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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chapter 18

A brief recap:

1.) Finally the mysterious character which... was HJ's cousin has been revealed already ( James Woo )

Character's that were added.

James Woo : * HB unnie's childhood friend who liked her before in H.S and still do up until now.
* James Woo happened to be Joong Joong Oppa's closes COUSIN!
*The character, that I dislike.. but his apart of the fanfic, so I can't really do anything about it ( Feel free to strangle him anytime *winks* )

Stephanie: *A childhood friend of HB and James Woo ( JW )
* She happened to like JW before and up until now. ( Well, at least she hasn't noticed it yet, that she does like him still. ) She did not confessed her feelings towards JW's before, because she knew about JW's special feelings towards HB.

3.) James Woo who thought that it was just a dinner date between HIM AND HWANG BO turned out to be a reunion for the 3 of them [ Including Steph-shi ]. ( Wa Wa Wa~~~ to bad to sad for JAMES WOO. lol )

4.) After the dinner, all of them went into their separates way and gone back to each of their houses.

Chapter 18 ( James Woo's arrival in JAPAN )

( Steph texted JW, when she got home. [" Thank you for the really awesome dinner tonight, and it was really nice seeing you again. We should definitely hang out once again."] )

JW: texted back [ Yeah, it was really nice seeing you steph... At first, I didn't even recognize you not until Jung-ah called out your name. But yeah, about hanging out... definitely. Just gimme a call or text me when you guys wanna hang out.]

Steph: OK, will do. Night ( Mumbles.. it's always been like that, you would always recognize HB first.. before you could even see me. )

Note: Awwwwwh, STEPH unnie don't give up... Aja Aja Hwaiting!!!

JW: Good night.

( the next day...... )

JW: [ Calling.... ]

( Ring ring ring.... ring back tone: Unlock )

HJ: [ Looking for his phone ] Yeoboseo?

JW: Sincharo? Are you still asleep?

HJ: Who's this?

JW: What do you mean by who am I? You don't know your own cousin anymore? Do you wanna die?

HJ: Ohhh shoot, hyung.. Mianhaeyo, I totally forgot your arriving today.

Note: What a quick recovery of his memories. :D

JW: Well, I'm still on my way to the hotel right now.. I called, coz I already know how you are, and I'm pretty sure your butt is still glued in bed right now.

HJ: I'll go get ready right now... Where should we meet up hyung?

JW: Just meet me up at the hotel.

HJ: Araso, which hotel?

JW: I'll text you the direction, so it would be easier.

HJ: Oh ok, i'll go ahead and get ready then.

JW: OK, see you in a bit.

( HJ got ready, and went directly to the hotel that JW is staying. )

Knock Knock Knock

JW: Joong-ahhhh!

HJ: Hyung...

( Both were very happy to see each other, you can also tell by just the looks of their faces that they were really anticipating for this day to happened. This two were really close since they were little and having to be separated for awhile, both must have a lot of things they need to catch up. Even tho there is a age gap between the two, they were really close back then. )

JW: Yaaaaa! how could you grow up so pretty? tho your nothing compare to me, but still...

HJ: hahaha, let's not get carried away...

JW: Shicharo, what do you guys put on your face? why is it so soft? ( Stretching HJ's face.. )

Note: is he gay? or what? ROFL! ( He turned gay, since he prolly got the hint that he doesn't stand a chance towards HB unnie. lol )

HJ: I go to a dermatologist a lot, it's needed for my work. If it wasn't for me being an IDOL.. I prolly wouldn't care about my face.

JW: Yeah, I remember back then.. you used to have dirt all over your face.. after playing outside.

HJ: Oh yeah, I remember that... and that one noona too, she would always help me. I remember she would used to wipe my face, coz I would always end up having dirt all over me after playing.

JW: Oh yeaaah huh.. I remember that... I'm surprised that you still remember her.

HJ: Yeah of course, she was really nice and always helping me out specially those times when I was being bullied by you.

Note: During the summer time.. HJ would always spend his summer vacation @ JW's family for at least 2-3weeks when he was little.

JW: When did I ever bullied you?

HJ: Here we go again, the culprit is trying to deny his horrible doing.

JW: Hahahaha, I never did such thing and even if I did? It was merely to make you tougher in the future, and make you a better man. See? Didn't it work? look at you now? All man up.

HJ: Psssssssh!! trying to take credits now? hahahaha

JW: If it turned out for the better, then why not?

HJ: Anyways, how did the dinner go?

JW: It was ok, tho it wasn't something that I actually planned.

HJ: Eh? what happened? did you got dumped? hahahaha

JW: Me dumped? you prolly forgot that your cousin never gets dumped.

HJ: Again hyung.. let's not get carried away..

Note: Take it easy mister, your head is getting bigger..... it might pop any minute now. :) ( I just wanna hit his head from behind and run as fast as I could.. kekekeke. )

JW: ye ye ye.. arasoo!

Ring ring ring ( ringback tone... Let's break away with the featuring Ahhhh, yeaaaahhh.... baby come on. ) [ Caller ID: Walking tool noona ]

Note: Yeaaah, you would... you would set that ring back tone for HER!

HJ: Chakaman hyung..[ Stepped outside quickly..] Yeoboseo?

HB: Good morning!

HJ: Good Morning, is there something wrong?

HB: Eh? Why would be something wrong?

HJ: Well, you called this early.. so something must be wrong for a person to call at this EARLY!

HB: Early? it's already pass 10?

HJ: exactly

HB: Sincharo? that's early for you.. Did I wake you up? You dont sound like you just woke up to me.

HJ: That's because you didn't.. I got up early today, coz I had to meet up my cousin.

HB: Sincha? Mianhaeyo, I didn't know you were in a middle of something.... I should have just texted you, but I just thought it would be proper to call you instead.

HJ: Aniya, nothing to be sorry about noona. Anyways, why did noona had to call me?

HB: I didn't have to call you, but just that I thought it would be proper....

HJ: Ahhhh, I didn't mean it that waaay noona... I meant what is it that noona needed to talk to me about?

HB: Ohhh, I was just gonna let you know that we recieved the payment for the service and I would like to say thank you for it.

Note: this two always making excuses, so that they could call each other. Proper? if she really did intentionally wanted to say thank you in a proper way.. that means she has to go and thank him in PERSON and not in the PHONE! that's the same thing as texting him and saying thank you. LOL!

HJ: Oh ok, that's good. I was gonna ask you about that too, but I guessed you beat me to it. For saying thank you.... I'm supposed to be the one saying that to noona.

HB: Aniya, were the one supposed to be thanking customer for trusting us and for letting us serve you.

JW: Where do you wanna go eat joong-ah? We should get going soon before we both don't have the time to eat. I also have an appointment that I need to take care of today.

HJ: Noona, I have to go now. But let's talked some other time. yeah?

HB: Ye, araso... take care and ttyl

HJ: Ye, you too noona. bye

Note: Once again.. MR. WOO is interfering.... XD What's funny about it, coz he doesn't even know his interfering... ROFL!

JW: Who was that huh? was that the walking tool girl?

HJ: Dont worry about it hyung... ( he had a bright smile on his faced. )

JW: Busted!! Now stop with that expression, coz your blinding me.

HJ: Hahaha, I'll be like this... so you would go blind completely..

JW: Don't do that... a lot of people would be crying, if they find out that I went blind.

HJ: Waeyo?

JW: A lot of people admired me because of my eyes. Didn't you know that?

HJ: Oh dang, I would never thought it could get this windy in JAPAN! ( Trying to deliver a message to his hyung who didn't get it at all. )

JW: What wind? I don't even feel anything..

HJ: Nothing, I think you need some food.. the flight and being dumped with your girl had got your brain wired out.

JW: Yaaaaa~~ I wasn't dumped..

HJ: Araso Arasooo... Just get in the cab already.

( The two went on their breakfast ( More like lunch ) as what they planned on doing... both were catching up and HJ suddenly got a call from his manager and wanted him back already for the activity that was schedule for today. )

HJ: Mianhaeyo hyung.. I have to get going now. My manager-nim just called me, that I need to get back already.

JW: Araso, lets meet up again.. I don't know when, since I don't know how long I'm staying here.. it depends on the business stuff that I need to be taking care of first.

HJ: Oh ok, just gimme a call ahead of time hyung.. Maybe next time when can go drink.

JW: Araso, I need to go now too..

( Both said their goodbyes and did some handshake, that were supposed to be like a handshake they made up back then, after that... both went on their separate ways. )

Note: Ssorry, if you spot a lot of errors. I was typing this at 3am in the morning. XD I was practically half asleep and typing it with my am-azing one eye only. ( If you were to saw me at that time... you would prolly thought I was winking at you. ROFL! :D

to be continued......

Friday, May 29, 2009

Truly Madly Deeply ( Savage Garden )

Truly Madly Deeply lyrics

I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish ( HJ: You might show up in my dreams. HJ: Wishing STAR/ referring himself as the star )
I'll be your fantasy ( HB: Little Prince? )
I'll be your hope, I'll be your love ( HB: Don't forget to lean on your wife.. I'll be here 24/7 )
Be everything that you need ( HB: Ring, Shoes? I don't need those.. Peanut Necklace is the best. )
I'll love you more with every breath ( HJ: To always be beside Buin like a OXYGEN. )
Truly, madly, deeply do

I will be strong, I will be faithful ( HJ: I can't lost the only thing, that my wife's think I can do the best. [Wrestling Match] HJ: I would never look @ any other woman except BUIN [ Wedding Vows ] )
'Cause I'm counting on
A new beginnin' ( HB: I think he changed a lot. HJ: I've changed a lot. )

A reason for livin' ( HB: If you make this JUMP, were going to live together...( FAKE FAREWELL EPISODE )
A deeper meanin', yea ( The things they both said in MOUTH halla san... )

And I want to stand with you on a mountain ( HJ: Let's yell something out before we go down and HUG afterwards. )
I want to bathe with you in the sea ( Together with the ALSHIN couple, and they went to play @ the sea. )
I want to lay like this forever ( Wedding Photoshoot episodes, but it was cut.. that one picture when our couple were lying down on a picnic blanket. )
Until the sky falls down on me ( When the couple pointed up towards the sky and yelled out - TO THE WORLD- )

And when my stars are shinin' brightly in the velvet sky
I'll make a wish to send it to Heaven ( the wish he made for his buin in mt. halla san. )
Then make you want to cry ( it surely did made her cry. )
The tears of joy for all the pleasure in the certainty ( It was full of joy and sadness at the same time. )
That we're surrounded by the comfort and protection of
The highest powers in lonely hours
(Lonely hours)
The tears devour you

And I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

Oh can't you see it baby? ( [Wedding Photoshoot ]I hope wife can see that things I do for her, and that I really do think of her. )
You don't have to close your eyes
'Cause it's standin' right before you
All that you need will surely come
Uhh hu yea

I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope, I'll be your love
Be everything that you need
I'll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do
(I love you)
Huh huh

I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

And I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
Well I want to live like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

Huh huh uhh
Yea uhh huh
La la la duh duh huh
La la la duh duh huh
Uhh hu

( I really love this song... and it does remind me of JoongBO a lot. )

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chapter 17

YS: What happened Joong-ah? You looked pissed off, did you had a fight with your dad again?

HJ: No, it's not that.. I don't want to talk about it, nor I want to think about it.

YS: [ scratching his head ] EH?

HJ: When I say it's nothing... it's nothing.. OK? is there someone in the bathroom right now?

YS: OKAAAAYYY?!? Well, I think everyone got ready, before I did.... so I'm pretty sure nobody's using it right now.

HJ: ( grabbed his towel and went straight to the bathroom without saying anything. )

Note: Just because your pissed off about something, you don't have to talk to my prince in that king of tone mister. Don't make me... Don't make me punish you Oppa. Araso?

JM: Be sure to eat first, before we leave. Araso? Specially you baby...

HJB: ye... ye...

JM: Did HJ-ah got up already?

YS: [ Who just entered the kitchen area ] Yeah, his getting ready right now.

JM: OK, good... Eat already, I prepared some eggs and bacon.

KJ: Umma, can you pass me a plate.

( Jung Min handed the plate to Kyu )

KJ: Kansamida


( Everyone was happily eating breakfast, but the atmosphere suddenly changed when HJ oppa appeared in the kitchen area. )

JM: HJ-ahh, have something to eat before we leave. We might not able to eat til really later.

HJ: I'm not hungry ( Saying it in such a cold tone )

HJB: Want some? ( Trying to feed HJ with some food. )

HJ: I told you... I'm not hungry ( Pushing it back towards HJB )

( YS & KJ was just eyeing HJ from their sits. )

HJ: Did we ran out of energy drink?

JM: Oh yeah, that reminds me... we have to drop by the market today, before we come back home.

HJ: Werent you supposed to go yesterday?

JM: I forgot

HJ: Aissssssh

JM: What's up with you?

HJ: Nothing [ Walked out and went to the living room. ]

ring ring ring... Caller ID: Kim James Woo

HJ: Yeoboseo

James Woo: Joong-ah, I confirmed my flight already and I'll be there early in the morning.

HJ: How early?

James Woo: Like 8

HJ: Sincharo? that's waaay too early hyung

James Woo: I was thinking, we should met up and go get some good breakfast, before you head out for work.

HJ: @ 8?

James Woo: like around 9 or 10? is that fine?

HJ: I guess sooo

James Woo: OK then, i'll see you tomorrow, ok? I gotta go reserved a table for a special dinner tonight.

HJ: Special dinner? is it one of your girls again? You surely know how to invest, when it comes to romance.

James Woo: I've changed a lot, since a long time ago. She's someone really special to me and I want everything to be perfect tonight for her.

HJ: Am I hearing wedding bells?

Note: If you knew who he was talking about.. I don't think you would able to say wedding bells. I think you would prolly say " THIS MEANS WAR" LOL

James Woo: Aniya, I'm not gonna purpose to her YET.

HJ: Ohh, so not yet?

James Woo I just want to take it slow for now.

HJ: ( Mumbles ) At least you got the guts to express your feelings towards the person you really
care about.

James Woo: Huh?

HJ: Ohhh, nothing... see you tomorrow hyung. I need to go now.. Just call me, ok?

James Woo: Arasooo, bye.

Note: that's right oppa, you should learn from your cousin. :D Be a man enough to tell her about what you really feel deep inside. :D

HJ: I wish, I have that confidence to come up to her like that... But even soooo, our situation right now is too complicated.

YS: Joong-ah, we gotta go now.

HJ: OK, i'll be right over.

( HB got done with the cleaning, and head out to Stephanie's house to look at the painting. She promised, so there was no excuse for her not to go. ) [ She's that type of a person, when she promise something, then she will definitely find away to keep that promise. ]


Stephanie: Yeoboseo

HB: Steph, I'm already on my way to your house right now. I'll be there in 20mins. OK?

Stephanie: Araso, just ring the bell.

HB: OK, see you in a bit. Bye

Stephnie: OK, bye.

HB: Where is this famous painting of yours?

Stephanie: It's right over here [ pointing at the painting which was an image of a walking statue ]

HB: [ started craking up ] Hahahahahahahahahahhaa

Stephanie: Waeyo? Why are you laughing?

HB: Oh, nothing... I just remembered something.

Note: HB noona was laughing coz, it reminded her of Joong Joong Oppa.. Since he calls her Walking tool noona, to respond on that... She calls him Walking statue. :D

Stephanie: Hahaha, I guessed...

HB: Another master piece steph... [ Hugs her friend ] Oh yeah, by the way... Guess... Woo's back

Stephanie: Who?


Stephanie: How are you going to ask me back, when I already asked you WHO?

HB: Hahahahahaa, I meant... James W-O-O is back.

Stephanie: SINCHARO?

HB: Yup! I was gonna tell you that time, when I was on the phone with you, but somehow it slip in my mind.

Note: Yeah, it slip in her mind, coz she was too busy thinking about the possible reason why oppa hasn't replied to her, that day. Hahahahaha!!

Stephanie: How could you forgotten about that?

HB: Mianhaeyo... you know what.. to make it up to you, I'm going to bring you along with me.

Stephanie: Bring me where?

HB: He wants to go out for dinner, so this should be a good opportunity for us friends to get together. It's gonna be like a reunion.

Stephanie: I don't know about that Hye Jung-ah, since he invited you for dinner and not me included.

HB: Aigoo, don't be like that... He must have wanted to invite you, but then didn't have your number.

Stephanie: Well, that's understandable anyways... Since he just got back and prolly doesn't have my number

HB: YUP, and plus... you changed your number like how many times?

Stephanie: Hahahaha, your right.. I can't even remember anymore.

Note: Steph is pretty popular with guys, but when she gets tired of them.. She changes her number to avoid them. :D ( Hahaha, does any of my unnie's out here does the same thing too? )

Ring Ring Ring...

HB: Oh, it's James... hold on.. Yeoboseo

James Woo: Hye Jung-shiii, are we still on for dinner tonight?

HB: Yeah of course... ( Smiling towards Stephanie.. )

James Woo: Oh ok, just making sure. It's gonna be at Romio's restaurant. Ok? Wait, do you want me to pick you up? or do you just wanna meet up?

Note: Hey youuuu, MR. Woo.... What kind of gentlemen are you? If it's a date, like what your thinking... shouldnt you be picking her up? Ahhh, if it was me? You would have FAILED already. kekeke ( Seriously, I'm not like that.... but just that I don't like him very much, that's why I said he would have FAILED already. )

HB: Aniya, noo need. I can get over there by myself.

James Woo: Araso, you know where it is right?

HB: Yeah, of course.. I've been there a couple of times, so I know exactly where the place is at.

James Woo: Oh ok, i'll see you later on then.

Stephanie: YA! How come you didn't mention to him that I was coming.

HB: I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Stephanie: Ahhhhhhh!! your so clever.

HB: Of course

Note: Stephanie had a special feelings towards James W-H-O guy, since back then... But she never got to express herself, coz she knows that James Woo liked HB unnie before. Could now be the time for her to show her true feelings towards the guy? Who she once have a thing for? and still has that same feeling up until now? ( Maybe this is one of the reason, why her relationship with others are not going so well. )I think this would be a really good idea, so then she could take him away, and bring James somewhere else... LIKE iraq perhaps or somewhere really FAR FAR away? kekekek ( I'm so mean, but oh well... :D )

HB went home first and got herself ready for the dinner that they are about to have tonight. She then went ahead to the restaurant and saw James waiting for him at the parking lot.

James Woo: You looked very lovely tonight, my lady.

HB: Oh thank you, not that I don't hear that everyday. ( joking around... )

James Woo: Shall we?

HB: Wait, I'm waiting for someone... she said.. She's here already.

( Stephanie came out of the picture.... )

HB: There you are....

(James was too shocked to see Stephanie, that he couldn't even moved. It seemed like he was glued in. )

Stephanie: Mianhaeyo, it was a little traffic.

HB: James, you remember steph right?

James Woo: ( Had gotten back his senses ) Hey, steph.. it's been a long time. Dang girl, you changed a lot.

Stephanie: is it bad changed? or good changed?

James Woo: Good changed of course... Anyways, we better get inside already.

HB: Arasooo, lets go.. [ Linking arm with Stephanie ]

James Woo: ( Aissssh, I thought it was supposed to be a dinner between the both of us... )

Note: Hahahahhaaha, you thought.... BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH

to be continued....

Hyung Joon ( Solo ALBUM photoshoot )

Baby look so cute in his solo album photoshoot, don't the ladies agree with me on this? I haven't bought baby's SOLO album yet, but I will in time :D

Hyung Joon Baby Oppa Hwaiting

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

silly spazz 3

Pretty much most of us out here are hoping 2years later or even a year from now... Our beloved SSangchu couple would actually come out in public to drop a massive bomb explosion announcement. An announcement that would surely bring numerous amount of people getting admitted in each hospital around there respective areas.


1.) Fainted from the shocking announcement

2.) Having Joongbo seizure.

3.) Joongbo minor stroke, could be major who knows. :)

4.) Joongbo HEART ATTACK

5.) We also have the Joongbo Jaw breaker ( For those people who dropped their jaws and can't close them back. )

Note: This are precautions for the future situations might happen, so let's please... control ourselves for our own safety purposes in the future. :D

(General hospitals across the world should thank our ssangchu couple in ADVANCE for this situation my occur in the future. Lol )

Might not be an announcement about getting married, but even admitting of dating now in public would be just fine too.

[ Park Kyung Rim ]

This incredible lady might be the only person, who can alert Joongboers across the world, if this announcement will truly come out.

WHY? ( Let's begin with my silly thoughts.... )

She talked about the SS501's ideal girls once before in the show "WAKING UP SS501" She definitely knows the info about HJ oppa's ideal girl and that includeds the other members too, since she was the one who personally asked them.

Not only in WAKING UP SS501, but she was also in X-MAN , when Joong Joong Oppa already got an EYE for HB unnie. ( I don't think, I have to elaborate much with the whole WOW printed all over his face, when HB unnie had to take the stage for her opening dance. I'm pretty sure you guys already had a good spazz on that. )

Note: It even made me go wow too, so how much more shillang? :)

Where did I get my crazy thoughts from?


Note: Since the video wasn't sub, the uploader was kind enough to translate and added it in the comment to people who were asking about it.

MC Yoo: Did you want to see any lady in particular in Kang team?
HJ: Hwangbo noona
MC Yoo: Why?
HJ: She got darker than last week.
PMS: Maybe she has a health problem(jokingly). You should go check it out.
JSR: It's not that. She did "sunting" to look sexy.

Note: For him to say she got darker than last week? that means he has veen eyeing her since that last week? right? Hmmmm, you little sneaky one arentchu :P Glancing from the side... hoping you wont get caught, but thennnn YOU REVEAL yourself out in the open anyways.. :D

Credit: aRIAE0908 [ pic and translation ]

RECENTLY! PKR attacked HB unnie in a radio show with her ( "direct question and no excuses to escape my questions and you have to give me an answer." ) towards HB unnie. ( Tho, somehow HB unnie managed to keep it LOW KEY answers. )

I don't think this lady would ever stop, til she gets a ( " Yes, we're dating can you stop torturing us with your questions." ) from both. :D

PKR unnie, Aja Aja hwaiting.

- to the wolrd -

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hwang BO

( Divine Goddess of all Joongbo/Hye Jung Angels )

I gotta confess that I didn't really got to know HWANG BO unnie until I watched WGM, and for a SS501 fan, I didn't find her intimidating at all to be right next to HJ oppa. In fact I loved the thought of her wanting to take care of him, that very reason why I fell in love with her amazing personality. ( NO HOMO. XD )

She is a divine goddess with almost no flaws in her. I truly admire her caring side and such a hyper bubbly character. I wouldn't blame JOONG JOONG oppa for ever falling in love with our goddess. she is one of a KIND! and someone to look up to.

My admiration towards her cant just be explain with just words enough, but just to make this SHORT! I love HYE JUNG unnie for what she is and what she has done. I will support unnie til the earth becomes dust, and haters can just turn into DUST!

[PIC] credit: HyeJungAngle international fansite

Friday, May 22, 2009

Chapter 16

HJ: [ calling.. ] Yeoboseo?

Other line: Oh, joong-ah... Annyeong. I called you earlier, but you werent answering your phone, so I texted you instead. Did you got them?

HJ: Mianhaeyo hyung, I had a activity earlier, so I wasnt able to answer your call.

Other line: Dont worry about it MR. popular. When are you coming back to korea?

HJ: I have no clue yet, schedules been crazy lately... are you back?

Other line: Yeah, like a few days ago. Joong-ah, your sooo far now. I can barely reach you my bro.

HJ: Aniya, I've just been lucky lately.. Thanks to someone...

Note: ahem ahem *cough* ( my throat is itchy XD )

other line: ooohhh, I know that line.. what's her name huh? Where does she live? Out there probably huh?

HJ: Aniya, she's not even from here.. She actually lives out there.

Other line: Sincha? What's her name then?

HJ: walking tool noona.

Other line: Walking Noona? She's older than you? wow! Hi-5 on that.. Dang, my dongsaeng had changed alot.. since when are you into older women? But is that really her name tho?

HJ: Aniya, it's not like that hyung.[ Started blushing.. ]

Other line: Ahuh Ahuh... I got you.. I got you...

(HJ couldn't really say anything anymore, so he just laughed along with his hyung, who couldn't stop teasing him.)

Other line: Oh yeah, i'll be flying over there in two days. That's why I called you, so we could atleast meet up somewhere and catch up. I haven't seen you in awhile and I wanted an autograph from you.. so I can show it off to someone.

HJ: Ohh wow, your using me? so you can get girls?

Other line: Aniyaaa, just think about it as a present from your favorite cousin.

HJ: Who said you were my favorite?

Other line: C'mon you don't gotta hide it. :) I remember waay back, you said.. you wanted to be just like hyung.

HJ: Ahh, glad that was back then... kekekeke!!! Just kidding hyung.

Other line: You know what.. you better watch out when I see you in two days.

HJ: What if I don't show up?

Other line: You better.. or else... you'll get something even worse coming from me.

HJ: Arasooo Arasooooo! Just gimme me a call ahead of time, maybe I can sneak out from breaks and stuff.

Other line: Oh you better make time...

HJ: Aisssh, arasoooo! I gotta go hyung, it's getting really late and I need some sleep. I have to wake up early tomorrow.

Other line: OK, later bro. call you tomorrow for updates. Araso?

HJ: ye... bye.

Note: I wonder who could this person be. Suddenly alot of random characters are poppin out.

(HB woke up in the following morning, and realized that she had fallen asleep while waiting for Joong Joong oppa's reply. She then immediately took her phone, and checked if oppa had texted her back, but sadly not even a simple " ANNYEONGSAEYO " appeared in HB unnie's inbox.)

HB: How disappointing is that? Aisssh, why even bother waiting for it. If he wants to play like this, then fine. Watch, if he texts me back.. I'm not gonna text back either.

Note: Hahahaha, thats what you get unnie for being soo mean. Now you know how inpatient and annoyed you can get to wait for someones reply. ROFL!

HB Umma: What's with that face?

HB: Nothing...

HB Umma: Seems like you got up @ the wrong side? Sincha? Waeyo? At this early, it's not usual for someones face to looked so deformed.

HB: Umma, if you make fun of me, it's the same thing as making fun of yourself. Dont you know that?

HB umma: Wae?

HB: Auntie and Uncle would always say this to me... that I look exactly like Umma, but just the mini VERSION and the YOUNGER VERSION.

HB umma: So you actually believe them? Excuse me dear, but I was actually pretty back in the day.

HB: [ Bust out laughing ] Aigooo, my umma is a bit braggy these days.

HB umma: How do you think your APPA fell in love with me, if I was some ugly duckling?

HB: You must have done something...like putting something on his food, so he'll fall in love with you like a PABO!

HB umma: Nah, he fell in love with my captivating beauty.. a pure SWAN

HB: Arasoooo umma.. your pretty... sincha, the prettiest mom in the universe. Satisfied?

HB umma: Very much satisfied.... Aigoo! when your younger, your DEFEATED. Right?

HB: Hahahaahahaha!

HB umma: I got that from you. [ sticking her tongue out towards HB ] Where are you going?

HB: It's cleaning service schedule today.

HB umma: today's friday?

HB: Yeah, Aigggooo.. Umma has gotten forgetful

HB umma: this happens when your getting old.

HB: your going somewhere today umma?

HB umma: Yeah, I'm meeting up with James-shiii's mom today. She called me yesterday asking, if I could meet her up for dinner tonight.

HB: Sincha? James wants to have dinner with me tonight too.

HB umma: Oh ok, that's good. I wont have to cook dinner for tonight.

HB: Actually, it's my turn to cook dinner.. But I'm glad I don't have to cook since both of us are going out. Anyways, I have to get going Umma. I need to stop by at Steph's house to look at her painting, I promised her I'll stop by today.

HB umma: Oh ok, be careful and see you later.

HB: Ye, araso.. Annyeongkisaeyo...

(HB had arrived @ the house, and started cleaning.. suddenly her phone vibrated and a new SMS appeared, it was coming from HJ oppa.)

HB: Ohh guess who texted me back, it's the 4D insensitive guy. Whatever, I'm not gonna reply to you either.. [ Kept on glancing at her phone. ]

Note: Unnie, arentchu being a little CHILDISH? ( If I know... she's just acting like that, coz she misses oppa. Look at her all glancing at her phone, just picked it up and call him already. )

(HB unnie continued with her cleaning and heared her PHONE ringing...)

HB: [Quickly picked up the phone.] Yeoboseo?

HJ: Noona, annyeongsaeyo.. I'm sorry for not texting you back at that one time. I had an activity, and it ended quite late already, so I was thinking you might have been sleeping already and didn't want to bother you.

HB: Wow, our famous MR. Kim Hyun Joong is actually showing some consideration now a days?

HJ: You taught me how noona.

HB: that's good. That you actually listen to people now.

HJ: Yeah, I've changed a lot... since I met noona and even sometimes it scares me.

HB: It scared you? How? [I scared him?]

HJ: Oh nothing.. don't worry about it noona.. Anyways, are you at the house right now? It's already pass 10, so I'm guess you are.

HB: Yeah, I just started cleaning like 30mins ago before you called me.

HJ: Sincha? Mianhaeyo...

HB: Aniya, it's ok. So how is it over there?

Note: Pssssh, earlier unnie was all saying she didn't wanna TEXT back, but when he CALLED? Someone was in hurry to picked it up? ROFL!

HJ: Pretty tiring... We've been working like straight days... No free day at all, that's why I havent been texting noona.

HB: Really? They shouldn't over worked you guys, that's against the LAW! you should sue them.

HJ: Hahahaha, I wish... but it's work, so I have to bear with it til this JAPAN activity ends and ASIA tour is the last thing we have to do. I'm pretty sure after the asia tour, everything would be back to normal.

HB: Are you guys coming back to KOREA before the Asia Tour even begins?right? When is that anyways?

HJ: Why? does noona wanna see me? before I go overseas?

HB: [ Started to blush] Aniya, I was just asking.. coz what about the cleaning service? and How are you going to pay us? when you guys go on the asia tour?

Note: Are you sure? it's about business matter unnie? that's why you asked him? could it be your curious about his schedule? and getting worried his gonna be even more far away from you?

HJ: Well, you can just give me your business account and I can just send the payments diretcly.

HB: Oh yeah, of course. I'll just text you the account number.

HJ: Sooo how about you Noona? How's everything over there?

HB: Everything has been good.... My childhood friend just got back from overseas too..

HJ: [ voiced suddenly changed. ] Who?

HB: [ kind of notices the slight changed of voice, and started to get curious of the sudden changed. ] It's my childhood friend JAMES, his been gone for awhile to study abroad. We're really close, since were little.

HJ: [teasing tone, but deep inside he was really serious] are you sure his just a childhood friend?

HB: Yeah, of course. [trying to test his patient..] HE did confessed to me once before, but that was when we're still in HIGHSCHOOL.

HJ: [ Got silent.. ] Really? soo walking tool noona actually has alot of suitor back then? What happened now noona? Where did those suitors went of?

HB: Aisssh, I swear... I could never have a serious conversation with you. Everything is a jokes isn't it? [ Getting all worked up, coz her plan of making him jealousy didn't work. ]

Note: Hahaha, but actually it did work... :P

HJ: I'm just kidding Noona... Anyways, I need to hang up now. Still need to get ready for the activity today. [ tried to hide his irritation upon hearing this JAMES guy who suddenly appeared. ]

HB: Oh ok, ttyl then.. take care and bye.

HJ: Bye....

to be continued.......

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

silly spazz 2

OK, guys... keep those eyes WIDE OPEN! since this is going to happened in a quickness...

Note: I suggest not to even blink... not even once...

START OFF FROM 3:40 TIL 3:45 ( Let me know, if I'm just totally hallucinating or this moment surely did happened. )

Here is the link of the video, if you guys wanna see it. :D


Credits for the video: SSangchu heaven blog

Note: She bends over to look for something.... Alert Alert!! But let's keep an eye on Joong Joong OPPA's hands and where would those little hands go off to. ( 3:44 )

Note: BOOM!! someone's hands can't stay put.. can they? ROFL! ( 3:45) wait... let's get one more screen cap, coz I'm not contented with just this....

Note: Ohhhh!!! what's that..... kekekeke ( Starting to have some kilig moments.. ) After ( 3:45 ) the Joongbo scene got cut, and went to the next scene in which for the other couple... but shooot! The PD's are giving us joongboer more CSI things to do... they would always leave pieces of crumb all over, and we Joongboer are sooo quick on picking them up, arent we? :D

Note: Maybe the massage session wasn't that long enough for him, and so he wants to hold her hands even more. Just like how their hands were clamp to each other, when she did the massage on his hands. Could that be why you grab Hwang Buin's hands? Oppa? Could it be? :D ( It's free to assume right? ) :P

Someone might have spazz on this.. sorry for reposting it, but just couldn't get over it. :D Sorry also for the very bad quality screen cap... I tried to make it visible.. if only someone had the HD version on this... :D

Joongbo FANFIC convo

- Hahaha, when imagination comes out... it run's like a wild animal. -

HB: Shilllang, guess what?
HJ: You miss me? ^___^ coz I know I do. Arent you in PELEPINS ( Philippines ) right now?

HB: Yeah, and guessed who welcomed me?
HJ: WHO? are you cheating on me buin?

HB: Aigoo, stop with your weird assumptions. Anyways, did you know that aside from U.S we also have Joongbo supporters in PELEPINS? ( Philippines) I was really surprised, that they actually waited for me to land and shocked with the warmth welcomed they had for me and the girls. they were really adorable. ^__^

HJ: Sincha? W0W, our love has really spread that far?

( This two has no freakin IDEA, that they have supporters all AROUND THE WORLD.. and they have been infecting as for about a year now. kekeke)

HB: Hahaha, as always... My 4D shillang never fails to make me laugh, even from the distance. Oh yeah, they also gave me lots of gifts, and what makes it even funnier is that some of this are for you.

HJ: Smart of them buin, and thanks to them too.. Now I would actually have the more reason of seeing you, since you have to give those goodies to me. Would you fly to JAPAN by any chance? Pelepins stopping over JAPAN maybe?

HB: Hahaha, what will I do without my cute shillang... Did you still remember that one couple t-shirt you got from the U.S fans? I just recently got one out here too, but I actually got TWO. The first one was the same designed as the one you got, and another different designed. I'm also wearing it right now. I'll take a picture later on and show it to you. :)

HJ: Sincha? that's not fair... How come I only got one =(

HB: Haha, we both got the same thing.. so don't worry. You'll get them soon... I hope your doing fine in Japan and hope to see you soon, and to answer your question earlier.. I do miss you too. ^__^ take care, ttyl.

NOTE: Ssorry, I couldn't sleep... so my imagination started to RUN WILD again. kekekekeke! I wished this conversation could really happen in real life. May not be the exact convo, but somewhat like this is going to make us all Joongboers happy right? :D have I gone crazy or I'm just purely a Joongbo crazy? ^___^ I think I need to be admitted soon, before I started having JOONGBO seizure again.

Monday, May 18, 2009

One SHOT dialogue fanfic

HB: to cook for you, is what I would do.

HJ: to feed it to you, is what I would do.

HB: to protect you from insects, is what I would do.

HJ: to protect you from wild animals such as Hyenas, but except insects is what I would do.

HB: to do the dance mission for you, is what I'm willing to do.

HJ: to seranade you from the bottom of my heart, is what I would do..

HB: to make you clothes, is something I would do, just for you.

HJ: to make a 1000 paper cranes, just for you, is what I would do.

HB: to show you my aegyo, like this.... is what I would do.

HJ: to make you laugh, like this everyday... is what I would do.

HB: to let you win in any game, because I know... How competitive you are.. this is something I'm willing to do, just for you.

HJ: to give you a head start, just to be fair...is what I would do.

HB: to wear less revealing clothes, is something I would do, just because the thought of you not liking it, makes me don't want to wear it.

HJ: to wear a couple t-shirt, even if i don't want to, but is what I would do... only for you.

HB: to put band- aid for you injury, is something I would do.

HB: to hold your hands like this, is what I would do

HJ: to paint your toes like this, is what I would do

HB: to love you without a doubt, is what a woman like me would do

HJ: to love and protect your heart, is what a man like me would do.

HB: to be with you, is one thing I want to do

HJ: to marry you officially, is what I want to do

HJ: Hwang buin, will you marry me?

HB: Joong Joong- ahh, that is exactly what I want to do.

silly spazz. XD

-This video was from way back 2007-

One of the guest were A couple with 20 years age difference. The guy was 26 yrs old who fell in love with his lady, who happened to be 46 yrs old already. They came to the show for the very purpose of letting everyone ACCEPT their kind of relationship.

Here is the link of the video, if you guys wanna see it.


Credit for the video: NEWlynever/ and an anon from PROBOARD!

The MC asked the guest stars a question: What do you guys think of their RELATIONSHIP?

Everyone answered, a noona & dongsaeng, family, relatives and etc. but what amazed me was JAEJONG oppa's shocking responde to the question, that it even made his members looked at him with disbelief.


Jaejong: A couple ( 1:34 )

Note: it gets more interesting....... I'm not really a DBSK fanatic, but I do like them too. AAAAHHHH, Jaejong oppa is just soo charming with his words, and now I know exactly where HJ oppa got his courage or wisdom from. Yes, indeed. no other than... JAEJONG OPPA from DBSK.


Jaejong: When your in love, age is just a number that shouldn't be worried about. Love is something you shound't be ashamed nor embarrassed of. ( 7:16 )


Note: Hey unnie and oppa, please pay attention to what Jaejong oppa is about to tell you.


Jaejong: your relationship is beautiful. I hope you two will live happily. ( 7:27 )

Note: I'm pretty sure they're oppa, so let's not worry much. ^___^

( You think that was it? Hold up guys, I still got something to spazz about.. ROFL! )

Note: Remeber that one song HJ sang for HB in the house warming episode? the solo performance he did? Well, guessed what? The guy was singing the same song for his LADY too at the SHOW!


( 5:37 )

( House Warming EPISODE )


[ Be prepared guys... Joong Joong oppa, is about to sing a SOLO proposal song for unnie hb. ]


Note: If it was me? I would have said "I LOVE YOU TOO" in a heart beat. kekeke. But it's HB unnie, so it's all good. :D SHE can have JOONG JOONG OPPA<3>.<

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chapter 15

HJ: [ calling someone ] Ring Ring Ring Ring…. Went to voice mail.

[HB looked at her phone and a caller ID appeared “ 4D guy “ HB just stared at it, and questioning herself, if she should answer it. ]

HB: ( Okaaaay? Now he calls me? For what? He didn’t even talk to me for weeks, and every time he calls me, it only means one thing. He needs something… )

James Woo: How come your not answering it? ( Who could be calling her? )

Note: What do you care for? Just eat your FOOOD! ( Hahaha, I created his character, so I can at least hate someone.. ) ROFL! J/K

HB: Ohh, aniya.. It’s not really an important call. Just continue what you were just talking about

Note: Say what? Joong Joong Oppa is not important? What’s going on… Unnie, come on… Be more considerate… you know the guy is busy :( You keep telling him to be more considerate and here you go not being one.

HJ: She’s not answering? I should just leave a text message for her. ( Noona, annyeongsaeyo. How are you? Haven’t talk to you in awhile. Sorry, I’ve been busy lately. We hardly get enough sleep now a days. Everything is more tight up than it was before. I’m even stressing out more. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care. I’ll be waiting for your reply. )

James Woo: Arasssooo! ( With that suspicious tone. ) [He wasn’t convinced on HB’s response. He knew something was up, just by looking at her eyes. They have been friends since they were little, of course he knows how Hwang Bo acts. ]

[They both continued on catching up, since the two were separated for awhile. After all the talked they had.. Both went on their separate ways.]

HB : [ Checked her SMS….] If he was really that busy, then why bother texting me now? (Replied: Sorry, I was busy earlier. Anyways, everything is the same out here… nothing much just helping mom out with the business like always. If you want to know about the status in your house.. Everything is fine. I didn’t do grocery at all, since you guys are going to be gone for awhile right? ) [Somehow HB actually felt guilty for not answering his call, and not able to reply to his message right at that moment. ]

HB’s Umma: Hye Jung-ah, I heard James-shiii is back? Have you talked to him?

HB: Yeah, I did. I was just with him like a couple of hours ago.

HB Umma: How is that boy doing?

HB: He actually changed a lot Umma, his seems more sophisticated now. His even more fashionable than I do.

HB Umma: Oh really? I’m glad the boy is doing good. How did your meeting go?

HB: It was ok. We just talked about what have we both been up to lately.

HB Umma: Ahhh, araso. What do you want for dinner? Coz I’m about to cook in a min.

HB: Just anything Umma.. You know I’m not picky when it comes to food.

Note: Just like me, and Unnie SSANGCHUDREAM. Lol, hey food would never let you down, will….. Except for when you get diarrhea. XD

[HJ hasn’t replied to HB yet, since he wasn't able to read her message yet at that time. SS501 was having like a mini concert for the triple S fans in Japan that day.]

HB: Uggggh, I hate this… Why do I keep waiting for his text? [ thinking… ] ( He did text and called me first, but I just didn’t answer it. Why didn’t I answered it? What’s my problem? )

Note: Yeah, what is your problem unnie?

HB got a new SMS, and it startled her. She was really excited to look at it and saw it wasn’t from 4D GUY, but it was actually a SMS from James. [ She looked a little bit disappointed. ]

James Woo: (hey, it was really nice seeing you today. I haven’t seen you in awhile, that it was kind of different. But I would love to have dinner with you tomorrow, if that’s ok? Are you busy? )

HB: [ Replied.. ] Yeah, sure… I’m not busy at all. Just gimme a call tomorrow, and it was really nice seeing you again. I had fun.

James Woo: Araso, me too I had fun. Good night Hye jung-ah.

HB: Good night ^__^

HB’s Umma: Jung-ah, the food is ready.

HB: Ye, Araso. I’m coming down now.

[HB’s mom kind of notice that she keeps on checking her phone, and even the slightest sound makes her startled so quickly.]

HB’s Umma: Yaaaa, why are you so jumpy? Are you waiting for someones CALL? You kept on glaring at your phone for like every 5 seconds.

HB: Huh? Me? Aniya, it’s nothing Umma. Anyways, I’m full. Thanks for the dinner Umma.

HB’s Umma: Don’t forget to drink your medicine. Arasoooo?

HB: Ye, Night mom. A mah go ahead and sleep.

HB’s Umma: Ye, good night.

[HB went straight to her room, and got herself ready for bed. The lady still keep on checking her phone.]

Note: Now you want to talk to him huh? Joong Joong Oppa, give her a little taste of WAITING!

Manager-shii: Good Job guys. Tonight was a total success.

HJ: Ohh shoot, she texted me. [ Reading the text ] It’s late already, maybe Noona is asleep already. I shouldn’t bother her and just probably text her tomorrow morning.

[Joong Joong Oppa actually got two text and one missed call that night… )

Note: Two text? But HB unnie only texted him once, and she never called him.

HJB: Yaaaay, it's finally OVER! I’m sooo tired and HUNGRY!

KJ: Even when your only breath you feel tired and hungry.

HJB: to think about it, I do always get hungry huh?

YS: [passed by] Yeah, we noticed that.

JM: boys, let’s packed up our things now.. so we can go home.

HJB: Can we eat first??? Onegaishimas~~~~

HJ: I’m pretty hungry too, I didn’t eat much before we even started performing.

JM: FINE, let go of my arms already...

HJB: Mianhae…

YS: Ohh look @ baby’s face. So full of happiness.

KJ: Yeah, he gets like that when it comes to FOOD.

Note: I think it’s cute, that they also call him BABY!

HB: Sincha? is he really not going to text me back? I can’t take it anymore… My eyes are closing down on me. [ She feel asleep waiting for Joong Joong Oppa’s text. ]

To be continued…….

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chapter 14

HJ: Young Saeng was right... I took a chance before, so why can't I do that again? [ HJ fell asleep with those thoughts filled up in his mind.]

( The next day…. )

HB's umma: Hye Jung-ah, where were you yesterday?

HB: I went to the customers house.

HB's umma: Sincha? Wae? you always do this.

HB: [ looking all puzzled... ] Do what umma?

HB's umma: Make me worry.

HB: Umma, there is nothing to worry about.

HB's Umma: You just don't know how scared I was, when I saw you lying down and couldn't able to breath. I thought I would have lost you at that very moment, like I lost your appa.

HB: Umma, stop thinking about that. I'm here arent I? I'm talking to you right now... aren’t I? Don't worry Umma.. I'm not going anywhere. I'm a one tough cookie right? you always tell me this.. so there is nothing to worry about.

HB's Umma: I just don't want to see you suffering, it hurts me.

HB: Aisssh, let's stop this already. [ Hwang Bo hates it, when she sees her mom about to cry or crying. Specially when it's about her. ]

HB's umma: Arasooo! being a cry baby doesn't really suit the both of us huh?

HB: Yup, totally not.

HB's umma: You should rest, and here's your medicine.

HB: Umma, I could have just went and got them myself.

HB's umma: I already got them for you, so you wont forget about it.

HB: Komawa umma.

HB's umma: Ok, i'll turn the lights off for you.

HB: Ummaaaaa.

HB's umma: Ne?

HB: Mianhaeyo....

HB's umma: For what?

HB: for making you worry about me.

HB's umma: Just please don't over work yourself again.

HB: Araso, goodnight umma.

HB's umma: Goodnight hye jung-ah

( SS501 are back in Japan for more activities, and like expected they’re getting busier than ever. The guys couldn’t even get enough sleep sometimes, coz of the tight schedule they all have. HJ and HB haven’t been talking in awhile, since HJ is busy enough with activities and HB has to do her own thing too.)

HB: [ SMS suddenly popped out ] Aissh, HJ-aahh can you be more considerate and text me later on, and not at this early?

( She thought it was from HJ, but actually it was from someone else, and not just someone else… Someone she knew from back then… )

Note: Someone else? Back then? I wonder if it’s a girl or a boy?

HB: [ Blinking her eyes several times.. ] “ Morning sunshine…" [ HB replied…. ] Who is this? Are you joking me? Isn’t it quite too early for jokes?

Note: Morning Sunshine? Hahaha, sooo corny... This guy got no lines. Who uses that line now a days anyways? Morning Sunshine? Gossshh, soo lame. R0FL!

James Woo: Don’t get mad, dont you think it’s too early for a person to be upset too?

HB: Stop joking around, and tell me who you are?

James Woo: Like always… your still the fierce Hye Jungie-ah. It’s me Kim James Woo.

( James Woo is Hwang Bo’s childhood friend who happened to like her, ever since. HB kinda had a hint of James Woo’s feeling towards her back then, but like always.. She tried to deny everything that could possibly have a reason for her to get hurt in the end.)

Note: I wonder why unnie tries to deny the truth? I mean, why is she so afraid of getting hurt for?

HB: James w-h-o?

James Woo: James W-O-O

HB: I know who you are dummy… I was just kidding around. You know I always make fun of your name

James Woo: Hye jungie-ah you still haven’t changed…

HB: Waeyo? What do I need to changed for? Anyways, your back? Since when?

James Woo: Just this morning.. I just got home.

HB: How long are you going to be here?

James Woo: Hmm, it depends.. If I do get what I want, then I might stay forever.

HB: Hmmmm, it sounds like a pretty serious business.

James Woo: More than you could ever think… Anyways, let’s grab some lunch later. Yeah?

HB: yeah, for sure. What time?

James Woo: like in 2hrs. At the same spot that we usually go to.

HB: Araso, see you in a bit.

( Hwang Bo got ready, and went straight to the meeting place… )

James Woo: Just look at that… a goddess just stepped in the building.

HB: Ohh shut up, I got no time for your sarcastic joke.

James Woo: That was no JOKE, that was a compliment that came straight out from James Woo’s heart.

HB: James W-H-O?

James Woo: Aisssshhh! Still haven’t changed I see…

HB: Aigoo, if I didn’t you must have.

James Woo: I can practically say.. I’ve grown.

HB: That’s good, since you were really immature back then.

James Woo: Sincha? To think about it, I could have been.. Since I didn’t even tried enough.

HB: Tried what?

James Woo: Ohh nothing.

Note: that is just soo obvious, that this guy still likes HER! Ahhhhhh~~~

HB: OK? Anyways, you said that you came back for something right? Is it a business thing? What is it? Maybe I can help you out?

James Woo: It’s more than a business, it’s quite a personal thing actually.

HB: W0W, our Wooly-ah is talking big now.

(James Woo gave HB that cute smirk… )

James Woo: Haven’t heard you called me like that in awhile.

HB: that is your nickname for like the past how many years we have known each other.

James Woo: Yeah, for the past how many years… I’ve regretted not able to express.

HB: what did you say?
James Woo: Able to express.. How much I dislike that nickname. ( I’ll definitely getting what I came back for. )

HB: Well, too bad too sad.. It’s already been stamp and had saliva all over it. That nickname will always be yours til the day you die.

James Woo: hahahaha! This is just like old times.

HB: Yeah, it does.. I can’t believe this place is even still open.

James Woo: I know.. I couldn’t believe it either. ( Staring at her beautiful angelic face… )

HB: Wae? Whatchu staring at?

James Woo: there is something in your face. ( Reached out and wiped HB’s face )

Note: Waaah, you get your hands off HB unnie’s face right at this INSTANT. How dare youuuu!!! Ahhhhhhh, HJ oppa where the heck are you?

( HB felt a little awkward and so did James Woo who didn’t realized what he just did… )

James Woo: Aheeemmm, ( Tried to changed the subject.. ) Did you eat already? Should we order?

HB: Actually, My stomach is starting to growl.

James Woo: perfect timing then….

To be continued………………………

Friday, May 15, 2009

Chapter 13

HB: What in the world is wrong with them? Why do they keep poppin out with their boxers on? Is these some kind of a prank show? [Looking around for some hidden cameras, but failed to see one. ]

(JM and YS started laughing and causing for the young masters on getting up. )

HJB & KJ: What’s going on?

YS: At least, I feel better now.. I can actually face her out side.

HJ: Aisssshhhhh!!! [It’s always like this… the first time was in a towel, and now boxers? Aissssh ]

KJ: What happened?

JM: These two… who were too excited to see our cleaning service girl, and ended up forgetting that they were still in their BOXERS.

HJB: Sincharo? [Started laughing while pointing at his hyungs…]

Note: I’m not used to HJB laughing at someone, since his always the ornament of laughter in the group. But it’s nice to see him coming back at them… at times. :)

KJ: So she’s here? I want to meet her too.

JM: Make sure you’re wearing something before you show yourself; she might think we’re really WEIRD!

(KJ & HJB hurried over to the kitchen, and found slender lady who was preparing the foods and putting them in the dining table. )

KJ: Annyeongsaeyo

(It gave HB a shocked, and finally realized the young boys were behind her.)

HB: Wait, before I even turn around… Are you boys all in your pants, pj’s or some sort of clothes on and not just a boxer?

(JM who suddenly appeared behind KJ and told HB…..)

JM: They’re both wearing briefs right now, so you’re safe to turn around.

HB: [ Aisssh, I swear this person is so sarcastic ]

(HB sliding towards the kitchen area without even a movement of her head.)

JM: Where you going?

HB: Ohh… ahh, I need to go get the chicken.

KJ: But the chicken is already here in the table?

HB: [ Otokie…] Ohhh, I meant the water cups… Yeah, the water cups I forgot to bring those out.

HJB: But…… we already

Before HJB could finished what he was going to say… HB had already escaped the scene.

HJB: What’s wrong with her? She seems really nervous

( JM who followed HB in the kitchen area… )

JM: Did you buy some kimchi? My kid’s loves to eat those.

HB: Oh my god, I swear you guys are giving me HEART ATTACK! You guys always, popping out behind my back and giving me a big shocked.

JM: Sincha? Mianhe.. I didn’t mean to sneak up or anything. I just want my kids to have a GOOD BREAKFAST! Since today is a special day..

Note: Jung Mal umma, actually knows how to apologies?

HB: [Special day? ] wae?

JM: So did you bought some kimchi?

HB: Yeah, I did… I’m about to prepare them right now. [His constantly checking up on the stuff that I do… I should have just came here, when everyone was out… I’m regretting meeting them now. ] You guys should just sit down at the table already… and everything is gonna be ready soon.

JM: Arasoooo! Don’t forget my carrots ok?

HB: Arasoooo, I already chopped them into pieces like you wanted me too.

JM: Ye, Kansamida…

(JM left the kitchen area and went to joined the other two members HJB & KJ who were patiently waiting at the table. )

KJ: HJB-ahhh, go tell them….. the food is ready.

(HJB yelled out…. HYUNG! Breakfast is ready…. )

(YS & HJ finally came out of their caves and went to joined the other members, but as the two reached the table…. HB who was also getting out of the kitchen and on her way to put the remaining food in the table. )

( YS & HJ who were blushing upon seeing HB. )

HJB: Why are the hyungs blushing?

( HJ who was really closed to HJB slapped his head and went to go sit right next to him, and YS found his sit right next to KJ. )

JM: Arent you going to introduce her to us?

HJ: Ohhhhh, yeah…. Everyone this is Hwang Bo noona. She’s been the one taking care of our house while were all away.

HB: Annyeongsaeyo… [ slighly bowed ]

(Everyone gave HB a lot of good remarks, and thanking her for taking good care of the house, then the Young Master and HB were happily eating breakfast and we’re really comfortable enough to exchange jokes to one another. )

HB: It was really nice to finally meet all of you, and I had fun chatting with you guys.

HJB: You can always come visit us noona.

( HJ who was quitely standing right next to HB )

HJ: Duh, of course she’s coming back… She comes to clean our house atleast once a week.

HJB: Oh yeah huh! that’s even better… I get to see noona more.

HJ: [this little kid…..]

Notes: Oppss, someone is getting a little bit jelly….. lalalalala!

(HJ took HB outside and they both said their goodbyes. )

KJ: Sooo guys… what do you think of Noona?

HJB: I really like her….

JM: I approve of her.

HJ: HJB-shii if I know…. You only like her cooking…

HJB: Aniya… I really think she’s cool

YS: Me too, she seems to be pretty lay back and chill.

KJ: I really enjoy talking to her too.

Note: Woot woot… Unnie got the approval of the Young Masters.

(HJ was bored, and didn’t know what to do… decide to text HB.)

HJ: Noona, thank you for coming today. I forgot to personally tell you that… My brothers really enjoyed your company and it’s been awhile that we all played together like that. Thanks to you… All of us are once reunited. I really didn’t expect you were coming today. The thought you weren’t still fully covered but still forced yourself to come. Anyways, I wanted to make sure also if you got home safely.

HB saw the text message, and replied to it.

HB: I got home like awhile ago. I’m the great Hwang Bo noona right? Weren’t you the one who gave me that nickname? Then you should know I’m not that weak.

HJ: I’m not saying Noona is weak, it’s just that.. a SICK person shouldn’t be over working herself and just stay home and rest to regenerate.

HB: Well, Mr. Leadershii.. I happened to be different than ordinary people; I get sick even more, when I stay at home and do nothing.

HJ: Arasooo, great general BO!
HB: L0L, you should go to sleep already and I heard you guys have a schedule tomorrow. Photo shoot right?

HJ: Yeah, we do. I think tomorrow is going to be a little busy. OK noona, I’ll text you tomorrow then. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

HB: OK, you too.

HB also prepared herself to go to sleep, but somehow the incident that happen this morning kept on hunting her.

HB: Aisssh, why does that scene keep popping in my head? To think about it, this happened twice already. The first time was, when I saw him with just a towel on & now boxer? What’s next? [Covering her red face…] Otokie.

Note: What did she meant by otokie? L0L! Her imagination is running wilder mine… Unnie, get a hold of yourself.

YS: Yaaa, your spacing out again.

HJ: I have a question for you…

YS: Aigooo, what is this now?

HJ: What if you started to like someone, and the current situation you’re into isn’t really the right time or even just the fact of thinking about you being with that person is completely difficult… would you still rather go for it? And give it a chance or just wait for it?

YS: Well, it depends… but everything should be given a CHANCE! To figure out what it is and if it’s worthy to continue or to go after. Just like giving our dreams a CHANCE. Having a dream of becoming a singer and because of that dream… we tried to audition, even though we knew we only had 1% chances of getting picked. But we still tried right? We took that chance and now we became the SS501, so if we didn’t gave it a chance or a shot.. then we wouldn’t be here or I wouldn’t be here to begin with, and I would spend my whole life wondering, what could have been, if I took the chance. We all know regrets always happened at the end. I don’t like living my life with full of regrets, it’s too painful for a life to live with.

HJ: Hmmm, your right.. That totally made sense. Thanks for the talk, Mr. Lucky Prince.

YS: Not a problem. Why were you asking tho? Could have this something to do with HB noona?

HJ: Huh? Nooo, I was just asking… coz my friend asked me that question and I didn’t know how to answer it. Thanks to you… everything is solved.

YS: Well, I’m glad that I got to answer your question… anyways, we should get our beauty sleep already, since photo shoot is tomorrow.

HJ: Yeah, goodnight.

to be continued....

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