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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chapter 18

Scene: I can tell it's you from a mile away..

HB: wait... is that Kyu-shi?

( HB went and parked the car and got her phone from her pocket to call KJ )

Ring ring ring..

KJ: HB noona? Yeoboseo..

HB: Look across the street... ( waves )

KJ: ( waves back ) Wait.. ( looking @ both sides and went to the other side... ) Noona, what are you doing here?

HB: Ohh, I just dropped off HJ. I was on my way home, when I saw
you crossing to the other side. What’s up with the glasses? & hoodie?

KJ: Well, I didn’t really want people to recognize me or causing any attention. Wait, how did you know it was me?

HB: Hahaha, I can spot not just you but the five of you anywhere. But now that I think about it, seems like everywhere I go.. I see you guys! I’m really curious about that.

KJ: ( Changed the topic... to something his more curious about )Sooo~~ did he…

HB: Told me about it?

KJ: What the.... you can tell when it's me like a mile away and now your reading my mind?

HB: I'm good like that.. To answer your question... Uhmmm…YES, but NOT really.

KJ: ( looks @ her ) huh?

HB: Well... He didn’t directly... said it to me..

KJ: tssah! What a coward..

HB: Yaaaa~~ Kyu-shiii.. What made you say that?

KJ: What other word can I describe him?

HB: Your brother isn’t a coward...

KJ: Sure he is… For not tellin you all about it, then his nothing but a coward.. If
anyone out here needs to know, then it got to be you noona.

HB: He doesn’t need to tell me anything... His not obligated to do such explanation towards me, it’s not like we’re both going out. Anyways, it’s getting really late. I should head home now, before my mom wakes up and starts freaking out, if she knows I’m not in bed. Do you want me to take you home?

KJ: Ani~ I'm fine... The dormitory isn’t far from here, so I'll be fine.

HB: Are you sure?

KJ: I’m sure~~~ thanks noona.. Drive safe.

HB: ye, annyeong~~

KJ: Yeah, you guys aren’t going out.. But why does it feel like Hyung can’t live his life without you by his side.. His constantly in need of your presence…. Am I feeling jealous right now?


Scene: Home sweet home

HJ: Ohh~~ Kyu-shi, did you went somewhere?

KJ: Your back? I just took a midnight walk.. Get my exercises going..

HJ: Very dedicated I see..

KJ: So did you got to meet up with your friends?

HJ: Ohhh~~ yeah.. We didn’t stay long, since we both have work tomorrow.

KJ: Ahh, I see.. We should head to bed now..

HJ: KJ-ah~~~

KJ: Ye?

HJ: Can we talk?

KJ: Uhmmm, NO?

HJ: Seriously~~~

KJ: Of course… What’s up?

( HJ shared everything to KJ, and told him about his real situation… )

HJ: You said exactly the same thing as my friend ( He was referring to HB )

KJ: Great minds think alike….

HJ: Pleaseeeeee.. Don’t tell anybody about this….

KJ: Not even HB noona?

HJ: Huh?

KJ: Ani~~~

HJ: Just pleaseee.. Promise me!

KJ: Araso Araso.. I promise.

Note: KJ is stuck with two people who he made a promise with... Seems like KJ is always getting stuck in the middle...


Scene: Feelings vs. Dreams

YJ: Unnie~~~ I have a very good news for you…

HB: Chincha?

YJ: I’ve already picked the person who will be managing the L.A branch~~ and nobody is perfect for that JOB other than you unnie~~ I’ve figured… I’ll sent you abroad, so you can continue your school out there and managed the store. Seems like I’m really busy out here and I need someone I can trust out there. Your just the perfect person for the JOB.

( HB couldn’t believe with the offer that YJ just presented to her.. She became speechless and almost out of breath…. She wanted to say YES immediately like normal person would do, if they were offered with an opportunity as big as this one.. Like the same moment, when she got hired. But the weirdest thing happened.. Seems like something was holding HB back to say the word YES! )

YJ: Unnie? What's wrong? You don’t think it’s a great offer?

HB: Ani Ani~~~ it’s the best offer that anybody could get… It’s just that.. It’s really big that I can’t believe its happening…. I just probably need some time.

YJ: Don’t worry~~ think it thru. This is really a big step, and among everyone out here.. I know you’re just the right person for the job. I can't trust anybody but you unnie, and that’s why I picked you.

HB: I’m really really really grateful for the opportunities that you have given me.. I also appreciate the trust...

YJ: No unnie… I should be the one thanking you~~ Thank you for the hard work, and not just that.. For being like my older sister too.

( HB’s heart started aching… these person in front of her.. thinks of her as someone trustworthy.. Much worst.. YJ thinks of her as a SISTER! It was already weird enough for her to know that they both share the same love interest. She felt suffocated in YJ‘s office… and just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. )

HB: I have to think about it…

YJ: Pleaseee do~~

HB: Ohh, if it’s okay.. Can I take the rest of the day off? I kind of have to do some errands.

YJ: Yeaah, go ahead.. We’re practically done with everything.

HB: Thanks, bye…

YJ: Bye! Don’t forget to think about it carefully… okay?

HB: Ye, araso.. Annyeong..


Scene: HB @ Home

HB’s mom: Your home already?

HB: I got off work earlier today…

HB’s mom: What’s with the face?

HB: I got promoted…

HB’s mom: Ohhhh honey…. That’s great… ( Hugged her )

HB: Thanks~~

HB’s mom: Aren’t you supposed to be happy? Since you just got promoted?

HB: It’s not just an ordinary promotion mom.. It’s a big step in my life… a open door to my dreams.

HB’s mom: Isn’t that MUCH more reason to be happy about ? Seriously… kids these days.. You can never understand them.. This is just like that one time, when you got hired to work with those idol.

HB: Mom~~~ it’s a promotion for me to go abroad, managed a store and study out there. I’m not totally happy about it, coz what about you… and everything that’s out here…

HB’s mom: Aigo~~~ I’m already OLD enough to take care of myself Hye jung-ah. You and me both know that.. So you don’t have to worry about me…. This is your dreams, that you fought with me for so long~~~ and now your having doubts of accepting such a great offer? Have you lost your mind? Or could it be there is something more to it?

HB: It’s not just the only thing I’ve lost~~ I’ll go up stair … kind of tired~~

HB’s mom: Your not eating dinner?

HB: I don’t have the appetite ~~~

( HB is feeling trap inside…. She knew that deep down inside.. she really likes HJ~~ she wouldn’t get hurt knowing that he has a child from his past, if she didn't felt anything for him. To top that…. her boss who she became close with is also someone who later on became her own rival. This is like a game in which the winner has already been chosen…a game that she has no fight at all. How can she hate someone who was always been good to her? She has no reason to hate her, but instead she should have more of a reason to LOVE her, for all the opportunities that she has given... with just the kid alone.. she has no right at all. Who is she to step in to their world like that? She's in no position... As much as she knows this... she couldn't do anything but cry that night.... She was hurting inside to know that she can't do anything.. and even started blaming herself for ever liking such a person like HJ. Asking herself over and over again... why him? and why is this happening... why does it have to go this way? The word why was repeated countless of time that night. )

To be continued…..



Friday, August 28, 2009

Chapter 17

Happy Birthday Unnie Hyunika :)

( This chapter is dedicated to you.. )


HB: Don’t we have another branch in L.A?

YJ: Yup, but I choose to managed this one out here…

HB: Isn’t L.A our main one?

YJ: I have more business that I need to do and take care out here.

HB: Hmmmm~~ What kind of business is that? A guy perhaps?

YJ: Hahahahaha~~~ Actually, I did came back for a certain person.

HB: I just caught you~~ Hahaha!

YJ: Shhhh~~ it’s a secret.

HB: Araso Araso

-Flashback ended-

Scene: HB @ home

HB: Hye jung-ah what are you going to do now? She's your boss... and the kid..

Ring ring ring.. Caller ID: KING of all jerks

HB: otokie~~ his calling me.. What should I do? ( panic ) No, I have
to act normal.. Like I don’t know anything.

Calling HJ back...

HJ: hello

HB: you called?

HJ: yaaa~~ how come you didn’t answer my calls?

HB: moya? and why are you yelling at me?

HJ: forget it!!

HB: forget you too… I'm hanging up..

HJ: ( suddenly became… calm ) wait.~~ Noona.. Don’t hang up..

HB: what do you want now?

HJ: are you doing anything?

HB: yaaa~ your calling me at these hour.. Just to ask me what I'm
doing? Are you crazy?

HJ: so your still up?

HB: well, duhhh! I wouldn’t be talking to you right now, if I was

HJ: okay then.. See you @ 1st street Misukoya.. I'm hanging up.. My
phone is dying.. see you.. Bye noona.

HB: yaaaa.. Yeoboseo? Joongie~~ Yeoboseo? Yaaa~~ ughhh, chincha..

Scene: Sleepwalker

HJ: she'll definitely come…

KJ: Hyung, where you going?

HJ: Just going to meet up with someone..

KJ: Around this time? Be careful.. you know how manager-nim don’t like us going out late @ night.

HJ: if he doesn’t know... then he wont find out. Right? Don’t worry.. I'll be careful.. You should go back to sleep and watch HJB, he might be...

( HJB entered... With eyes close.. Walking... )

HJB: ( mumbless ) noona... Sooo pretty~~ ( grabs KJ's face )

HJ: hahaha

KJ: yaaa~~ let go of my face..

HJ: take him back to your room.. People say… it's not good to wake up a sleepwalker.. You might get beat up..

KJ: chincha?

HJ: chincharo.. Alright, I'm leaving...

KJ: ye, be safe.

( KJ took baby back to their room, while HJ went to go meet up HB. )

KJ: He seems to act normal, like nothing happened. I wonder what‘s his plan now? Does he even have any plans of telling us all about this? What about noona? ( tossing the pillow back and forth, while lying down in his bed ) When I saw her today… I felt really hopeless, like I couldn’t do anything.. I really hated that feeling.. Not able to do anything for someone who‘s in need of help. I just looked at her.. Her eyes was overflowing with tears.. I felt a little sharp pain in me, when I saw her crying.. and I don’t know why. Could it be.. because? ( Shaking his head and stopped tossing his pillow. ) Aniya.. aniya~~ what am I thinking..

( HJB tries to walk out again… and KJ grab him and put him back to sleep. )

KJ: Chincha these kid~~~~


Scene: She'll definitely show up

HJ: Noona~~ over here.

HB: ( Unhappy face ) Yaaaa~~~ what's up with meeting up so late?

HJ: I just wanted someone to drink with…

HB: Don’t you have the BOYS? Why don’t you drink with them…

HJ: Ani~~~ I just wanted to be around with someone, that I can talk to and feel completely safe.

HB: What?

HJ: Nothing, I just need some advice… Just order whatever you want.. Its on me.

HB: It should be… since you’re the one who invited me here.

HJ: Noona~~ have you ever felt confused before?

HB: Confused? Isn’t that a normal thing? People get confused all the time.. Like right now.. I’m still confused why you ask me to meet you up out here.

HJ: How is this confusing? You’re here to specially listen to me…

HB: Do I get paid for this?

HJ: Yaa~~

HB: Kidding~~ Gosh, relax…

HJ: Well, I have a cousin.. His in a little confused state right now.. Well, its not little.. More like BIG. Anyways, he just found out that he has a son.. On his state right now.. His job might get affected, but doesn’t want to abandon the child either. He wants to spend time with the kid and introduced himself as the little boys father. You think it will be enough for my nephew? Just knowing that my cousin is his father? but can't even tell the world?

HB: Well, life isn’t always FAIR to begin with.. But that’s his son.. Can he really bare not to introduce himself to his little one? Yeah, maybe work can be a problem a situation that needs to overcome, but that can always be fixed, arrange or settle. Your nephew's feeling and longing for a father.. You think anybody can just fixed that or replace that?

HJ: ( silent for a while.. )

HB: It’s your cousin’s choice.. But I hope he makes the right one. Plus, it's always better to know the truth, than not knowing it at all.

HJ: Yah, it's his decision~~ I also hope that he makes the right one.

HB: Well, I got work tomorrow.. So I should probably leave first..

HJ: Oh okay.. I’ll take you home.

HB: Ani, it’s okay.. I brought my car with me.

HJ: But you were drinking…

HB: I ordered Margareta virgin, so technically.. I didn’t drink anything alcoholic. You in the other hand had some, so if someone should be offering to drive someone home.. That should be me. Did you took a car with you?

HJ: Nope

HB: I’ll take you back to the dormitory then..

HJ: It’s okay, I didn’t even drink that much.

HB: You will be, if I leave you out here alone.. So come on and I’ll take you home.

HJ: If you say so SIR..

HB: Your always calling me different names.

HJ: I don’t know.. I just call you whatever comes to mind.

To be continued..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chapter 16

Scene: YJ and JongYi

YJ: baby... Why are you all alone out here?

JY: ( didn't respond )

( The little one didn’t respond to the mom, but instead.. he was staring @ his classmates, who were getting picked up by their dad, and some were even both of the parents came to fetch them... The boy had that envious look in his face, and it was very undeniable. )

YJ: baby, are you okay?

JY: ye.. Mom let's go..

( In the car.. the boy was still looking sad, and YJ couldn’t help but to notice the obvious mood of her child. )

YJ: wae? How come my baby is looking sad today.. Did something happen @ school?

JY: Mom~~

YJ: What is it darling?

JY: Why does everyone else have a dad, but I don’t? Do I have one?

( YJ stopped the car on the side, she couldn't believe that her only son is now asking about the existents of his dad... The boy has reached his age to were he notices the things around him.. More curious onto what he has and what he doesn’t have. A boy who is growing knowing their is only mom and no dad. The time has come that a question like this… finally came out.. A question that YJ has been avoiding for so long, to hope it would never be asked. But sooner or later she knows it will be come and today it happened righ at that very moment. )

YJ: ( grabs and hugs JY ) of course you do darling... You'll be meeting him soon.. We just have to wait for the right time.. Okay?

JY: chincha? is he out here? is dad close to us? ( smiling with full of enjoyment and excitement )

YJ: hahaha, yes... See, Mommy likes it better when your smiling brightly, than being all gloomy~~


Scene: You seem to know a lot about him

( The next day… and work is just one thing that people have to go by with their daily routines in life... )

YJ: Hmmmm, how about this one? What do you think unnie?

HB: For who?

YJ: For the leader

HB: Uhmmmm~~~

YJ: Why? You don’t think he’ll like it?

HB: Well, Jongie-ah~~ ( Picks another style ) would like this kind of style…

YJ: Araso, how about accessories? Let me see, how about this one?

HB: Uhmmm, how about that other one… He doesn’t really like dangly stuff..

YJ: Hahaha, unnie sees to know a lot about Hyun Joong... Even his taste of clothing..

HB: Ani.. Ani.. It’s just that I’ve worked with those boys as HJ’s personal assistant, so yeah.. It can’t be helped to know things about him.

YJ: Ahh~~ I see… Araso.. We better hurry up out here, so they can try all of the outfits.


Scene: Outfits for fitting

JM: Noona, I think something is wrong with this one.

HB: Let me take a look…

JM: Does it really go like this?

HB: Hahaha, you did it the other way.. Let me do it for you..

JM: Ahhh~~ so that’s how it goes..

HB: Yup, then your all set.

JM: What will I do without noona.

HB: Ohh gosssh, you’ll do just fine~~~

JM: Ani~~ we actually miss you… Specially someone~~

HB: Who?

JM: Who else… your nagging boss.

HB: Hahaha, wae? Did he miss yelling at me? Is that why..

JM: Who knows… He just became different than usual, when you left.

HB: Ahhh, I see.. Wait, where are the accessories.. that goes with this outfit…( looking for it... ) Hold on, I have to go ask Yi jen-shi , if she knows where it is

( HB was about to knock on the door, but heard YJ and HJ talking….. )


Scene: Let the truth be told

HJ: So what ? Are you going to tell me now? Or is today isn’t the right time either?

YJ: Why are you being like this?

HJ: No, Yi jen… why are you being like that… Always trying to avoid everything..

YJ: You knew why….

HJ: No, at least not the whole thing… Yi jen.. For once, please... face me.. and tell me the truth.

YJ: Do you really want to know why? Why I left and came back?

HJ: Yes~~~ I’ve been wondering that for some time now…..

YJ: Because OUR kid is looking for his DAD…

HJ: ( Speechless.. he knew it was coming.. But still, he couldn't seem to say anything... after confirming it.. )

YJ: is that enough reason for you HJ? Is it? Why aren’t you saying anything now?

HJ: Say what YJ? How come you never told me about this? Why did you have to LIE about all of this? and kept it a secret from me? is that what you want to hear? is it?

YJ: You know damn well… Why I had to kept it…

HJ: You thought I knew…… But I never did~~~ You assume I would understand and know everything…. I waited…. I waited for you to come back for years… but you never came back.. And now? Your telling me…. I knew everything…. Yeah, that’s true… I did knew.. About a couple of months ago.. That the kid that I’ve been visiting @ the park… is actually my own child, but not because it came out from you… But it all happened in a coincidence that I found out.

YJ: So you knew about Jongyi?

HJ: Why? You thought you could hide him from me? Well, your wrong.. Now that I‘ve confirmed it.. You can’t hide him away from me anymore.

YJ: What are you trying to say? Are you telling me …that your taking Jongyi away from me?

HJ: Maybe I should… considering you took him away from me.

YJ: You can’t do that HJ… I’m telling you now~~~ Jongyi will always be staying by my side… no matter what…

( HJ didn’t want to hear anything farther from Yi jen and left her in the empty room by herself…crying endlessly..)


Scene: Promise me…

KJ: Where did noona go?

JM: She went to go look for her boss

( KJ found HB in the rooftop… crying and couldn’t believe what was going on… )

KJ: Noona~~~ Are you okay? What happened? Why are you crying…..

HB: Kyu-shi~~~ Tell me… it’s not true right?

KJ: What’s not true? What’s wrong?

HB: No~~ it can’t be… this must be all a dream..right... Tell me it is...

KJ: Why are you acting like this?

HB: Why did that kid had to be HJ’s son….

KJ: Whattttttttt? say that again noona... Hyung has a son?

HB: No… I shouldn’t be telling you this…. What am I doing~~~

KJ: No~~ You have to tell me about it.. You already did…

HB: Uggggh, I’m soooooooooo stupid~~~

KJ: How did this happened?

HB: Pleaseeeeeeee Pleaseeeeee.. Promise me you wont tell anybody and not even HJ.. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee Kyu-shi~~ ( She looked like someone who was begging for somebody's forgiveness.. )

KJ: Araso, I promise…. Please calm down noona.. I don't like seeing you in a situation like this… I’ll be right back.. I’ll get you some water.

To be continued….

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chapter 15

Scene: @ Dinner

HJ: Oh what do you know… it’s KJ-ah and Noona

KJ: Were you guys stalking us?

HJ: Wae.. Wae? We left first, before you guys even did.

KJ: Oh true huh~~ what happened hyung? You guys just left without saying anything earlier. We were kinda worried.

YS: Oh nothing, we just had to take care of something…

( HB stayed quite at the back.. She felt that… she didn’t have to talk or jump in the conversation between the boys.)

KJ: Noona, you okay?

HB: Yeah, of course…

KJ: Well, since we're all here.. is it okay with noona? If the both of them join with us?

HJ: Why do you have to ask? Are you guys on a secret date or something? Is this a DATE?

HB: Ani~~ Ani~~~ KJ: Sorta~~~

( YS and HJ looked at the both of them… since they both responded quickly but not the same answer. )

KJ: Actually, it's like this... noona just owe me a dinner, but I insisted of telling her it’s a DATE.

YS: Nice, it’s the FORCE technique… I should try using that one day.

HJ: You guys are impossible~~~ Anyways, are we getting a table? Coz I’m getting hungry hearing this non sense stuff from the both of you.

KJ: You should try it one day Hyung.. It’s very effective.

HB: table for 4 please…

Scene: Mommy… I want ice cream

Yi Jen: Did you miss mommy?

Jongyi: Ye~~~ Mom~~~ I’m hungry… I want Ice cream..

Yi Jen: I’ll buy you one, but you have to eat dinner first.. Okay?

Jongyi: Ye~~~

Yi Jen: What does my baby want for dinner?

Jongyi: Ice cream~~~

Yi Jen: Hahahaha~~~ Aigo~~ soo cute... you have to eat rice first dear…

Jongyi: then I could eat ice cream?

Yi Jen: Yes, baby~~ then you can eat ice cream.

Scene: Thanks for the dinner

KJ: Noona, I should take you home. Where do you live?

HJ: It’s okay~~~ I’ll take noona home, since I already know where she lives. I gotta drop by my parents house too before going back to the dormitory, it’s in the way.. So it would be easier for all of us if I take her.

YS: Kyu-shi let’s go~~ I need to take a number 2

KJ: Man~~~ you better not fart in the car…

YS: Ani~~ pali pali~~~

KJ: Sorry noona.. Hyungs gonna take you home instead.. Thanks for the dinner~~ See you next time ( Hugged her )

HJ: Pali pali~~~~

HB: Can’t you see we’re still in the middle of saying goodbye?

HJ: It’s not like you guys don’t see each other at work.

HB: Fine~~~ I’m coming~~~ Bye YS~~~ kyu-ah, drive safe.. Okay?

YS: Bye noona, and thanks for the dinner. Kyu-shi~~~ pali~~

KJ: Ye~~~ bye.

HB: Chincha, your so in a hurry..

HJ: You know I have to visit my parents too..

HB: Then you why did you offer to take me home?

HJ: Fine, walk then~~~

HB: Uggggghhh~~~

HJ: See~~ fasten your seat belt

HB: Araso~~~

Scene: When imagination becomes real..

HB’s umma: Oh~ Hye jung-ah~~

HB: ( Got out from the car ) Did you just got home?

HB’s umma: Yeah, it was kinda busy at the restaurant

( HJ got out from the car and helped out HB’s mom on her shopping bag… )

HB: Chincha? Who is closing today? Uncle?

HB’s umma: Wait~~ aren’t you Kim Hyun Joong? from that one cell phone commercial?

HJ: Yes, auntie.

HB’s umma: Omo~~ ( slaps HB on the shoulder..) Aigo~~ How can you make him carry those stuff.

HB: ( Ouch!! ) Aissh~~ I never told him to pick them up… He did it himself.

HB’s umma: Ani ani~~ you don’t have to carry those dear..

HJ: It’s okay auntie.. I’ll help you take them inside.

HB’s umma: Araso, be careful okay? Come… come on in.

( HJ and HB were making faces to each other, while the mom was opening the main door… When they got inside.. HB’s mom offered some drinks for HJ. )

HB’s umma; Here you go dear…

HB: Mom you don’t have to prepare anything.. His leaving anyways…

HJ: Ani~~

HB: What did you mean by NO? ( Whispers ) Weren’t you just in a hurry to leave earlier?

HJ: That was earlier.. I can’t be rude to elders...

HB: yaaaahh... so now you got manners?

HJ: Always have it in me~~

HB’s umma: I’m relief…

HB: Relief? About what?

HB’s umma: I’ve always thought, that my daughter was going crazy.

HJ: ( Choked )

HB: Kwenchana? ( wipes his shirt )

HB’s umma: Aigo~~ I thought you were really going to grow old with that imaginative boyfriend of yours, but it turned out mom was wrong.

HB: Whaaaaaaaaat?

HJ: Eh? You have a imaginative boyfriend? Hahaha, chincha? What’s his name?

HB: Umma~~ what the heck are you blabbering about right now? Umma always talking about non sense.

HB’s umma: Yaaaaaa~~~ You just don’t know how much I was worried about you.. But it’s a relief to know it’s a real person. So HB-yah~~ is it him? ( Teasingly smiling while pointing @ HJ )

HJ: ( points @ himself ) Me?

HB: ( Blushed ) Whaaaaaat? Nooooooooooo and what in the world made you think it’s him?

HJ: So there is really someone?

HB’s umma: You just got caught~~~ I think I better leave now.. It was nice meeting you dear…

HB: Umma~~~~~~~~ come back over here.....

HJ: Ani, thanks for letting me in auntie..

HB’s umma: Feel free to come back anytime… your most welcome in our house.

HB: His not coming back~~~~

HJ: Why are you so hot tempered? Auntie, have a good rest.

HB’s umma: bye…

HB: Don’t you have to go visit your parents? Leave now~~~

HJ: Araso Araso~~~ I’m leaving…but before that… Chincha? Is it me?

HB: Pssssssssh~~ you believe that? Can you tell she was just joking around?

HJ: Not really~~~ she was pretty serious..

HB: Apparently, you don’t know my mom well enough.

HJ: ( mumbles ) Maybe I should come visit more often then…

HB: What did you say?

HJ: Nothing, I’m leaving~~~ see you at work.

HB: Bye, take care.

Scene: SS501 dormitory

KJ: Oh hyung, did you just got home?

HJ: Yeah, like a couple of minutes…

KJ: Did you take noona home?

HJ: Nah, I made her walk… she was too annoying…

KJ: You did what? Waeyo? Hyung….

HJ: Hahahaha, calm down.. I took her home safely… Aite, I’m heading to bed now.. We got work tomorrow.

KJ: ( Took a deep breath. ) Araso, nite hyung.

HJ: Sleep tight.. Don’t let the big bugs bite..

KJ: Yeaaah, don’t worry.. I wont let that bug have a chance to bite~~~

Scene: SMS messaging

HB: That jerk... who does he think he is? He didn't even notice me today at work.. and at dinner.. he suddenly shows up out of nowhere... is he stalking me? I don't know why he keeps popping out in my life... But he did took me home tho... Should I call him and say thank you? Ani~~ Hmmm, sms? yeaaah.. I'll do that instead..

Text Message: Yaaaaa, HJ-ah~~ forgot to say thank you for taking me home and helping out with the shopping bags. Goodnight~

HJ: ( Big Smile )

Text Message: No problem, and thanks for the dinner too noona.. Anyways, I'm really curious about your boyfriends name... Wait, I mean.. your imaginative boyfriend.. Hahaha, that really cracks me up.. I never thought such thing existed..

HB: ( Pissed off ) Arrrgggghhh~~~ His really testing my patients..

Text Message: Pabo~~~ that's because it doesnt exist.. that's why I can never give you an answer for that... so stop asking me stupid questions.

HJ: ( Laughing ) I could just picture her out.. getting pissed off...

Text Message: Araso Arasoo~~~ Goodnight, see you @ work tomorrow.

HB: Work? Why does he keep saying that? Did you forgot again? that I don't work for you guys anymore?

Additional Character name: Jongyi ( Yi jen's kid~~ " the mysterious kid " )

To be continued….

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chapter 14

Scene: HwangBO meets the boss

HB: Annyeongsaeyo, good morning

YJ: Goodmorning~~ come come.. Sit~~ you want coffee? Juice? Anything ?

HB: I’m good, thank you tho.. I’m to excited right now to even think about anything.

YJ: Ohhh, just relax…. Actually, you’re already hired.

HB: What? Say that again?

YJ: Yes, you’re already hired. I just wanted you to come personally today, so we can talk about your schedule.

HB: Omo omo…. I’m not dreaming right?

YJ: Nope, not at all… You are very much awake.. Seeing your resume… you’re just the perfect person in which I’ve been looking for.. I saw that you have worked from DSP and I’m pretty sure you know about the SS501’s Asia Tour right?

HB: Yes~~~ I’ve worked for them, so I do know about the concert.

YJ: Well, we’re sponsoring them with their outfits for the concert and I think your just the right person for the job. I need an assistant …someone who knows the boys too.. At least in that way, it would be easier to work with them.

HB: Yes… yes… yes.. I understand.

YJ: OK, so with that being discussed already… Are you willing to take a shot and be apart of my team?

HB: I’ve been waiting to say YES, the moment I step in to your shop.

YJ: I’m glad to hear that~~~ Welcome~~ to the team. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow then?

HB: OK, thank you soo much….

YJ: No, thank you~~~ see you tomorrow.

Scene: HB @ home

HB umma: How was the interview?

HB: It was okay.. It wasn’t much of an interview.. I got hired right away.

HB umma: You seem to be dry for someone who just got a new JOB

HB: Seems like where ever I go… I can’t be separated with that guy.

HB umma: To who? Your imaginative Boyfriend again?

HB: Hahaha, ani~~ mom we should celebrate.. How about a bottle of SOJU? Yeah yeah?

HB umma: Just go and rest hye jung-ah.. Congratulation on your new JOB

HB: Waaaah, mom finally accepted my passion?

HB umma: What can I do?

HB: Yah, your right mom.. Nothing.. Hahaha

HB umma: Aigo~~~~~

HB: Night, love you

HB umma: Love you to dear.

( HB went to bed also, since she has nothing to do but prepare for tomorrows first day of work. She can’t even believe that with her two JOB, she got hired right away.. Working in DSP really did help a lot for her new JOB right now, not just that…but it lead her back to where she started. )

HB: Why do I keep crossing my path with them? Not that I’m not happy about it~~ I mean, working with them was fun too. But that annoying jerk was just a pain in the butt. Well, he can’t be like that to me anymore… since I don’t work for him. ( laughing.. ) I wonder what their reactions would be… Seeing me again, I heard they were pretty sad that I left… Awwwwh, sooo cute.. Don’t worry my boys.. You’ll be seeing noona again. ( Smiled ) Tho, I don’t want to see your LEADER, but since its work.. I have no choice. Gaaaah~~~ ( Her expression suddenly changed )

Scene: It leads back from where it started.

Manager-nim: Boys, your wardrobe stylist are coming today… so please stick around.. I need to introduce them to you guys. Well, one of them.. I don’t really have to introduced to you guys since you already know her.

SS501: ye~~~

( Yi jen and the rest of the team including HB came in to see the boys. )

Manager-nim: Guys, they will be in charged of your wardrobe and they are here today to get you guys fitted.

KJ: ( Happily smiling )

HJ: ( [ Shocked ] like his eyes were about to pop out and jaws were dropped. )

YS: ( Looking @ HJ to see how is he doing )

JM: Noona~~~

HJB: ( Runs and hugged HB )

( HJ’s expression changed to seriousness.. Didn’t even bother maknae hugging HB. He was to focused at one person inside the room, and that’s no other than Yi Jen his ex- girlfriend… the mother of the kid that his been stalking lately.)

YS: ( Whispers ) Hyung, you ok:?

HJ: Yeah, I’m fine~~

( Each one of the stylist group team introduced themselves and it can’t be denied that HJ and Yi jen were having eye contact a lot with each other. HB noticed it a bit, since she was a little confused about HJ didn’t seem like he saw her at all, like she never existed in the room. )

KJ: Noona, how are you?

HB: ( Looking @ HJ who was getting measured by someone else ) Huh?

KJ: ( Singing.. ) I can’t seem to get my eyes over you~~~ I was asking how is noona doing?

HB: Oh, waeyo? Did you miss me?

KJ: Hahaha, not really.. I had a feeling you’ll be back~~

HB: Aigo~~~ I shouldn’t have accepted the Job then, so the boys can miss me?

KJ: Hahaha, How cruel~~~

HB: Not as cruel as that one guy standing over there.

KJ: ( Looks @ HJ’s direction ) ( Mumbles to himself….) I know exactly why you came back.

HB: OK, got everything~~~ Hello~~~

KJ: Oh, thanks noona~~

HB: Were you checking out HJ or at my boss?

KJ: She’s your boss?

HB: Yeah, she’s young huh? It’s kinda weird, coz I’m older than her and she’s my boss.

KJ: I don’t see any difference with the looks tho. Noona looks about out age…

HB: Ohh stop it~~~ How about dinner?

KJ: Hahaha, are you asking me on a date?

HB: Why not? Since you said that.. I must have to give you something.

KJ: Hahaha, araso. Hopefully, we don’t have any last minute agenda. You know how it is already.

HB: Don’t worry, I’ll be seeing you guys a lot from now on… Might not be every day like it used to be, but I’ll be around. There will always be another day~~

KJ: true~~

Scene: Yi Jen & Joong Joong ( HJ )

HJ: So your back?

YJ: Left your arms up~~~ Me? Yeah, it’s going to be a year now.

HJ: Oh really? Why did you came back?

YJ: What do you mean why? I was born here.. Of course I would come back to my homeland.

HJ: I thought you were already settled in outside of the country with your dreams.

YJ: I did… and I brought it back out here..

HJ: Why? From all the places? It has to be back here? Why is that ?

YJ: I don’t have to explain myself right now~~~ I have my reason.. And today isn’t the right time to discuss this matter. I came here to see you guys for WORK, so can we please be professional right now and let me do my JOB.

( HJ walked away without saying anything~~~ Others didn’t noticed it but YS did. )

YS: Hyung~~~ wait up..

HJ: I need to get out of here~~~

YS: I’ll go with you~~

( HJ and YS left the place without saying anything to everyone and went somewhere else… But YS did called the manager to let him know )

Scene: HB and KJ having dinner

KJ: Let’s go noona~~

HJB: Where are you guys going?

KJ: Noona owes me a dinner..

HJB: Dinner~~~ food~~~

JM: Yaaaaa~~ your coming with me.
HJB: But I want to eat~~

JM: We’re gonna go eat~~~

HJB: Are you buying?

JM: yes yes~~~~

HJB: Araso.. Araso.. Bye noona~~ see you next time.

JM: Bye noona

HB: Bye boys~~ have fun okay?

HJB & JM: we will~~

HB: Why don’t we just join them?

KJ: Hey, you owe me dinner~~~ That means I get to pick.. And knowing JM~~ he has some exotic taste that doesn’t really fit my taste bud.

HB: Should we bring HJB with us then?

KJ: Ani~~~ that kid eats anything, so him and mal can get along with anything when it comes to FOOD.

HB: Ohhh~~ so you’re the picky one?

KJ: Ani~~~ just a little different taste than mal.

HB: Hahaha, araso~~ lets go…

( HB and KJ has chosen a place to where they want to eat dinner…)

YS: Wait~~~ isn’t that Kyu Jong-ah?

HJ: Where? ( spotted HB instead.. )

YS: Right over there.. Wait~~ isn’t that noona too?

HJ: Why are they together?

YS: Want to join them?

HJ: Yeah~~~ let’s go~~

to be continued....

Review of new characters

Yi Jen: The ex-girlfriend of HJ who left him for her dreams... or was it really because of her dreams? does the kid had something to do with it?

Hyeon: The cousin of HB who is the original personal assistant of HJ, came back from her long vacation. ( Not really new... I mentioned her before... Just incase you guys forgot about who she is. )

HB got a new JOB from Yi jen's clothing line as the boss's new personal assistant... Yi jen is sponsoring SS501 on their asia tour to promote her business... and HB will be helping the boys with thir wardrobe from now on.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chapter 13

Scene: @ restaurant

HB: Joongie-ah….

HJ: ( Silent~~ )

HB: Yaaaaaa~~~

HJ: Ohhh~ what?

HB: The lady is waiting for you to order…

HJ: Sorry, Hmm.. One black noodle for me please.

HB: Hey, are you sure your OK?

HJ: Yeah, why?

HB: You seem to be very out of it since we left the park. Did something happened?

HJ: Nothing, I’m just thinking about something.. But it’s nothing serious..

HB: If you say so… ( I don’t think it’s the right time to tell him… )

(Dinner ended and HJ took HB home safely, but seems like the guy couldn’t help to be zoning out. HB left the matter, and didn’t ask anymore. She didn’t want to bug him and thought it might cause a fight if she asked once more.)

HB @ Home

HB: I’m home

HB’s umma: Did you eat already?

HB: Yeah, did you?

HB’s umma: Yup, and your cousin called… Told me about your uncles situation. His fine and almost fully recovered now.

HB: Yeah, me and unnie talked. She’s back already.

HB’s umma: So does that mean, your out of JOB already?

HB: Yup~~ seems like it.. I already applied for internship tho~~ So until then, I’m out of JOB until someone calls me.

HB’s umma: I’ll hire you~~

HB: Umma~~

HB’s umma: I’m just saying~~ It’s better than not doing anything.

HB: I’ll help out, but you can’t make me stay.

HB’s umma: OK… Okay.. I can’t seem to changed your mind.

HB: Aigoo~~ here we go again!

HB’s umma: Anyways, I’m off to bed now. Good night Jung-ah and don’t forget to turn off the lights.

HB: Ye, good night mom.

( HB turned off the lights and made sure everything was locked, before she went inside her room. HB couldn’t sleep.. Thinking about her last day together with the boys would be tomorrow. )

HB: Should have told him today~~~ But he seemed to be thinking about something.. Plus, when he asked me to go with him.. I thought he had to go somewhere important, but we just ended up at the park, and all of a sudden after that… He changed mood. Well, his always been like that..

@ work

HB: Morning boys~~~

SS501: Morning

HJ: Why are you so energetic?

HB: Nothing~~ I'm just in a happy mood, so please.. oh please, don’t ruin it for me.

HJ: Weirdo~~~

HB: Nope, it’s not working…

HJ: A total loser and a weirdo combine.

HB: ( Glares )

HJ: Not working… ( Bleeeeh )

HB: Aigoo~~ each day passes by.. your becoming childish than ever.

HJ: ( Smiles )

HB: ( [thinking]… I’m going to miss those sarcastic smile.. )

KJ: Noona~~

HB: Ohh, Kyu-shi~~ what’s up?

KJ: Can you help me with my tie? I can’t put it properly…

HB: Chin up~~ there, is that better? Or you want me to do it a little tighter?

HJ: Yaaaaaaa~~~ it’s just a tie~~ Why are you letting her do everything for you… is she your maid?

HB: Yaaaaa, it’s just fixing a tie… Your so weird… go drink your coffee before that gets cold.

HJ: ( Mocking her) Drink your coffee.. blaah blaah blah...

HB: ( Looks at HJ ) What did you say?

HJ: Nothing~~~

KJ: I think someone is JEALOUS.

HB: Who?

KJ: Who else? The person that just started yelling out of nowhere.

HB: Who? Joongie? Why would he be jealous? His always been like that.. Aren’t you used to it? How about that much better? not too tight anymore?

KJ: Yes, thanks noona… Hmmm, I don’t think it’s a matter of getting used to it.. It’s the fact that you just don’t noticed it.. Or tries not to notice it.

HB: ( Confused ) Eh?

KJ: Nothing, see you in a bit noona.. We have to start the interview now.

HB: Ok, good luck… Fighting~~

KJ: Fighting~~~

Scene: You notice them, when they’re gone.

Hyeon: Morning my lovely kids… Did you guys miss me?

HJ: ( Eyes got bigger.. ) Noona~~ when did you got back?

Hyeon: Yesterday~~~ So how is everything with my kiddos? Were you guys on your best behavior while I was gone?

Young Master: Ye~~~

HJ: ( Looking @ his watch ) Where could she be? Is she late?

Hyeon: HJ-ah ! ! Here is your schedule~~ take a look at it.

HJ: Where is Noona?

Hyeon: Who? Hwang BO-shi?

HJ: Yeah? Is she late?

Hyeon: She didn’t tell you guys?

JM: Told us what?

Hyeon: That her last day was yesterday?

HJ & KJ: WHAT! ? !

( HJ and KJ looked at each other and couldn’t believe what they were hearing.. KJ immediately took his cell phone and called HB, while HJ was late for about just a couple of second. KJ beat him on calling HB. )

Ring Ring Ring Ring…. Caller ID: Kyu-shii

HB: ( Half asleep ) Who could be calling me at this early hour? Hello?

KJ: Noona~~~ is it true?

Beep beep beep… call waiting~~ Caller ID: King of all JERKS.

HB: Kyu-shiii, hold on ok.. I have another call on the other line. Hello?

HJ: Yaaaaaaaa~~ why are you late?

HB: Late? FYI... I don’t work for you anymore…

HJ: Chincha? So it’s true? That yesterday was your last day?

HB: Yup~~

HJ: Then why didn’t you say so?

HB: Say what? Oh shooot, kyu-shi is still on the other line.. Hold on ok? [ Other line ] Hello, Kyu-shi~ are you still there?

( Right when HJ heard that KJ was on the other line… he hang up the phone and calls back again.. )

Note: Oppps, someone is a little pissed... XD

KJ: Yes, so is it true noona?

HB: Yeah, yesterday was my last day. Sorry, I should have said my goodbyes.. But then, I didn’t want to be all dramatic, so I figured it would be easy to just leave without saying anything.

Beep Beep Beep.. Caller ID: King of all Jerks

KJ: It’s okay noona. It’s not like.. We can’t see you anymore.. Right?

HB: ( What the heck~~~ why is he calling me again... Can he just wait? ) Of course, you guys can always call me up anytime.

KJ: Good, noona have to go now… rehearsal is about to start soon. Call you later?

HB: OK, bye…. [click ] Hello? Joongie-shi? Hello.. Hello? Aisssh, chincha~~~ He knew KJ was on the other line.. He should have just waited, but instead he calls back.. That guy has no patients at all. It amazed me that I don’t even work there anymore, but still… that guy always finds his way to ruin my day~~ I’m glad that I’m done with that JOB, so I won’t have to deal with a jerk idol like him. Gaaaaaaahh~~~ I hate him!

@ the studio

HJ: Call later? Why does he need to call her later for? ( Took a sip of the coffee.. ) Eh! Noona, I don’t like this one..

Hyeon: Huh? But I’ve been making your coffee like that since forever..

HJ: Ohhh~~ Maybe my taste bud is a little off today.

Hyeon: You want me to make you another one?

HJ: Noo, it’s okay. Thanks tho.

Hyeon: OK, well.. Better go with them already and get your mic tested.

HJ: Araso~~

Hyeon: ( Calls HB… ) Ring Ring Ring….

HB: Yeoboseo?

Hyeon: Hwang Bo-shi, I have a question for you..

HB: What is it unnie?

Hyeon: What do you normally put on HJ’s coffee?

HB: The same as how you normally make them? I just followed the instruction you told me before.. Why?

Hyeon: Oh, nothing… Just asking~~ Oh yeah, by the way… You didn’t told the boys about you leaving? Because they were very shocked hearing about it. Specially HJ and KJ.

HB: Yeah, I never thought it would make a difference.. Me leaving~~

Hyeon: Seems like the boys really gotten close to you, coz they were really looking bum out after hearing you left already.

HB: Awwwwh, how cute of them… Well, I told KJ that they can always call me whenever they want to see me. So they shouldn’t be that sad.. I’m not leaving KOREA.

Hyeon: That’s true.. I’ll be sure to tell them that. Alright, talk to you later. OK?

HB: OK unnie, have fun at work. Bye

Note: Hahaha, the coffee wasn't the problem... it's the one who made it :) Since it's not Hwang Bo unnie... it tasted different for him. :)

Scene: It's all in perfect timing..

Ring Ring Ring……

HB: What is this? Another call? I’m really in demand today or what? Yeoboseo

Other line: Hello, good morning… Can I please speak to miss Hwang Bo

HB: This is Hwang BO speaking…. May I know who’s on the other line?

Other Line: Hi, I’m Ye Jin. I’ve received your resume and application. I must say.. you have some good recommendation here and I’m very much interested in you. If you have some time today.. Maybe you could drop by the shop and will talk some more about it.

HB: ( Excited ) Of course.. Definitely.. I would be there.. Yes.. Yes… I would be there as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

( Hwang Bo was so excited to meet the lady from the phone, she knows that there could be a big possibility to get the job that she applied for… With the sound of the lady on the other line.. It could be a for sure thing.. )

To be continued….

Happy Birthday HwangBUIN :)

Happy 30th Birthday Hye Jung/ Hwang Buin
Congratulations on your new album :)


Another year and day... In which I get to thank god and her parents for bringing such a caring and giving person. She's one of my role model in life and I'm pretty sure to others too. On this day, of her birthday.. I wish her great health and more success in life.

I'm a proud Hye Jung Angel who wishes her the best on anything, for she deserves everything in this world. ^__^

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Hwang BO teaser "Arisong" ( R2song )

Video Credit: BeauEstella & Hurmutube

Note: Hahaha, maybe because I'm just a JoongBO addict... that her MV reminds me of Joong Joong oppa's MV teaser. XD

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chapter 12

Scene: Breakfast with the Young Master

( Everyone was seated in their chairs and HB slowly bring the food on the table. It was really awkward and quite. )

HJB: ( Been holding his laugh for awhile.. Couldn’t help it anymore and burst out laughing.. ) Bwahahahahahahha~~~

JM: Eh? Why are you laughing?

YS : Bwahahahahahahahahahaha~~

KJ: Moya? What’s going on with them?

HB: ( Blushing~~~ )

HJ: ( Face turned red as a tomato ) Yaaaaa~~~ Stop laughing already. ( turned to HB and see if she reacted or not. )

HB: ( Looks away… )

HJB: iiii~~ can~~ t bwahahahahhaa

HJ: ( Kicks HJB from underneath the table )

HJB: Ouchhh~~~ ( still laughing… )

HJ: Aissssh, chincha~~~

JM: Jun-shii~~ stop laughing and eat your food properly.

HJB: ( Wipes his teary eyes from laughing.. ) Araso.. Araso~~

Scene: @ the SS501 VAN

(YS, JM and KJ went inside the van first and then HB came second, there was only one spot right next to HB. HJB came in third and wanted to go sit in the back together with YS & JM, but HB saw HJ was coming and grabs HJB to sit right next to her, so HJ will forced to sit at the back instead. )

HJB: I wanna sit in the back~~~

HB: Wae? Isn’t it the same? Just stop complaining and sit down properly.

HJB: ( Pouts and keeps looking at the back… where YS and JM was sitting.. ) I feel separated with my spot.

HJ: Stop complaining and just sit there… it’s not going to kill you.

KJ: ( Whispers @ HB ) By any chance… are you doing this on purpose?

HB: I don’t know what your talking about~~~

KJ: ( Smiles ) Araso arasoo.. I wont asked anymore.

HB: I think its better that you don’t~~

KJ: ( Looks @ HB and smiles like he knows something.. ) Hyung~~~

HB: ( Looks @ KJ )

KJ: Do you have gum? ( Looks back @ HB )

HJ: Hold up, I don’t know if I have it with me.

KJ: ( Whisper ) You should see your face on the mirror right now noona. Hahahaa

HB: Kyu-shii~~~ you better stop it or I’ll push you outside the van.

KJ: Arasoo… Arasooo I’ll stop now.

( HJ saw the closeness of the two, that it made him feel uncomfortable… Somehow he wasn’t enjoying the scene. )

HJ: I don’t have it with me~~ ( He actually has a fresh pack of gum in his bag. )

KJ: Oh it’s ok hyung.. Thanks anyways.

HB: You need gum?

KJ: You have some?

HB: Ani, but didn’t I just bought some for you HJ?

HJ: Yeah, but I don’t know where it is right now.

HB: Your probably not looking with your eyes, but instead your mouth. ( Grabs HJ’s bag )

JM: Aigoo~~~ here we go again~~~ Please, fasten your seat belts.. Part 2 is about to start.

HB: ( Looking for the gum ) See it’s here~~~ You just don’t know how to look. ( Gives the piece of gum to KJ )

KJ: Thanks noona.

( HJ was really pissed… He intended not to give KJ one, but HB insist to look for it and found it.)

Note: It's just a piece of gum~~~ Gosssh, how stingy are you Joong Joong oppa. XD

Scene: Thank God it’s FRIDAY

( Finally the two were alone, and talking with each other couldn’t be avoided, though it was awkward than usual. )

HJ: About this morning…

HB: ( Tries to act like nothing happened ) What about this morning?

HJ: You know…

HB: Know what?

HJ: What happened @ the door.

HB: Ohhh~~ when I screamed? That was because.. I saw a big mosquito~~ It was really huge and it was going into my direction, but it just so happened I was right in front of your door. Did my screaming woke you up?

HJ: Ani.. Ani.. I was already awake.

HB: (In her mind... Liar~~ ) Oh okay~~ and?

HJ: Ohh~~ nothing~~ so is this our schedule for the day?

HB: Yup, that’s about it…

HJ: So we’re going to be done early. Right?

HB: It depends, if you guys do good and you guys can actually leave early today.

HJ: Araso… Anyways, unnie.. I have a favor to ask you…

HB: Favor?

HJ: You know how hyung doesn’t let me go anywhere without you or the members~~~ Well, I have a place that I need to go to and if it’s ok that you come with me, so they won’t say a thing.

HB: Uhmm, are you buying dinner? If not, then I’m not going.

HJ: Fine Fine~~ since it’s FRIDAY.. I’ll treat you to dinner.

HB: Then it’s a DEAL~~

Note: What mosquito? The guy sleeping with the yellow boxers on? Is that what you meant by it HB unnie?

Scene: @ the park

HB: What are we doing out here at the park?

HJ: I like it out here… it’s peaceful~~ and you can breath clearly

HB: What peaceful are you talking about… Can’t you hear the kids screaming?

HJ: Not really~~

HB: What a weirdo

HJ: Hey hey.. You should be nice to me… in case you forgot… I’m the one buying you dinner.

HB: Araso Arasoo~~

HJ: ( Looking @ his watch ) It’s almost time~~ ( Looking back @ the little kid, that he has been staring @ for an hour now )

HB: ( Looks @ the direction where HJ was staring at ) Look…. Look~~~

HJ: Where?

HB: Just look straight ahead… See that little kid in the swing.. Not far from here? Doesn’t he look like you? I can really tell some similarities.. And I’ve been staring at him while his picks on that poor little girl.

HJ: You think so?

HB: Yaaaah~~ It’s like seeing you and me. But smaller version. Hahahaha ( Wait I shouldn't have said that... Now it feels awkward again.. dang it!)

( HJ saw that his ex-girlfriend was approaching, so he went and grab HB immediately. They left the park quickly as possible, so the ex girlfriend wont see them. )

HB: Wait… wait.. Why are you so in a hurry all of a sudden, and can you let me go now? I can actually walk by myself. I’m not a handicap person.

HJ: ( Realized that he was still holding her ) Ohh sorry ( lets go of HB’s arm )

HB: Why were you so in hurry to leave the park?

HJ: Ahh~~~ I’m hungry, I want go eat now.

HB: I thought HJB would act like this, but I didn’t expect it from you. Hahahaha

HJ: When your hungry… your hungry.. You look for food.. So now, let’s think where to eat.

HB: Hmmmm~~~ ( Thinking )

HJ: Where do you want to go eat?

HB: Calm down~~~ I’m thinking….

HJ: It’s just food… just pick whatever… it’s the same thing anyways, it goes down and comes out at the same place.

HB: Aigooo~~ if your a chef... you see food as passion~~ I want some JJANGMYUN

HJ: Really? You want that?

HB: Yaaaah~~ you just said… anything.. It goes down at same place anyways.

HJ: I’m not complaining… just that.. This is once in a life time that I treat you, but you choice JJANGMYUN?

HB: Yeah? What’s wrong with that? Want me to pick somewhere expensive instead?

HJ: That’s what I thought.. Coz it took you forever to think… Plus, I’m kinda craving JJANGMYUN too.

HB: then let’s go, before I changed my mind~~~ my stomach is growling too. I didn't eat lunch and barely eat breakfast.

( HJ didn't even say anything... HB was confused, if he was too concentrated on driving? or was he thinking deeply about something... )

HB: Are you okay?

HJ: Huh? Ohh yeaaah.. Did you told manager-nim that i'll just bring this car to the dormitory with me?

HB: Yeah, I told him already... ( Looking @ HJ, because she can tell that something is bothering the boy by just the look of his face.. He looked very puzzled in some way. )

to be continued.....

Ssorry, it's a little short~~~ but yeaah, happy reading. ^___^

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Chapter 11

( Months had passed by and the Asia Tour Concert for SS501, will about to start soon. Aside from the concert starting soon, some feelings are also starting to develop or should I say TWO feelings are slowly changing in a unaware state. )

Scene: @ SS501 dormitory

( Busy time for the Young Masters and also for staff members. Hwang BO as the personal assistant of HJ, had to even sleepover @ the SS501 dormitory~~ it was that BUSY, that she even barely goes home and ends up staying at HOTELS. Since HJ’s travels a lot… she too has to travel from different countries back and forth, together with him or along with the rest of the SS501 members. )

HJ: ( Staring @ HB who fell asleep from exhaustion.. ) Hahaha, so not lady like… She’s the very first woman I have ever seen, who sleeps with her mouth open. I could probably fit 10 sushi rolls in her mouth right now. ( Continues staring @ her )

HJB: ( Sneaking from HJ’s behind , and tries to give his hyung a SHOCK. But he never saw HB who was sleeping in the sofa. ) haaaaaah~~ ( Loudly~~ )

HJ: Shhhhh~~~ Shhhhh~~~ ( quickly grabs HJB, and covered his mouth as quickly as possible. )

HB: ( Wakes up ) Wait~~ where are the other staff members? Did everyone left already?

HJ: Aisssh! ! chincha… ( Hit’s HJB with the blanket that he was holding )

HJB: ( Bows ) Noona, mianhaeyo.. Mianhae.. Mianhae.. I didn’t know you were here.

HB: It’s okay, I didn’t even know.. That I’m actually still here.

HJ: Go back to bed now.. ( Tries to hit HJB again with the blanket that he was holding, but the boy was to quick and escaped the hit. )

HJB: Bleeeeh.. ( Before going back to bed.. The boy said his goodnight and left the two alone. )

HB: Yaaaa~~ Why didn’t you wake me up? Ohh wait, I know.. You only wake me up from sleep, when you need food, coffee or noona can you go grab me that one and buy me this….

HJ: Be quite, everyone is asleep… Your going to wake them up with your LOUD nagging voice.

( HB still continued nagging, but this time.. She was Whispering to him.. )

HJ: Hey, you should be glad.. That I didn’t wake you up.. Actually, I was being nice to let you sleep over.

HB: ( Saw the blanket that he was holding… ) Why are you here? And not in your ROOM. ( Covers herself )

HJ: Yaaaaa~~ What are you thinking?

HB: Nothing~~ what are you thinking?

HJ: ( Blushing.. Tries to escape the awkward moment ) Here, I got you some blanket… it’s kinda freezing out here. Kyu-shii can’t sleep, when its hot... so the A/C has to be turned on.

HB: ( Grabs the blanket and covers herself up with it..) Thanks, but why are you being so nice all of a sudden?

HJ: I’m not being nice.. Just keeping a promise deal we made.

HB: But it’s not even FRIDAY..

HJ: ( Points to the wall clock ) Technically, it is…

HB: ( Looks @ the wall clock ) Oh yeah, its way pass 12 o’ clock already.

HJ: Anyways, a mah head to bed now. We have to get up early tomorrow.

HB: Thanks again for the blanket, and good night.

HJ: It’s already Morning~~

HB: Night… Morning~~~ Whatever~~

( HJ Left the living room area, where HB was taking her sleep… On the way to the room.. HJ found himself laughing. While HB in the other hand... couldn't sleep.. She was too cautious and also keep on thinking... WHY was HJ being so nice? I mean, it didn't felt normal.. the way he acted.. He has kept his deal with her, but what he did... was just the nicest thing he has ever than, ever since they have met. )

HJ: ( thinking about HB’s face while she was sleeping. ) Never thought a tomboy can be pretty.. When asleep of course. ( Smiled )

( HJ fell asleep with a smile on his face.. It never got to him how pretty HB was.. Not until he took a closer look on her face with details. He always have pictured her as someone who’s very boyish and acts like a tomboy, considering he hits people and that includes him. But he finally found out that night… that HB has her own feminine features, that mostly people don’t normal see or some of them just disregard her feminine side. )

HJB & KJ bumped into each other

HJB: What ar~~

KJ: ( Grabs ) Shhhh~~~ ( Let’s go )

HJB: ( Whispers ) What are you doing here?

KJ: ( Whispers ) Ohhh~~ I was just checking the temperature of the A/C, it’s still hot.. So I changed it.

HJB: But it’s already freezing cold.. ( Looks at the thing that KJ was holding ) What’s that?

KJ: Ohh, this? I got a extra blanket for you.. Since I know you can’t stand cold.

HJB: Really? Awwwwwhh~~ come here.. Lemme give you a hug

KJ: Shhhh… Shhhhh~~ Stop it, before I hit you with this blanket.

HJB: ( Walking inside their room.. ) Why is everyone hitting me with a BLANKET today?

KJ: ( Looks @ the blanket in his hands and smiled - ) here~~

HJB: Kansahamida~~

KJ: Go to sleep already..

HJB: Ye~~

Scene: A beautiful morning with the Young Master

( HB cooked breakfast for everyone, and even cleaned up a little bit… before she went to everyone’s room to wake them up. )

HB: ( HJB and KJ’s room ) Wake up… wake up~~~ Breakfast is ready! !

HJB: Foood~~~ Foood~~~ I want food~~ I love food~~ ( Goes back to sleep.. )

HB: ( Laughing ) Aigoo~~ soo cute! Get up already, so you guys can still have time to go eat, before we leave.

KJ: ( Eyes were still close ) Jun-shi~~~ you heard noona.. Hurry up and go get ready…

HJB: ( Gets up… ) Telling me to wake up and get ready.. While both of your eyes are still shut.

HB: Pali Pali~~~ ( Goes out from the room and heads to JM’s room ) Knock Knock~~~ Umma~~ breakfast is ready~~

JM: ( Jumps ) Haaaaaahhh~

HB: ( Shocked - slides down- ) You scared me~~

JM: Hahahaha, I went and took a shower already. I’ll be right out.. After I get dressed…. As you can see... I’m still in my towel.

HB: ( Looks away and quickly walks towards HJ and YS’s room ) Wait~~ what if they sleep with just boxers on? I heard he does sleep with only boxers… Maybe.. It’s not a good idea to wake them up..

( HJB passed by HB to go to the bathroom and wash up.. )

HB: ( Grabs ) Wait~~ before you go wash up.. Wake up your two hyungs and tell them to get ready, cause breakfast is ready.

HJB: Noona, I really need to go pee~~~ ( Doing the pee pee dance.. ) can you just wake them up?

HB: ( Pushing HJB to the door ) Hold it for just a second and wake them up~~

( But before HJB could knock on the door.. YS already opened it up for them… and as what HB was thinking… HJ was flaunt sleeping with only his boxers on. )

HB: ( Covers her eyes ) Ahhhhhh~~~~

YS: ( Closed the door ~~~ ) What the heck~~ when did noona got here?

HJ: Why is it sooo noisy in such a early morning? ( Covers his head with a pillow )

YS: Uhmmm, nothing special… just that your assistant saw you practically half naked just right now… that’s about it.

HJ: ( Fully awake ) Say what? ! ? ( Immediately covers himself with the BLANKET… )

YS: Hahahahahahaaha~~~ A little to late for covering yourself... Now I know how to wake you up~~ Just invite NOONA every morning.

HJ: How did~~ Aissssh… Did she really?

YS: I don't know.. ( Looks outside the window and tries not to make eye contact with HJ ) such a nice day~~~ ( stretching )

Note: Pwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha~~~~ Why do I keep writing about the boys on their towels and boxers? XD

Scene: HB in shocked MOOD

( HB runs to the kitchen area, right after that big scene… HJB was left laughing like crazy and the boy even collapsed on the floor, it was that entertaining for him to witness the scene. )

HB: ( Panting... her heart was beating so fast.. ) Otokie~~ Why did I even stayed there.. I should have just told baby and left.. Why did I even slept over? Ugggghhh, this is all his fault.. He should have just woke me up in the first place. Aissssh~ chincha!!

JM: Waeyo? Why sooo pissed in such a nice morning?

HB: Ani~~~

JM: Did you and hyung did your daily routine already?

HB: ( Couldn’t look at JM straight ) What are you talking about? ( Slicing carrots ) Do you want it THICK or THIN?

JM: That’s fine noona.. I can eat it the whole thing.. You don’t have to slice them up…

HB: Ani~~~ it’s easier to eat, when its slice up to smaller bites.

JM: I guess~~~

HB: Just sit down and I’ll bring the food out in just a minute..

JM: I’ll help you~~~

HB: Nah, it’s ok.. Just go sit down already..

JM: You sure?

HB: Yeaaah, I’m sure… Just call out everyone..

JM: Ye, araso~~ ( Goes and call up everybody.. )

To be continued…..

Hahaha, to my stalkers.... here you go~~ Ssorry, it took me forever to write it up.. had stuff to do~~ and for my readers.. Happy reading~~ hope you guys enjoy it. ^___^

Hwang BO on Olive Show

Video Credit: Cloudlyciel30@ YT + SSangchu heaven @ http://ssangcho.blogspot.com

Note: That's the problem~~~ I can't seem to get out of JoongBO world! It's hard when you see too much evidence~ too much to LINK! too much to compare! too many matching things, that its hard to believe it was just COINCIDENCE.

Plus, Why can't they just say it in a WHOLE CLOSING answer?

" Me and HIM aren't GOING OUT "

" Me and HER aren't GOING OUT "

She just said... it was WORK and that we need to get out of it! ( Yeah, we need to get out of SSangchu couple and move on to think of them as Hyun JOONG & Hwang BO = JoongBO? )

OF COURSE, it was work... but after the WORK ended? that's what we JOONGBOERS are dying to know.

Yeaaah, SSANGCHU COUPLE ended. When WGM ended as well, lets take it as like that. But to think JoongBO ended right after WGM, that.... I REALLY NEED an answer! Which I still haven't gotten from the TWO, and that's ONE MORE reason.. Why I can't get out of JoongBO world.

" Love can't be LIED "

that's prolly why~~ JoongBO can't say they're not TOGETHER in Public, coz the TRUTH says~~ they're TOGETHER.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kimpo Airport Departure to Japan - Heo Young Saeng

Credit: KoreanAein & SS601

Note: OMG, dada bear is sooooo freakin HOT with those glasses~~~ and his HAIRCUT!! * faintss *

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Chapter 10

Scene: HB @ Home

HB's mom: Yaaa~~ stop smiling like that. You look like a crazy person.

HB: Waeyo? Is it a sin to be happy? Chincha.. You nag when I come home all in a bad mood and now that I’m in a good mood, you nag even more.

HB's mom: Who’s nagging? Get diagnosis.. It seems like you have a Bi-polar disorder.

( Upon hearing that from her mom, she laughed even more.. She remembered that day when she told KJ that HJ has bi-polar disorder. )

HB's mom: See~~ you really have gone CRAZY!

HB: Araso Araso~~ I’m a crazy woman, who can’t live without her mom. ( Trying to act like a crazy person and dancing in front of her mom. )

HB's mom: Aigo~~~ ( hits her… ) Get away~~~ I’m watching something~

HB: Hahaha, araso.. I’m going up now umma. Goodnight

HB's mom: Ye~

HB: Aigoo~~ it hurts my feelings that I can't compete with your TV shows.

HB's mom: Goodnight, Hwang BO-yang

HB: ( Smiles.. ) I'm going up.. Night mom..

HB's mom: Yee~~ Sweetdreams

Scene: HJ and YS

YS: Joongie-ah~~

HJ: ( Acting like he was asleep.. ) yea-hh~

YS: Are you really asleep?

HJ: Hahaha, you guys know me too well.. That sometimes I think it’s unfair.

YS: How was it? Did you see her?

HJ: I thought you would never ask me.

YS: It’s ok, if you don’t want to talk about it. Actually, I didn’t want to ask you. I wanted to wait til your ready to tell me about the whole thing.

HJ: Ani, it’s not that I dont want to share it. Among all the people I know.. You’re the only person I can share this with.. Just that… I don’t know where to start off.

YS: Do you want a little drink? I’ll join you.

HJ: Hahaha, are you going to be my bartender today?

Scene: Secrets can leak out accidentally or unexpectedly

YS: Here, your lucky~~ I love you.. Or else I wouldn’t do such favor like this.

HJ: Aigoo~~ soo cute.. Saengie oppa~~~ Saranghaeyo !!

YS: Drink up…

HJ: Cheers~~

YS: Gooo Kim Hyun Joong~~~ let it all out..

HJ: I saw her~~ She has her own clothing line now.

YS: Really? Did you went up to her?

HJ: Ani~~ Why? For what?

YS: Then why did you went to go see her?

HJ: Because.. I wanted to see something.. We didn't talk... I just wanted to clarify it for the second time.

YS: Clarify what?

( The situation became serious… you can tell by the way HJ was recalling everything. )

KJ: Aisssh, it’s sooo hot~~~ Baby, turn on the A/C. Yaaa~~ Yaaa~~ turn it on.

( HJB didn’t answer at all, so KJ went outside to turn on the A/C and after that he went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. But before he could get to the kitchen area, he heard YS and HJ talking….)

HJ: At first, I saw her with a little boy. I thought it could have been just a nephew of her, but since that day~~ I couldn’t stop myself to think about that little kid.

YS: Wait Wait Wait~~~ you can’t be kidding me right?

HJ: As much I want to disregard it.. I can’t help to think that it could be MINE.

KJ: ( Hiding and listening to the conversation. ) What?!? Hyung has a kid?

YS: Are you sure? Maybe, it is really her Nephew~~

HJ: It can’t be~~~ the boy was calling her MOMMY~~ I heard and saw it with both of my ears and eyes.

YS: Well, you guys broke up a long time ago~~~ sooo it’s also possible that its not yours.

HJ: I went up to the kid, when he was playing~~ I asked the little boy how old he was~~ and it all fits…

YS: Hyung~~~ ( Shocked and out of words )

HJ: I was looking at the kid… straight at his little face~~ the kid got my eyes and nose YS.. If you see him~~ it’s undeniable that me and that kid has similarities.

YS: Soo what are you going to do now?

HJ: I've been asking myself that.. Kim Hyun Joong.. what are you going to do now?

YS: Hyung~~ no matter what… you know you can always count on me. But really, isn’t it getting cold out here?

HJ: Did you turn on the A/C?

YS: Ani~~~

HJ: Maybe it’s been set to AUTOMATIC.

YS: Could be.. I’ll go ahead~~~ I’ll turn off the A/C on the way~~ it’s freezing.

( When KJ heard that… he immediately run to his ROOM, and it was a really good timing.. By the time he reached his room, that’s when YS got into the hallway and turned off the A/C. )

KJ: ( Panting.. ) It can’t be real? Right?

Scene: HJ & KJ in their deep thoughts

HJ: Why is she doing this to me? Did she really think, she could hide the kid from me? Without me knowing?

KJ: Was it really the reason?

HJ: ( took a deep breath and looking at the glass of alcohol in his hands…) What should I do now? ( Laughs sarcasticly ) seems like this question been poppin out a lot lately.

KJ: That’s why he left without saying anything?

Scene: The next Morning

Manager-nim: HJ and KJ... what happened to you guys eyes?

( KJ and HJ looked at each other.. )

KJ: Dang, hyung~~~ you look like a PANDA

HJ: ( looks at himself in the mirror, and rubs his eyes… ) Yaaa~~ your eyes are too~~

KJ: ( Moved HJ to the side ) Mann~~~

HJ: ( Pointing at KJ ) Hahahaahhahahahaahaha~~~ Ahhh~~ oucch~~ I have a headache.

Manager-nim: Were you drinking?

( HJ looked really guilty and said SORRY without any excuse.)

Manager-nim: Aisssh, really~~~ your always TROUBLE here and TROUBLE there. Sometimes, it makes me think you’re the youngest.. instead of the OLDEST~~

HJ: ( sweetly…. ) Hyung-nim~~~ Ssorry… Ssorry.. Ssorry ( grabs the managers arms )

Manager-nim: Araso, let go of me…

HB: Annyeongsaeyo, manager-nim.

Manager-nim: Annyeong. HJ, let gooo of me~~ or I’ll break your arms.

HJ: ( let’s go quickly ) Mianhaee… Mianhaeee..

( The manager left to go talk to some people…. )

HB: Waeyo? Why were you saying ssorry?

HJ: It’s none of your business…

HB: Yaaaa~~~ we made a deal..

HJ: Maybe, you forgot.. I said, every F-R-I-D-A-Y

HB: Ugggghhhh~~~ It’s soo freakin early and your already. Gaaaah~~

HJ: Stop yelling~~ your making my hang over even worst.

HB: ( Goes up even closer to him~~ ) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~

HJ: Aisssh, get away~~~~

HB: Noooo, I’m gonna yell at you… until you break your brainless head~~

HJ: Stop it~~~~ ( Covering his ears.. )

JM: Look at this two~~~ They're doing their daily routine greeting~~

YS: ( Laughs )

HJB: Still sleepy~~~ ( goes and find a chair )

KJ: How can you be still sleepy? When you went to sleep early last night..

HJB: Ani~~~ who can sleep, when you keep on yelling~~

KJ: Sooo you heard me? And you didn’t even said anything…

HJB: You guys did that to me~~~

KJ: Aissssh, chincha~~~

HJ: Break it up you two~~~ you guys are making my headache even worst. ( Points @ HB ) Like she’s not enough already.

HB: Yaaaaa~~~ who you pointing at?

HJ: Stop yelling….. And can you get me coffee instead of yelling at me.

HB: Ani, I’m not getting it.. Til you say please…

HJ: Araso Araso Araso~~ Noona, can you p-l-e-a-s-e make me a coffee?

HB: ( Turns back and smiles ) That’s right… you should learn how to say PLEASE.

JM: That was a good entertainment for our early morning schedule. ( Looks at YS who was right next to him. )

YS: Yup, your right.. Not bad at all. Seems like our mornings wont be that boring anymore.

To be continued.

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