right now. You must have made a difficult decision.

YJ: I did made a big decision that I'm really regretting a lot now.

HB: I understand

YJ: You do? * Confused *

HB: I understand the feeling of making a decision, that you know you’ll be regretting at the end. The feeling of giving up almost everything just for that person who's really important to you. I also understand the feeling of having to choose. Having to sacrifice for the happiness of someone who you care about.

YJ: Unnie, mianhaeyo~~~ I swear, I didn’t mean too. I Honestly didn’t know.

HB: Why are you saying sorry? You had to do, what you had to do. Right? It was all for your KID.

YJ: But still~~~ unnie I had my own greed and people got involved because of my selfish act.

HB: Don’t worry YJ-ah~~ Remember, your the one that told me before. I would only understand all of this stuff, when I have my own. I didn't really need to have my own to understand it. Just simply having to care about a certain someone so dearly, it can make you give up everything and do everything that you can just for that very person. I know you can get through this, just believe in yourself and think of your kid. He will be the one giving you the strength from now on.

( HB misunderstood what YJ was trying to tell her.. about being greedy.. she never thought that YJ was having her own greed upon wanting HJ back and not only for JY to have a father, but to also having her own selfish feelings included. Now HB is still under the belief of YJ saying all those things in the media just to PROTECT the boys and her kid. While YJ also thought that HB understood her feelings completely. What will this kind of misunderstanding led into? )

Scene: Melanie’s CONDO

Melanie: YJ-ah~~ JY-shi~~~

( Melanie opened the room door and found nobody was inside the room. )

Melanie: Where did they go? OMO~~~ did she left already? Otokie~~ Ugggh, I should have just told her last night. I didn’t want to bother her and the kid while they were resting. I was planning on telling her this morning. Ahhh, YJ-ah~~~ chincha! You always make me go crazy on worrying over you.

Ring Ring Ring

YJ: Yeoboseo?

Melanie: Ya, where are you?

YJ: Sorry, I took your car. I had to go somewhere really important.

Melanie: Did you meet HB unnie already?

YJ: Yeah~~

Melanie: Really?

YJ: Yeah, I’ll tell you later. I’m already on my way.

Melanie: Araso, drive safely. Bye. She sounded like everything went okay? What could have happened with their meeting?

( YJ and the kid arrived at Melanie’s condo. Melanie instantly grabbed YJ by the hand. )

Melanie: Ya~~~ pali pali! Spit it out.

YJ: Why are you being like this?

Melanie: Did you know that my brain almost exploded yesterday.

YJ: Huh?

Melanie: Yeah, because HB unnie actually saw the article scandal on the newspaper. Did you know?

YJ: Yeah, she told.

Melanie: So she’s okay with everything?

YJ: Yeah, she told me that I did what I had to do.

Melanie: Eh? Unnie said that?

YJ: Yeah, she did.

Melanie: Really? I don’t know but something is really not right. But anyways, I’m glad you got to solved everything with unnie already.

YJ: Yeah, I can somehow breath now. I was carrying that since back home. It really feels great to finally having to let it out.

Melanie: Good for you~~ Now, I have to get ready for work. Are you coming in today?

YJ: Ani, not today. I have to go and check for a open condo or an apartment

Melanie: Wae? You know that you can always stay here as long as you want.

YJ: Ya~~ your getting married in like less than 2weeks from now.

Melanie: So? It’s not like my Husband to be doesn’t know you.

YJ: Well, you know that I don’t really know him that much. We rarely see each other, since your husband to be works in the Navy. Oh yeah, he was the one who gave me your car keys, it was really nice of him to make us breakfast, while your butt was still asleep.

Melanie: Of course, that’s why I’m marrying him. Hahaha. He knows that you guys are like my family too.

Melanie Fiancee: Your marrying me because of what?

Melanie: Oh hon. ( Gave him a light kiss )

Melanie Fiancee: I would like to be in you guys conversation, but I have to meet up with my best man.

Melanie: Really?

Melanie Fiancee: Yeah, he called me this morning about his brothers are here and we’re going to have lunch together.

Melanie: Oh really? Okay. Tell him I said HI

Melanie Fiancee: Araso, bye ladies. JY where’s my HI-5

JY: *Hi-5*

Melanie Fiancee: Be good okay? Don’t let the ladies have a hard time.

JY: Ye, annyeongsaeyo

Melanie Fiancee: ( Came back to go kiss Melanie goodbye )

Melanie: Take care~~

YJ: Your so lucky, his a really nice guy.

Melanie: Don’t worry YJ-ah, you’ll find that special guy too.

YJ: Ani~~~ ( Looking at JY ) I found him already ( smiles ) JY-ah~~~ come here

Melanie: WHAT?

YJ: Yup, I did found my special guy and his right here ( Hugging JY tightly )

Scene: Korean BBQ

( Everyone meet up and did their individual greetings with each other. )

HJ’s brother: You guys sure it’s okay to eat out like this?

JM: It’s okay. We are very use to it now.

HJ’ brother: Don’t worry, I’ll go ahead and request for a separate room for us to eat.

KJ: Hyung~~~ you don’t have too

HJ: Yeah, hyung~~~ just let them eat outside.

HJB: Really?

HJ’s brother: Hahaha, seems like you guys haven’t changed a lot. It looks like the maknae still gets bullied.

HJB: Good thing hyung is here to save me. Right?

HJ: Who said his going to save you? You might have forgotten~~ that his brother. I got this character from him.

HJ’s brother: Ya~~ how could you compare me to you.

HJ: Don’t you feel honored? Your being compared with the famous KIM HYUN JOONG

Melanie’s Fiancee: Really, no doubt that you guys are brothers. Eventho this is my first time seeing you HJ-ah, but I already knew you’re his brother.

JM: Foreals tho, you guys are like TWINS!

HJ’s brother: I don't agree. I’m more handsome than this RASCAL!

HJ: *smirk*

Ring Ring Ring…

HJB: Someone’s phone is ringing

HJ’s brother: Oh sorry, it’s mine. Hold on, you guys just go ahead and I’ll just take this call.

Melanie Fiancee: Let’s go guys. Man, this kinda feels different. Being with a famous idol and everything.

KJ: Waeyo? Were normal people too hyung. Don’t be nervous. Hahaha

( Everyone was being seated and the side dishes were being distributed in the table one by one. )

HJ’s brother: Sang Hwan and Lee Hong-shi is coming

Melanie Fiancee: They’re?

HJ: Oh really? I thought his in San Francisco?

Melanie Fiancee: Those guys are really busy now a days. He better come to my wedding.

HJ’s brother: They’re here for a business meeting and I guess it got done early. I told him, to call me right after.

( Sang Hwan and Lee Hong entered the room.. )

HJ’s brother: Oh what do you know, speaking of the devils.

( HJ got up and gave the new comers a warm welcomed hugged. )

HJ: Hyung~~~ long time no see. I heard your a big time business man now.

Sang Hwan: You already know that I had no choice, since I inherited it.

HJ’s brother: Ya~~ we didn't came here to hear your sad fairy tale stories. Hahaha! Oh, Lee Hong-shi~~ how many girlfriends do you have now?

Lee Hong: Hyung, what are you talking about?

Melanie Fiancee: Ya~~ his not like you~~

( Everyone was really getting along and having a fun time, eating and just catching up. The boys has no clue that some of their fans were waiting for them to come out from the restaurant that they were eating at. After all, SS501 were international super start group and Triple S fans can’t be estimated. They have the perfect radar to detect the location of the boys wherever they may be across the world. )

To be continued.

Monday, October 19, 2009

KyuJong & Young Saeng's moment @ Seoul 2010 Spring Summer FW

I miss my OTTERprince

KJ: Seriously? Are you MAD? ( Smiles )

YS: *Stares*

KJ: Hyung~~~ don't be like this~~ ( Continue smiling )

YS: *smirk* Your happy huh? your really happy aren't you?

YS: You see that person right next to you? Go talk to that person INSTEAD and stop bothering me.

KJ: Who?

KJ: Fine, I wont talk to you then.

YS: ( Looks away~ )

KJ: Why is YS hyung being so mean and in the bad mood today? Did he had a fight with Twacy-shi ?

YS: Man~~ Twacy still hasn't called me. I wonder what she's doing right now? She still mad at me?

Note: Hahahaha, what can I say? I just miss my hubby YS :)

Picture Credit: SS601 + wing wing @ wordpress

Sunday, October 18, 2009

All in ONE go

I haven't updated some of my K-POP obsession. :)

EpikHigh: They were able to released their new ALBUM not too long ago. I still don't have a copy of it, tho my friend bought the album. :) I should just tell him to make me a copy. LOL! But other than that~ I'm happy for Tablo and his future wife. ( Aren't they expecting a baby? )

2am: Jokwon got selected to be GA IN's ( BEG ) husband in WGM season 2. I saw the FIRST episode of it and I'm so looking forward to the future episodes of the couple. They're very interesting to watch and because of Jokwon's character it makes it even MORE interesting to see. The boy is just simply FUNNY in his cute adorable way.

F(x): The girls just recently had a CF together with their SENIORS ( snsd members ) it was a commercial for the new phone Chocolate from LG company and they also performed in the DREAM CONCERT. Despite of them being new to the industry, it must be really exciting for them to perform in one of the biggest EVENT in music industry.

2pm: A lot of hotties are making FLASH MOB videos in their AREAS. The hotties really showed how much dedication they have for their IDOLS and that they're willing to do about EVERYTHING, just to get their LEADER back. Fighting Hotties

Super Junior: OMO, sooo many things to update on this part. But where should I begin? Kangin's issue? Suju-M's success in their new album? Ugggh, with Kangin's trouble issue I'm already filled up with it. I don't even think I really need to give you guys any details about the stuff, since I'm pretty sure you all have read and heard about Kangin oppa's issues already. I just hope things get settled down. Super Juniors Fighting~

DBSK: Yunho oppa's new drama "Heading to the Grounds" is said to get CUT off on air. I heard that the drama didn't get that much viewers attention and so they had to cut down the scenes and just end it that way. I feel bad for all the cast, coz they really tried their BEST for it and sad that because of the new dramas that were coming out, they weren't able to compete. With oppa's first debut and the law stuff that the other members are facing, this hasn't been a good view for DBSK lately.

SS501: Woo Hoo, the boys are BACK! Persona Concert in TAIWAN was a huge success and with the upcoming REBIRTH mini album. Ohh may~~~ SS501 is going SKYROCKET! Fighting~~~

Shinee: The babies are coming back with their new single " Ring Ding Dong " I have seen the video's and heard the song. I love it and it shows that the boys aren't babies anymore and transformed to a full young looking MAN!

FTisland: Releasing their first Japanese Album and Hongki being in a new drama ( " You're Beautiful " ) in which has been rated to be one of a MUST SEE drama this year. Things are going steady for the GROUP. Slowly but surely. :) FTisland fighting

Big Bang: With G-dragon's success in his new solo album the other member Taeyang was silently working with his own solo songs too and he just recently wow-ed me and I'm pretty sure some of you with his CHARISMA! Taeyang will be performing live next week @ SBS inkiago

NEW list of obsession: JQT, Secret, B2ST & MBLAQ

Friday, October 16, 2009

Chapter 28

Scene: At the Airport

HJ: I can't believe you guys

JM: Did you really think manager-nim would just let you have almost a month off without any catch?

HJ: He didn't even said anything, when I asked him. Not until you guys came out.

JM: Ani~~ Hyung got it all planned out already.

HJ: Planned?

JM: Yeah, he said that since we're all going.. We might as well make a documentary about our vacation and showcase that on our comeback.

HJ: Hence the " SINCE WE'RE ALL GOING NOW" if it was just me, then nothing like this kind of activity should be happening.

YS: Give it up already, you know how Hyung-nim is~~ He will take every opportunity there is left in this world.

HJB: Hyung, why are you trying to get rid of us?

HJ: You guys are like PLAGUE

HJB: Hyung~~ how could you say that? that hurts my feelings

KJ: Ya~~ stop being dramatic.

HJB: ( Pouts ) nobody understand my feelings anyways other than FOOD. That's why I love FOOD, coz it could never disappoint you.

Scene: Where were you?

( Young Saeng and Hyun Joong were sitting next to each other at the plane )

YS: By the way, where were you at that time?

HJ: When?

YS: When you suddenly disappeared at our concert in Singapore?

HJ:Oh that time? I went to the Airport

YS: Chincha?

HJ: Yeah, at that time.. I was really determined to go stop noona. I know I acted rush and wasn't thinking it clearly. During at that time, I couldn't think of anything else, but to go after her as soon as possible. I forgot that we're like THOUSANDS of miles away from each other.

YS: Aside from that, did you ever thought if she might have left already? Even if you did leave, by the time you get to KOREA, Hwang Bo noona could have been gone already.

HJ: I didn't realize it until I saw some of our fans in the Airport. They were all in a hurry and shouting at each other to hurry up and get out of the airport, coz the concert will be starting soon and they needed to get ready. By that time, that's when I realized everything. I acted so immature and didn't even thought about the situation clearly. How could I leave our fans who traveled from far away and went thru alot of trouble just to see us.

YS: I know you would get back to your senses anyways, that's why I wasn't worried that much.

HJ: Thanks

YS: For what?

HJ: Believing and having a TRUST in me.

YS: What the heck are you talking about now?

HJ: I know it's hard to trust someone, and I know how it's hard not to be trusted. So I want to say thank you to all of you guys for believing in me and for trusting me as your group leader.

YS: What~~ are you going to cry now? I think this is the RIGHT perfect moment for some tear action. Ready~~ lights camera ACTION! ( Acting like his filming some drama movie )

HJ: Yaaaaaa~~~ I'm being sincere right now.

YS: Well, I'm not up for some muishyness. I'd rather take a nap. Annyeong! ( Covers his face with the magazine he was just reading. ) Your welcome~~

HJ: What?

YS: ( removed the magazine ) You never showed us anything that could make us not TRUST or BELIEVE in you. So why should we? Right? Happy now? Can I go to sleep?

HJ: ( Pushed the magazine at YS's face )

YS: Yaaaaaaaaa~~~ stop! I can't breath... You know what~~ for that? I don't TRUST you anymore. I take that back~~ Now I have a total reason not too. You could prolly KILL me while I'm asleep. Suffocating me or something...

HJ: Suffocate you with what?

YS: I dont know.. with this MAGAZINE? like what you were just doing to me.

HJ: Oh shut up man~~ go to sleep, before I seriously suffocate you with my fart

YS: ( yells out ) I wanna change SEATS!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeee~~~ HELP!! Someone's trying to kill me with his fart~~

HJ: Hahahahaha~~~~ ( grabs YS and tried to make him shut up )

Scene: ADVIL

Melanie: OMG, aside from what's going on back in Korea~~ she has to face Hwang BO unnie. Ahhhh~~~ My heads about to break into tiny pieces right now.

Linda: Boss, are you okay? You need something?

Melanie: Please give me some ADVIL! I need some right now~~

Linda: Ye, araso~~ I'll go ahead and get you some at the pharmacy.

Melanie: Thanks Linda

Scene: What really happened

HB: Otokie, what really happened back at home? Should I call unnie?

Ring Ring Ring......

Hyeon: Yeoboseo?

HB: Unnie~~~

Hyeon: Oh Hwangbo-yang~~ You called

HB: Yeah, I saw the news about HJ and YJ

Hyeon: Oh goodness! I couldn't even believe it myself. I've been taking care of that kid for a long time now and I would have never expected something like this could have happened. Not once that kid ever hid a secret from me.

HB: Well, it wasn't a secret that he had to hide unnie. He never knew about it til way later.

Hyeon: So you knew about it?

HB: I didn't intend to know about it. It just so happened that I over heard them talking about it.

Hyeon: OMO! How come you never informed me about it?

HB: It wasn't my place to say anything.

Hyeon: True, even if I knew about it. I wouldn't or I couldn't have done anything anyways.

HB: How are the boys? How are they holding up?

Hyeon: If you meant to say how's HJ, then I can't even answer you directly. I don't know if his completely being OKAY about it? Or is he trying to HOLD it in. The manager and the president canceled all their activities for now.

HB: ( shocked ) Chincha? Waeyo?

Hyeon: You already know~~ when scandal happens.. I think it's good for them too. At least the boys could have some rest.

HB: What about the TOUR?

Hyeon: that one got canceled too. I heard they're on vacation and I'm not sure to where, since it's supposed to be a SECRET. Not even the staff knows about this VACATION leave. They're said to be sent away for more TRAINING to make it seem not too controversial bcoz of the HOT scandal that just came out. That's about what I got.

HB: Really?

Hyeon: Yeah, but don't tell anyone.. It's supposed to be a SECRET! The fans has no idea what the boys are up to. The manager hasn't gave away anything and only stated that the boys are sent for more TRAINING and a special surprise for the fans. The company apologize for the sudden cancellation of the tour and promised to give them the BEST, when the boys are back.

HB: Ah, araso. Kansahamida unnie~~ ( Call ended ) Where could have they gone to? L.A? are they coming over here? is he coming over here? Wait, he should be~~ YJ and JY are here. I know HJ, he wouldn't believe that cover up about JY being not his KID. I know YJ just made that up.. it was the only way out for all of them. ( Took a big deep breath )

Ring Ring Ring.....

( The sudden ring of the phone had given HB a big fright... )

Caller ID: Unknown number

HB: Unknown? should I answer it? What if it's HJ? Yeo~bo~seo?

YJ: Unnie?

HB: Oh~ YJ-shi?

YJ: Ye, did I call you at the wrong time?

HB: Ani ani~~~ ( tried not to be sounding too obvious and nervous ) How come it said unknown, when you called?

YJ: Oh, I'm using the house phone.

HB: ( Trying to act like she doesn't know ) House phone?

YJ: I'm in L.A right now.

HB: Oh really?

YJ: Yeah, I got her this morning.

HB: How come you didn't call me?

YJ: I wanted to surprise you, but I guess I couldn't help to call unnie.

HB: How's JY?

YJ: Ah~ JY-shi?

HB: Yeah, how's the kid?

YJ: His asleep right now.

HB: Poor kid~~

- silence -

YJ:( Awkward ) Oh yeah, he prolly got tired from the long flight. You know kids.

HB: Yeah, his really a hyper one too. Just like... ( she stop herself before she could mention HJ ) YOU~

YJ: Yup, just like me. Anyways unnie.. Just wanted to let you know I'm back and that I would love to have some time to talk to you tomorrow. You don't have to go to work early tomorrow. I'll pick you up.

HB: Oh okay~~

YJ: Araso, i'll see you tomorrow unnie. Night

HB: Goodnight, bye.

YJ: I have to do this~~

HB: *sigh*

To be continued....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

SS501 Rebirth Mini Album

REBIRTH of 5men ( SS501 comeback )

Release date: October 20, 2009 ( Special Edition )

Kim Hyun Joong ( Leader )

Park Jung Min

Kim Hyung Joong ( Maknae )

Heo Young Saeng ( Prince )

Kim Kyu Jong ( Center )

To see more of SS501 pictures, please support and buy their ALBUM :)

Credit: issuebong@newsen + nate.com+spn.edaily.co.kr + SS501TripleS @wordpress

Chapter 27

Scene: Vacation

Ring Ring Ring....

HJ's brother: Yeoboseo~

HJ: Hyung, my bad. Were you still asleep?

HJ's brother: Don't worry about it, what's up?

A girl: Who's that sweetie?

HJ's brother: Shh~~ it's my brother.

( HJ's brother is known to be a playboy and HJ knows that himself. )

HJ: Oh! did I caught you in a wrong time?

HJ's brother: No No No! what's going on?

HJ: I already talked to my Manager about going over there and it's all settled already.

HJ's brother: ( Couldn't believe what he was hearing ) Oh chincha?

HJ: Yeah, why? does it sound too impossible to you?

HJ's brother: Well, I thought you said your all PACKED up the last time I asked you. Remember?

HJ: Well, things changed and now I'm on VACATION. Plus, were normal workers too. We do get vacation leaves.

HJ's brother: Oh that's good then. How about your group members? Are they coming too? That would be great, if they do~~ You guys could do a surprise performance at the wedding. How's that? Oh wait, your going to the WEDDING right?

( The rest of the MEMBERS were eavesdropping with the conversation and suddenly butt in the conversation )

SS501: ( yelling ) YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS~~~ we're going too

HJ: What the? where did you guys come from?

JM: Huh? Have you forgotten that we LIVE here?

HJ: Oh yeah, right~~ Wait~~~ what are you guys talking about going? Who said you guys are coming?

SS501: WE did~~ ( smiling charmingly at their LEADER )

HJ brother: Oh this is going to be a BIG SURPRISE for the couple.

HJ: Wait~~~ Hyung~~~~ they aren't coming with me.

HJ brother: If they can't come, then just by yourself is fine. SOLO performance~~ hahaha

HJ: I'm not even sure, if Im going. I have a very important things to do out there.

HJ brother: WOW, so much for VACATION bro.

HJ: okay okay, FINE FINE FINE! I'm going~~ When is it again?

HJ's brother: It's in TWO WEEKS from now. Would you still be here by then?

HJ: I should be~~~ I got almost a month OFF!

A girl: Hon~~~ I'm hungry

HJ's brother: Aite aite, will get something~~~ Sorry bro, gotta go.

HJ: Your still the same... Aite, call you later about my flight. Araso?

HJ's brother: Yeah yeah~~~ bye

HJ: Bye

Scene: It wasn't just my IDEA

HJ: Are you guys serious? ( Looking at YS )

YS: What? Why does everyone LOOK at me right away?

HJ: Well, your the ELDEST among them

YS: So you assume I got something to do with the IDEA?


YS: Yeah, your right.

HJ: See~~~~ why would you let them get into this?

YS: It's not just my IDEA! It's them too~~ don't just blame me on this. I just went to talk to the manager for them.

JM: You can't do anything about it now. We already purchased our TICKETS

HJ: You guys are INSANE!

HJB: We want to see noona too

YS: See? your the only one.

KJ: You really think a mah let you off easy like that? Cmon~~ I wouldn't make such sacrifice to this extent just to let you go easily. Who knows~~~ you might get BUSTED and it might just be my chance.

( Everyone laughed as if it was a JOKE! but for KJ, it was somewhat a joke and half way the TRUTH. It would be really unbelievable, if he did got over her that fast. HB was a special and different in KJ's eyes after all.)

Scene: Swollen eyes and pale face

( Melanie took YJ and the kid at her condo, so they can take a rest from the long flight. )

YJ: I should wash up right now, and go to the store.

Melanie: Oh no, your not going anywhere missy.

YJ: What are you talking about Melanie~~~ I thought I already told you

Melanie: You really want to surprise her that bad, don't you?

YJ: You don't understand MELANIE~~~

Melanie: Oh dear, I do understand ALOT of what's happening. Look at you? You can't even stand straight or even talk straight with me. Your eyes are swollen up from crying, as if you already drained all your tears. Plus, look at your face~~ your pale as heck. You really think that your ready to face unnie right now? By the looks of it, you could just pass out any second from now darling.

YJ: ( took a deep breath and sat down ) I just need to get this thing over with. The more I wait for it, the more I get nervous, guilty and just thinking what if she knew and what if she wont believe me?

Melanie: You said it right? You didn't mean to do all of this and if that's true.. then she should be able to hear you out and understand you completely.

YJ: Are you sure?

Melanie: Yes, I'm sure. Get some rest.

YJ: Thanks Melanie~~~~

Melanie: No problem, okay. I have to go now and go back to the store. If you need anything.. Just help yourself out. You already know where to get everything.

YJ: Yeah, bye.

Melanie: ( She got in her car ) Oh snap~~ it's going to be interesting tomorrow.

Scene: I'm back

Melanie: Sorry guys, I had to leave and came back all late.

HB: Oh Melanie your back

Melanie: Yeah, sorry I had to talk to a friend and all.

HB: Ah~~ well, the magazines are on top of your table.

Melanie: Oh cool, thanks unnie.

HB: Melanie~~~

( Melanie's body went all cold as if she was frozen at the moment she heard her name being called by HB. )

Melanie: ( By any chance~~ did she knew I went to go pick up YJ? ) Yes, unnie?

HB: Is it okay, if I go home a little early today?

Melanie: Waeyo?

HB: I just don't feel quite good. I was going to leave earlier, but I wanted to wait for you and ask you.

Melanie: OMO, otokie? kwenchana?

HB: I'm okay~~~ just a little stomachache. Maybe it's the food that I've been eating. I guess my tummy hasn't adjust to the American food just yet.

Melanie: Really? are you sure? Do you want me to take you home? I'll drive you

HB: Ani ani~~ it's okay. I can just take a taxi.

Melanie: You sure? I can really take you home unnie

HB: Nah, it's okay. By the way, a couple came and was looking for you.

Melanie: Waeyo?

HB: I don't know, but they were talking about wanting us to design her wedding gown. I told her it's best to talk to you about it. We don't do wedding gowns. Do we?

Melanie: It's a new project that I've been working around, since I got engaged and all. I've been getting ideas lately. Anyways, I shouldn't keep a sick person.

HB: Yeah, thanks for letting me off early. I promise, it wont happen again. Jalja

Melanie: Annyeongsaeyo unnie, please rest and I'll see you tomorrow.

HB: Yeah, bye~~

Scene: Oh snappers

Melanie: Woo~~ I thought she knew something. Ah~~ finally the issue I've been waiting for. Wait~~ wait~~ Linda~~ Linda

Linda: Yes, maam?

Melanie: Who took the mails out today? Please tell me it's you~~~

Linda: I think it was Hwang Bo unnie

Melanie: What~~~~~~~~~~ are you sure?

Linda: Yeah, she was all surprised that we actually have a Korean newspaper.

Melanie: Chincharo? OMO, otokie~~~ Oh no, this is just bad.

to be continued.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Chapter 26

Scene: Solution

Manager-nim: I'm pretty sure you guys already know why your being called out here. ( Holding a paper that contains the scandal issue. ) Well, as of now... The issue is still going to be a hot one and to avoid anything farther. I want you guys to take a break. I canceled most of your activities for now, that includes the Asia Tour. With all of this negative stuff coming out, I don't think its the best way to resume and continue on our schedule plans. We still don't know the reactions of the netizens toward this scandal, until then I want you guys to take a break. I know, that this isn't a problem that focused on all of you, but you guys are a group. A band that contains 5 members, who got together for one big reason in life, and that is to achieved each others dreams.

JM: A mistake of one is a mistake of all. That's one rule of becoming SS501. Right?

HJB: Yup, even wrote that down somewhere.

KJ: ( Smack baby in the head ) Ya~~~ were being serious out here.

HJB: Ouch! What did you do that for? I was being serious, I really did got that written down somewhere. I can even show it to you right now. ( Just remembered something ) Wait~~ never mind, I'll show you when we get home.

HJ: Hyung~~ that's not fair. This is all because of me. All of them isn't even involved in this situation.

KJ: Were you really paying attention at all?

YS: Didn't JM just mentioned it like a couple of seconds ago? The mistake of one is going to be a mistake of all? Have you forgotten about that?

HJ: No I haven't, that was just something silly we made up~~ How come you guys aren't saying anything about this? Manager-nim, resume everything for the rest of the members. I don't have to show up, let them do their JOB. What about our fans? are you guys just going to let them wait? What the heck are you guys doing. Say something~~

YS: Maybe it was just something silly to you, but it was something we all made and agreed. Just because we said those stuff when things were going okay, doesn't mean we can just forget about it, that now reality really is right in front of us. When are you really going to open up your eyes, that your not alone on this.

JM: We already told you. We're a team~~ We're brothers~~ We're SS501! If we can get thru this together, it just proves that we really made it and that we weren't just bunch of kids from before who's still dreaming up until now.

Manager-nim: Yup, you guys are right. This is just an obstacle that you guys have to get thru. As you get older you reach certain level of situations in life, get pass thru it. Believe and Trust each other. Plus, don't you guys have trust in your supporters and fans as well? I know I got trust in each and everyone of you, and that's why I wasn't even hesitance to be your manager, coz I saw the potential and the determination to get a hold of your dreams. As much as I scold you guys, it's my way of putting your eyes awake. This is reality and this is LIFE! Life of a star~~ a life that each and everyone of you dreamed of. A life that all of you have to face.

HJB: Hyung, don't you have faith and trust in us?

HJ: That's the thing~~ because of those two, it made me so dependable towards you guys, that being the leader of SS501 makes me feel a burden and causing you guys trouble. Leaders shouldn't be like that.. I'm the one supposed to solve problems, I'm the one should be leaned on by my members. But how is it that it's the other way around? I became so dependable to everyone that showed kindness and close to me. I never learned anything, not until those people were slowly leaving me by my side.

KJ: So this is what it's all about huh? Are scared of people leaving you again. Because of that, you want to leave first? This is all just just bunch of excuses, if you think your not acting like a true leader that your supposed to be, then start becoming and acting like ONE! Stop running what's in front of you.

(Everything was being discuss already and HJ had no power to object at all. He was being overruled by his own members. What can he possible say to people who want to be there for him? Were they even wrong for that matter? NO! so he just kept his mouth shut and accepted the fact that he has no way out of it.)

HJ: Hyung, can I talk to you alone please?

Manager-nim: Yeah, what is it?

HJ: First of all, I want to say thank you~~~ for not scolding me about this incident.

Manager-nim: Well, your not some 10yr old kid anymore HJ~~ and plus, scandals are bound to happened to people. You guys aren't ordinary boys anymore. I was just a little disappointed that you never came up to me and talked about it. I could have helped you or even just listening to you could have been something of an effort. If you think you failed. What do you think I would feel? I'm your manager.

HJ: I'm sorry hyung. I wanted to tell you about it, including the rest of the members. But things were just really happening so fast, that I didn't even have time to think about it.

Manager-nim: Well, everything happened already. Hopefully, you have learned your lesson.

HJ: Trust me hyung, I have.

( HJ went straight out and told the manager about him wanting to take a vacation in America. But the boys knew about his plan way ahead and wanted to tagged along with him. They know why he picked the destination so specifically, tho HJ doesn't have any clue that the boys already knew and want to tagged along with him.)

Scene: YJ arrival @ LAX

(At the plane, YJ already have mixed thoughts in her head, onto what is she going to tell HB about her sudden return to L.A? What if HB heard about the scandal already? Has she? YJ was sure enough that the scandal would be all over the newspaper by now. Korean or Singaporean news reports, its for sure to be in the headline news section.)

YJ: Otokie? What am I going to tell them now?

Calling..... Ring Ring Ring

Melanie: Yeoboseo~~

YJ: Hey, it's YJ

Melanie: I know it's you silly~~~ Wait, your calling me with this number. That means your back arentchu?

YJ: Hahaha, nobody can escape the GREAT Melanie-shi

Melanie: Nobody can escape me, specially you. When did you get back? Where are you actually?

YJ: Me and Jongyi are at the airport right now.

Melanie: OMO, when did you arrived? How come you didn't call me way earlier?

YJ: It was a sudden trip back, so I didn't have time to let you know.

Melanie: Yeah, I thought you wouldn't be here til 2weeks from now. For the weeding.

YJ: I know, but just that a lot of things happened back home. I just want to go somewhere. Like a place I could breath in.

Melanie: What problem? is there something wrong?

YJ: Let's just talk about later. Ohh, and yeah. Please don't tell HB unnie that I'm here. I want to surprise her.

Melanie: Oh okay? Well, I'll be heading out right now to go pick you up. So just text me where u are. Araso?

YJ: Yeah, thanks hon. See you in a little bit.

Scene: You got mails

Melanie: HB unnie, a mah go out for a little bit okay? Did someone took the mails already? Has the new cosmo magazine issue arrived yet?

HB: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Lemme go ahead and grab it.

Melanie: Thanks unnie. Just leave them in my table please. I have to go now.

HB: Ye, araso. be careful.

Melanie: Annyeongkisaeyo~

HB: Jaljayo

( Melanie left and HB took the mails out.)

HB: Oh cool, they have Korean newspaper out here too? I didn't know that. Oh here's the new issue of Cosmo Magazine.

( HB took everything out from the mail and placed everything at Melanie's disk except for the newspaper. )

HB: Shall we take a look of what's going on back home?

( HB opened the newspaper and was found herself stoned out on what was printed in the headline news section. She blink a couple of times to make sure it wasn't some hallucination shes having.)

HB: Otokie, How... What...

Scene: You wouldn't believe what happened.

Melanie: What's going on YJ? Your not the type of person who would just randomly do stuff.

YJ: I made a big mistake Melanie and I screwed it all up.

Melanie: What are you talking about?

YJ: Have you seen the newspaper this morning?

Melanie: I know that we get some everyday, but I don't really read them. I usually get the magazines at stuff. Your the one who usually read them, I don't.

YJ: Well, if you did. You would have known what's going on.

Melanie: Then tell me?

YJ: You remember HJ right?

Melanie: Your EX? the famous boy band guy back home?

YJ: Yeah, well... I'm pretty sure you already know why I came back to Korea right?

Melanie: YJ-ah~~~ Don't tell me... No, you wouldn't do such a thing. Did you?

( YJ didn't say a word, but rather she went to hug her friend so tight. She wanted someone to comfort her at that time, someone who can understand her feelings as of right now. Nobody in the world can do that except for Melanie.)

Melanie: No~~~ No~~~~ No~~ YJ! Why did you. OMG! what were you thinking?

YJ: ( Crying in the arms of her Bestfriend ) I didn't mean to Melanie. I thought everything was going so well, and I disregarded the obvious signs that were right in front of me. I was being in denial, because I really thought it could work. I just wanted JY to be happy. My son wants his father. What was I supposed to do?

Melanie: You sure it was only for your kid? Or it was one of your selfish wants also?

YJ: He loved JY like if it were his real son. Tho it was for a short moment. My son felt like he had a dad. How could I bare not to sacrifice that?

Melanie: But its wrong of you to decieve and lie to someone YJ. You can't force love, you can't just demand it and expect it would somehow magically appear right infront of you. If you really wanted his love, you should have earned it and not planned it. The outcome of this has nowhere to go but hurting yourself and even other people, that you might even care about. Have you even thought of that? How about your kid now? How in the world are you going to explain it to him, that the father you once introduced to him wasnt even really his real dad. Ahhh~~ chincha!

(YJ stayed quite. Melanie made her point and shes starting to realize
that she never really thought of that part. Indeed she was being selfish, but she was blinded with the things she desired and want. A happiness for the both of them and her child, that she neglected the possible consequence that could happened right after.)

Melanie: I swear YJ, this is just really so immature. I couldn't believe you would go this far.

YJ: I know, because of my immaturity act. I even hurt HB unnie.

Melanie: Huh?

YJ: Ughhh, how stupid I was for not noticing it. How blinded I was for my own greed. I really messed up so bad this time Melanie, and I don't even know how to fix it anymore.

Melanie: Omo Omo, are you telling me that's why you sent HB unnie out here? To get them separated?

(Melanie really knows YJ from the tip of her head to her very tippy toes. She just knows it by looking at her face and reaction.)

YJ: Nooo Nooo! It's not like that. I guess now I know why HJ was really mad at me, because his thinking the same way as you right now. But the truth is.. I never really meant to do that, I wanted unnie to come over here because I know she has a talent, and I know she can expand that somewhere bigger out here. She was a really good friend to me back home and she was there all these times that I needed her. I wanted to repay her back. I really didn't saw that her and HJ had a special feelings for each other, maybe because I didn't want to see it or I was just being so delusional and preoccupied with my own fantasy. I don't know, but one things for sure I didn't meant it to happened like this, if I could just turned back time? I would have done it in an instant without thinking nor regrets about it.

Melanie: Damaged has been done already. Now you have to face it. Don't worry, not a problem in this world that can't be solved. I'm always here for you. Together we can get thru this YJ. Let's just hope that HB unnie hasn't found out about it yet, not until you explain to her first. It would come out really ugly, if she hears it from someone else.

to be continued.....

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