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Monday, September 28, 2009

Chapter 25

Scene: Do you believe in KARMA?

YJ: you did it again YJ, you completely destroyed his life for the second time around. I guess, it's the other way around this time. It used to be me leaving~~~ now it's him who left me.( tears ) Hah~ karma do exist.

JY: Mom, why did dad left so in a hurry? and why are you crying mom?

YJ: Nothing baby~~ Something just got in to mommy's eyes. Where is your bag? Mommy needs to start packing

JY: Waeyo? Why are we packing?

YJ: We have to go back to L.A baby.. Mommy has work to do out there and your auntie Melanie's wedding is coming up. We need to be there.

JY: Are we coming back? is daddy going? What about Halmoni?

YJ: I'm not sure honey, daddy is really busy right now. But will see okay?

JY: I'll let him know. I'm sure daddy will come, if I tell him right?

YJ: Don't be persistent JY~~~

JY: But mom~~~

YJ: No buts~~~ Mommy needs you to behave right now. Understand? Now, where is your backpack?

JY: It's right over there.

YJ: Go ahead and get it. okay?

JY: ( Started running to go get his backpack )

YJ: Don't run..!

JY: ( Stopped ) Ye~~~


 Scene: Shot's with no carbs

KJ: All shot's with no carbs.

HJ: What are you talking about? I haven't even started yet and look~~~ ( Looking at the glass of shots he took already. )

KJ: Are you really planning to get drunk? Actually, by the sound and looks of it.. your already drunk to me.

HJ: Ani~~~

KJ: Since when does leader ever express himself openly?

HJ: Stop calling me leader already~~~ have I told you that I don't deserve to be called as one?

KJ: Cmon~~ let's go.

HJ: Where are we going? ( protesting.. )

KJ: Stop being a push over and just come with me. ( Dragging HJ out of the place. )


Scene: SOBER up with some PHO!

HJ: What are we doing here?

KJ: Auntie~~ two of number 5 please...

HJ: I told you~~ I don't want to eat. I just want to DRINK!

KJ: Stop yapping and start EATING!

( HJ who looks like a hopeless kid followed what KJ told him to do. He ate his hot food and even burnt his tongue. )

HJ: Ah ah ah~~ hot hot!

KJ: Aish~~ seriously? Do I really have to take care of you today?

HJ: Your the one who took me here.. and your the one who took me to drink. So its kinda your fault~~~

KJ: Who told you to drink that much? Huh?

HJ: Well, now you have to take care of me. ( Smiles like a drunk person. )

KJ: Just finish up your soup, so you can sober up a little bit.

( Silence~~~~ The two boys were eating their meal, like they haven't eaten for the whole entire day. )

HJ: Did you know that YJ lied to me about JongYi?

KJ: Huh?

HJ: She told me JY was never my son. She confessed that everything was a lie, just to get me back and start a life with HER and JY. How could she do this to me? I don't want to believe her KJ~~ JY is my son, he has to be my son.

KJ: I can't believe this~~~ are you sure YJ noona said that to you?

HJ: I can't believe she would go this far~~~ I really don't want to believe her.. I want to understand why? I want to know~~~ I want to able to know what's the truth and what's a lie.

KJ: Maybe YJ noona did it all for her kid. I mean, isn't it normal to risk and do whatever it takes for someone who's really important to you? For their happiness? ( He paused for a moment... before he continued ) Like what HB noona did.

( After KJ spoke Hwang Bo's name... it went for a long silent moment. )

HJ: Just like what your doing~~

KJ: Ani, I'm only doing what I think it's right.

HJ: Eventho it hurts you? You think that's right?

KJ: Eventho it hurts me. I don't think it's RIGHT! But I believe in it~~ That's why I'm telling you hyung~~ don't let me regret my decision.


Scene: Hangover

Ring Ring Ring~~~~

HJ: ( struggling to find his phone.. ) Yeoboseo?

HJ OB: OH! HJ-ah~~ Are you okay?

HJ: Hyung~~ yeah, I'm okay. Waeyo?

HJ OB: You don't sound okay.

HJ: Just a little headache.

HJ OB: You mean hangover?

HJ: Just a little!

HJ OB: Aigo! top stars do party alot.

HJ: Ani, just looking for answers.

HJ OB: Problems? Girl Problems?

HJ: Something like that.. Anyways, what's up hyung? isn't it a little early for you to call?

( HJ didn't want to tell his brother about his problem. He want to be the bigger person and deal with it himself. He felt his been depending alot to the people around him, and he realized how much he depended himself towards HB noona.)

HJ OB: I called you last night, but you weren't answering your phone.

HJ: Oh, about that... Mianhaeyo~~ I was in a middle of something. I was meaning to call you back.

HJ OB: Good thing you didn't. I dont want to be talking with a drunk person.

HJ: I wasn't drunk~~~~

YS: ( background voice ) Yessssssss you were~~~ I can still smell the alcohol in you.

HJ: Shut up and go back to sleep ( throws a pillow @ YS )

HJ OB: Hahaha, anyways! I called, coz my friend Alex~~ you know Alex right?

HJ: Yeah, what about him?

HJ OB: Well, his getting married and he wants me to invite you too. Tho, I told him your busy. But it's worth a try. right?

HJ: Chincharo? his getting married? Where is it? Aren't chu in US right now Hyung?

HJ OB: Yeah? haven't I told you that already?

HJ: Where exactly? when is the wedding? where is it going to be?

HJ OB: Los Angeles? wait~~~ why does it seem like your so interested? Are you coming?

HJ: Of course I'm coming~~~ I LOVE WEDDINGS~~ I LOVE Los Angeles~~~

HJ OB: Okay~~~~~ ( confused to why his brother is acting all weird. )What did you drink last night? coz I think something got mixed with that drink.

HJ: Anyways, hyung~~ I'll call you back later.. okay? I have to go and ask for permission. Araso? bye

HJ OB: Okay, just give me a call. Bye


Scene: Happy News, then Bad News kicks in.

JM: Toss the paper to HJ. That reporter guy really knows how to put a timing on releasing that scandal. Good thing Noona and Manager is so fast to take care of it.

( The paper had a headline on the top, saying~~~ which one is the truth? )

HJ: I have the same question in my mind too~~~ Wait, YJ did the conference already?

JM: Yup! if it's on the paper. She must have done it already.

HJ: That means~~~ that means~~~~ KJ-shi~~~~ ( runs to KJ & HJB's room )

KJ: What's wrong?

HJ: YJ did the conference already.. that means.. Her and JY is going back to America today. She's really taking him away~~

KJ: Moya?

HJ: We have to go now~~~

( HJ and KJ went to the airport as fast as they can, but it was already too late. YJ and JY took the very first flight to L.A. The plane left 30mins ago before they could even reach the airport. )


Scene: Back at the dorm

HJB: What's going on? ( Looking @ JM )

JM: Dont ask me~~ I'm confused as you are~~~

YS: Dont look at me either~~ I don't know anything!

HJB: Hyung always says he doesn't know anything. But in the end~~ He knows everything.

YS: Are you hungry?

HJB: Ye~~~ ( smiles )

YS: Thought soo~~~~

HJB: Sooo? your cooking?

YS: NOPE! your.... thinking too much. I'm going back to sleep ~~~~ Annyeong~~~

HJB: huhuhuhuhu~~~

JM: Stop being a cry baby and learn how to cook. What will you do without us huh? What? are you going to starve yourself?

HJB: Ani~~~ *sobs* *sniff*

( Now that YJ has finally taking JY away. Will HJ go after them? TWO times in a row that people has left him without saying a word. I wonder what could this bring to HJ? is he going to break down again, like he normally do? Or will he take a step and go after those people who left him? If he does decide to go after them.. who will he go after first? YJ & JY or HB noona? )

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chapter 24

Scene: I want it to be a surprise

HB: Sorry about earlier. You probably thought I was some kind of a stalker.

HJ's older brother: Hmmm, Are you? ( Teasingly giving her that suspicious look )

HB: Hahaha, you seems to be a little different then your brother. But you guys do look the same.

HJ's older brother: Do we?

HB: Well, you guys are brothers. Have you ever been mistaken by being HJ before?

HJ's older brother: Quite a few times. I got used to it somehow.

HB: You don't seem to be very proud of it

HJ's older brother: Oh no, don't get me wrong. I'm proud of my brothers success, it's his dreams and he made it. But I don't really want people to know me, because I'm his brother. I want people to know me because I'm ME and his my little brother. I think that was a little confusing, sorry.

HB: I understand. Sometimes, we want people to know who we really are as individual, rather than being link to someone.

HJ's older brother: Yup! Anyways, how come your here? Did you left my brother?

HB: Yup, he was too bossy~~ and a very nagging one too!

HJ's older brother: I wouldn't be surprised on that.

HB: Nah, it was just a temporary job. But I found another one, and here I am. By the way, are you really going to invite HJ to the wedding?

HJ's older brother: I'll give him a call later on... His pretty busy lately. I hardly get to talk to him. I'm pretty sure he'll be glad to know that I've finally meet you in person and that your here.

HB: About that~~ can you not tell him, that I'm here.

HJ's older brother: Huh? why? Did something happened between you two?

HB: Ohhh no~~ nothing happpened. Just that, I want to surprise him. Yeah! a surprise. ( I hope I'm not being too obvious. )

HJ's older brother: You guys are just too CUTE!

HB: What's so cute about it?

HJ's older brother: Nothing~~ Wait, where did they go?

HB: Aisssh~~ they left us again.

Ring Ring Ring~~~

HJ's older brother: Arent you going to get that?

HB: What?

HJ's older brother: Your phone?

HB: Oh yeah~~~ excuse me. Yeoboseo~~

YJ: Unnie~~ Mianhaeyo, I was kind of busy

HB: It's alright, how is everything?

YJ: Uhmm, everything is great

HB: How come you don't sound like your okay.

YJ: Ani, just a little exhausted from yesterday. By the way, how is everything out there?

HB: Everything is fine. Me and Melanie are out right now.

YJ: Oh really? Have you meet her fiance yet?

HB: Yeah, actually their bestman is..

YJ: Unnie, i'll give you a call later okay? Someone's looking for me.

HB: Ye, araso. bye ( call ended )

YJ Unnie, I'm really really sorry~~~ ( tears ) But I don't think I can tell you what's really going on out here.

JY: Unnie, someone was looking for you. Are you okay?

YJ: Yeah... Yeaaah~~ I'll be out in a bit.


Scene: Big Big Trouble ( Manager-nim's office )

Manager-nim: Hyeon-shi, can you call HJ and KJ out here. I need to put some sense with those guys. Always giving me trouble~~

Hyeon: Ye, manager-nim.

( Hyeon went and looked for the boys, but a man came by and sat down infront of the manager-nim. )

Reporter: Good morning manager-nim

Manager-nim: Good morning

Reporter: Handed a folder with a article print on it

Manager-nim: What is this?

Reporter: Please, take a look at yourself.

( Manager-nim's eyes got widen with the headline that was printed bold in the article. " SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong is now a father " a big picture of HJ and YJ were printed in the article. )

Reporter: I'm just here to give you the very first copy, before it comes out tomorrow. I'm pretty sure you would want to see it first. ( smirk ) I have to go now, you have a nice day manager-nim.

( The manager couldn't move, he was glued in the chair and unable to speak. This type of things was what they were avoiding at the concert. They didn't called the police, because scandal like this might happened. But how did it happened? How did that reporter guy got a scoop? KJ came in first and saw the reporter guy passed by. )

KJ: Wait? I think I've seen that guy before.. ( Sat down infront of the manager ) Did you call for me hyung?

Manager-nim: How did this happened?

KJ: About last night? that wasn't my fault.

Manager-nim: Other than that... We have more problems that we're going to face right now.

KJ: What problem?

Manager-nim: Did you see the guy that just came out? He was the reporter who wrote this article scandal ( passed it to KJ )

KJ: ( shocked ) How did this came out? Wait, I remember that guy just now. He was a reporter?

Manager-nim: What do you mean by that? is there something that I need to know?

HJ: ( came in ) Did you call me manager-nim?

Manager-nim: Take a look at that article and tell me why did I call you for.

HJ: ( More shocked then KJ.. ) How~~~ what is this?

Manager-nim: Shouldn't I be asking you that? Why a article like this is coming out tomorrow? How did an article like this was written? Why is YJ being link to you? A father HJ? is there something that you guys want to tell me, before another scandal comes out? Where is YJ? Hyeon, can you please call YJ.

Hyeon: Ye manager-nim.

( YJ finally arrived and entered the room. She saw the article. After reading just the headline.. she knew what's coming after that.. )

YJ: Otokie~~~ how did this happened?

Manager-nim: I don't know how am I going to fix this problem.

YJ: There is only one way to fix this problem. I'll deny everything...

KJ: What?

HJ: Are you crazy?

YJ: We caused this problem, and we need to fix it. This scandal could hurt all of you guys, there is no other choice. After the press conference, me and JY will fly back to America.

Manager-nim: I'll leave the decision to the both of you


  Scene: You can't take it back

HJ: Noooo~~~ you can't do that. You can't take away my son again for the second time.

YJ: Stop it already HJ~~~ be reasonable with the situation. You know we all don't have a choice, it's already out. This is all my fault, if I never said anything or even cameback none of this would have happened.

HJ: So your saying you wouldn't have the intention of letting me know the truth? about my son?

YJ: Do you really want to know the truth HJ?

HJ: Ugggggghhhh~~~ YJ. I want you to tell me the TRUTH!!

YJ: Fine~~ I'll tell you the truth..... JY was never your son~~ I just made that up, coz I wanted you back and I wanted us to be a family. Are you happy now? coz that's the TRUTH

HJ: I don't believe you YJ~~~ JY is my son and you can't take that back anymore. You understand that? I'm so tired of all your lies. You need to stop with your fantasy, coz it would never happened. You already hurt too many people from your foolishness.

YJ: Yeaaaah, thats what you think of me anyways. Hurting people.. blaming me for everything~~ Even HB unnies departure. You blame that to me.

HJ: Dont you add her on this conversation.

YJ: Why not? Your telling me I'm being foolish and selfish.. What about you huh? Weren't you being selfish to unnie? being foolish about not telling her everything?

HJ: Enough already YJ

YJ: Nooo~~ because you just keep saying this to me~~ but you don't even look at yourself. Have you ever thought.. that your actually lying to yourself too? HJ~~ I'm not the only one that needs to wake up now. You also need to wake up HJ.

HJ: I just don't know what to do anymore~~~ ( Tears ) I don't know what to believe.. Why did you have to do this to me? Why is everyone leaving me... I feel like I'm losing everything! one by one... Pleaseeeee, YJ~~~ don't take JY.

YJ: I'm really sorry HJ. I'm really sorry.. I didn't know things would have gotten this way. That's why I want to make it right.

HJ: It's already happening... What else can we do about it?

YJ: I didn't mean to hurt anybody~~ I just wanted JY to be happy.. I wanted to be happy~~ I didn't know wanting happiness could turn to something so horribly wrong.

HJ: You were wanting happiness, but you were taking someones happiness too~~~

YJ: I'm sooo sorry HJ~~~ I'm sorry!!!

HJ: I'm sorry? What am I going to do with that? is that going to make everything back to normal? If it can~~ then I will accept that... ( He walked away and left.. )  

( The kid had gotten close to him now, and HJ already accepted the kid as his own. With this sudden confession that YJ made~~~ it just made HJ 's mind & heart even more confused. )

Scene: I don't know what to do anymore

Ring Ring Ring.... ( Caller ID: Kyu Jong )

HJ: What?

KJ: We need to talk

( HJ and KJ meet up in a place and had some couple of drinks.. )

HJ: What do you want to talk about?

KJ: Hyung, I don't like the fact that we're fighting! It was wrong of me to talk back like that. It wasn't the right place for me.

HJ: Actually, I'm glad that you did. Because if you didn't.. I wouldn't have realized what I lost and what I have just taken for granted.

KJ: But hyung... You were having problems. JY and all.

HJ: It's no excuse for me to treat HB noona like that. If only I could turn back time. Now its already to late... Maybe it's better this way.. Maybe god wanted it to be like this, coz maybe... Just maybe.. if she stayed.. I would have hurt her even more. ( Tears )

KJ: Hyung, don't say that... I know you didn't intentionally tried to hurt noona, it's just that your situations couldn't be avoided.

HJ: No KJ-ah~~ you were really right.. I was too naive to see what was infront of me. Too selfish about not thinking other peoples feelings, and too foolish to think she would always stay by my side whenever I needed her. She deserved more... I'm blaming everyone else... but I never heard myself saying... it's partly my fault. I feel ashamed, that I'm actually SS501's leader. How could a leader be so self-centered? so shameful.

KJ: Hyung, stop drinking already~~ your getting drunk...

HJ: KJ-ah~~

KJ: Ye?

HJ: Eventho~~ sorry couldn't changed everything.. I still want to say that to you.

KJ: Hyung~~ You don't need to say sorry to me. You need to say that to someone else. Someone else who deserved it more.

HJ: I wish.. I could say that to her.. I don't even know how am I going to face her again~~

To be continued.....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chapter 23

Scene: The world is too small

Ding Dong Ding Dong

Melanie: Morning unnie, are you ready?

HB: Morning Melanie-shi~~ Yeah, I've been ready since an hour ago

Melanie: Excited much?

HB: A little, is it too obvious?

Melanie: Just a little~~ kekeke! Come on lets go, we're meeting up with my fiance and his friend.

HB: A friend? Are you trying to set me up Melanie-shi?

Melanie: Ani ani~~~ I haven't meet these friend of him too. I've heard alot about him from my fiance and his going to be our bestman, so I really do have to see this guy and see how he is in person. His from the navy, so yeah.

HB: Oh really? that's cool.

( Melanie and HB arrived at the coffee shop that they were supposed to be meeting. )

Melanie: ( Introducing HB to the two person infront of them )

HB: Omo, chakaman~~ aren't you HJ's brother?

HJ's older brother: I'm sorry, but have we meet before?

Melanie: You guys know each other?

HB: Ani ani~~~ I just seen pictures of you.

HJ's older brother: Woah Woah~~ pictures of me? where?

HB: Omo, I totally explained it wrong. I used to work with your brother before, and I've been to you guys house a couple of times already and have seen pictures of you guys when you were little til recent pictures.

HJ's older brother: Ahhh~~ I remember now. Your the lady that my brother use to keep mentioning on the phone.

HB: Yes, you must have prolly heard of my name quite a few times on the phone when his talking with you. He pretty much memorized and said my name in every level tone there is in the world. To highest and it's lowest.

( That stament made everyone laugh. Melanie doesn't really know about HB's past job, so she didn't know about the Hyun Joong being any link to HB and neither did she know about her fiance's bestfriend being HJ's older brother too. )

Melanie: Sounds like pretty bossy to me.

HJ's older brother: That's my brother for you~~ hahaha

Melanie's fiance: Yeah, you should invite your brother to the wedding.

HB older brother: I'll tell him, but I'm pretty sure he'll be busy.

Melanie: Wow, the world is really small huh? I mean, who wouldn't know you guys actually know each other.

HB: Technically, we dont. I don't really personally know him

Melanie: Well now is your chance.

Everyone: ( Laughing )

( HB just kept everything low key for herself. What is she going to do, when HJ actually shows up in the wedding? is HJ really even going to the wedding, if he does know that HB's going to be there? )


Scene: All for the fans

Manager-nim: ( Dialing ) Have you guys found him? Any signs?

Other Line: Nope, we have been to alot of places already.

Manager-nim: I guess, we have no choice but to call the police.

Other Line: Should I go ahead and call the police?

Manager-nim: Yes, I'm afraid we don't have any choice.

Other Line: Araso, manager-nim I'll go ahead and call them

HJB: Hyung~~~~

Hyeon: Hyun Joong-ah~~ Where have you been? you almost gave me a heart attack

Manager-nim: ( Drops the phone.. ) HJ-ah~~

Other Line: Yeoboseo? Manager-nim~~~ Yeoboseo?

Manager-nim: ( picks up the phone ) Ye~~ Ye~~~ I'm still here. Nevermind, don't call the police anymore... HJ is back! You guys need to get back right away. We need more people out here. Pali Pali

Other Line: Araso manager-nim.

Manager-nim: Hyeon-shi, take HJ and get him dressed already.

Hyeon: Ye, araso~~ HJ-ah pali pali! We need to get you ready.

Manager-nim: The rest of you guys. Get ready for the next performance.

( HJ only gave YJ a very fierce stare, while she was helping him getting dress with his clothes for that night. HJ didn't gave YJ any reason to open up her mouth and neither did YJ dared to spit a word out. The night ended, and HJ gave his all to the fans like what he usually do in every performance they have, it was a great performance and the fans loved every bits of piece of it. The boys were really amazing on stage. They were really pro performers. The fans loved it alot and all the screaming and yelling had ended with a successful event. )


Scene: Celebration or Confession

YS: Kwenchana?

HJ: What do you think?

YS: I dont think your okay

HJ: Then why even asked me, when you already know I'm simply not okay?

YS: Woah Woah~~ Calm down there boy~ You don't know how worried we're, when you just rushed out of the place.

HJ: You guys didn't have to worry about me.

JM: Ya~~~ how could you say that? Why are you being sooo selfish

HJ: Me selfish? How am I being selfish? She's being SELFISH!!!!!

JM: Why are you putting everything on YJ noona?

HJ: Why are you defending her? Do you even know everything?

HJB: Hyung~~ stop it already. We should be arguing

KJ: Yeah, thats right. JM-shi doesn't know everything. Actually, why don't you tell us all what's really going on?

YS: Ya~~ KJ-ah

KJ: I mean, arent we brothers? arent we supposed to help each other out with everything that burdens us?

YS; Stop it already...

KJ: No~~~ Hyung needs to be honest to himself. Why couldn't you just tell HB noona the truth? Why did you have to be so stubborn and think everything could be just fine as long as she doesn't know and pretend like everything is normal between you guys.

HJ: What's that have to do with everything? Why huh? is it because you LIKE her too

KJ: Yeaaaaaaah, your damn right I do~~~ At least I admitted that to myself. How about you? Huh? Do you even know why she left? how much she was suffering?

HJ: How dare you say that to me~~~

(HJB separated them and YS took HJ to their own room. )

HJ: Ugggggh! Since when did that brat learned how to talk back?

YS: Calm down

HJ: How can I calm down, when what he said....

YS: What? were all true?

HJ: Moya?

YS: I'm just saying, maybe because it was true and that's why your acting like that. I'm wondering too, why didn't you just tell noona? I mean, its very obvious that you like her.

HJ: Do you think she would understand? if I did told her?

YS: Why not? It's your past

HJ: Yeah, it was my past that I can see in my present. Don't you guys understand that?

YS: Why didn't you just gave it a try, you never know.. Hb noona could have understand your situation. If she does love you, she would find a way to understand your situation no matter what.

HJ: I wasn't sure

YS: That's your problem.. You can't asure everything. Not everthing in life has assurance. We take risk.

HJ: I know YJ has something to do with all of this. She always ruins my life.

YS: Are you sure your mad at YJ for not telling you? or is it because HB noona left you for almost the same reason? FOR her dreams?

HJ: Why would you say that?

YS: I mean, its clearly she took the JOB over there for her own carrier. I mean, didn't noona always wanted to go study abroad? Didn't she mentioned that before? What else could be the reason for her to leave Korea? She doesn't know about you having a kid, or does she?

HJ: ( flashingback )

KJ: No~~~ Hyung needs to be honest to himself. Why couldn't you just tell HB noona the truth? Why did you have to be so stubborn and think everything could be just fine as long as she doesn't know and pretend like everything is normal between you guys.

HJ: What's that have to do with everything? Why huh? is it because you LOVE her too

KJ: Yeaaaaaaah, your damn right I do~~~ At least I admitted that to myself. How about you? Do you even know why she left? how much she was suffering?

( flashback ended )

HJ: Wait~~~ ( Runs outside and looking for KJ )

YS: Ya~~~~ HJ-ah where are you going? ( followed him~~ )

( HJ went rushing to the other boys room. )

HJ: You told her huh? ( grabs KJ )

KJ: Told her what?

( HJB separated HJ from KJ for the second time.. )

HJ: You promised me, I trusted you~~~ How could you tell her about Jongyi

KJ: I never broke that promise~~~ I didn't have to tell her, coz she knew everything before I even did.

HJ: What?

KJ: That's right, she over heard you and YJ talking and she knew everything right from there. Do you even know much she was suffering then? No, coz your too naive about everything. Noona prolly left, because she thinks its for the best for everyone. I saw how much she was in pain, and it hurt me seeing her that way. I wanted to help her so bad, but I couldnt do anything hyung... I couldnt do anything. ( crying... tears were flowing. ) Because as much as I wanted her to need me, and ask me to take away her pain. She didn't... coz she still choose you. You who is the cause and reason for all her pain and suffering.

( HJ got speechless and tears started flowing too. He couldn't say anything back to KJ and he also couldn't believe HB knew everything about Jongyi. He just couldn't believe everything is happening so fast. )

to be continued....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chapter 22

Scene: Where is Joong Joong?

KJ: ( Bang~~ Bump~~ )

Anon: Ouch!!

KJ: Mianhaeyo~~ Kwenchana?

Anon: Yeah~~

KJ: Let me help you get up..

Anon: Kansamida

KJ: By any chance.. Did you see anyone coming out from here?

Anon: Ahh~~ yeaah.. I think so

KJ: Which way did that person go?

Anon: I think it was that way~~ Yeaah yeah, he went that way. (pointing to the direction )

KJ: Kansamida~~ Again sorry, I didn't know you were there when I opened the door.

Anon: No problem~~ don't worry about it. You should better get going, before that person gets any farther.

KJ: Ye, araso

( KJ didn't even catch the persons name, but he wasn't really concern at that part. He had to find Hyung Joong as soon as possible. With him still in an angry state, nobody knows what he'll do and what will happen to him being alone by himself. What was he thinking leaving alone without anybody with him. In streets of Singapore, it was surely a foreign place for them. KJ just keep repeating to himself, were could his hyung have gone. )


Scene: Everything is in Chaos

Manager-nim: What happened?

JM: Nothing~~ Just a little misunderstanding

Manager-nim: A misunderstanding that had gone into a situation like this? Are you fooling me?

YS: Manager-nim, calm down~~ everything is under control

Manager-nim: Where is Hyun Joong and Kyu-shi?

HJB: ( Stuttering ) Uh~~

Manager-nim: Everything is under control? and now that I'm asking you guys we're your BROTHERS. You can't even give me an ANSWER? is this what you call handling it?

JM: Kyu is on his way to look for Hyun Joong, he should be back soon. So don't worry about it. We will take care of this situation.

Manager-nim: How are you guys going to take care of it huh? The show is tonight~~ thats like a couple of hours later from now... have you guys forgotten about that?

JM: Aren't you concern that Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong is out there roaming around in the streets, not knowing the place? You should be more concern of that, better then what's going to happened later. You know that without them, this show wouldn't even be possible.

( JM already got the manager right in his tongue. What can the manager possible say back to that? )

JM: YS-shi, can you try calling HJ and see if he answers?

YS: I've already done that, but his not picking up my calls.

JM: Did you try calling KYU-shi?

HJB: I did, but his not answering either.

YS: He lost his phone, didn't he?

HJB: Oh yeah, that explains why his not answering. Aisssh~~ Ahhhh~~ why is this happening.

JM: YJ-shi, are you feelin better? Do you want us to take you to a hospital?

YJ: Ani, I'm okay. Just go find HJ. His really different when he gets mad. He might do something stupid. I know him.

JM: Manager-nim, we'll be right back. Please take care of YJ-shi.

Manager-nim: Araso, call me right away. Bring these guys with you, they know the place around. They are from here, so it should be easy for you guys.

( The boys went on a hunt for HJ and KJ, but luckly they spotted KJ not to far from the area. Now they're looking for HJ, in which none of them couldn't find him. They already search everywhere, as much as they wanted to search the whole area of Singapore, it would take them days to do that and they didn't have that much time. The concert was at that night, they had to go back.)

Scene: The show must go on

JM: We have no choice, we have to go back. Manager-nim is calling me already.

HJB: How are we going back? We haven't found Hyung yet? We can't go back.

KJ: I agree with baby~~ we need to find him. Forget the concert.

YS: Guys, be reasonable now. Listen~~ We have thousands of fans waiting for us out there. We can't just disappoint them. The rest of the people will go and search for HJ, if in anycase. We have to call the police and whatever goes for calling the police.. we just have to deal with that issue later. For now, we really have to get back.

(HJB was really pissed that they couldn't search for HJ any longer, so does KJ. But JM and YS was able to pursue the both of them to go back and get ready for the concert. JM already explained to the manager, how they couldn't find HJ and everyone was panicking, coz what are they going to do now? The show must go on, considering what they saw outside. Fans were already there 5hrs before the concert was about to start. Fans with banners all over the world went to Singapore to witness this event. How are the boys supposed to turn their backs from their fans?)

Manager-nim: Okay... okay.. We got this.. Since we need more time til we find HJ~~ I want all of you to come out over there. JM you'll be the MC for tonite and I want HJB, YS and KJ to perform UR man in tonights opening. Araso?

SS501: Got it~~~

( The Four members came out proudly on stage, they didn't want to worry the fans. The SS501 members know, that all of their fans came to see them perform and have a good time. They all wanted that, and thats why they became SS501, to give happiness to the people who believe in them. To show their appreaciations for the support, they wanted to give the fans the best concert they ever been to. But could that night be possible? could they really perform and not disappoint the fans that waited for these day to come, for a long time? with all the circumstances that has been going on backstage? could they possible go on? without Hyun Joong? without their LEADER? )

JM: As you can see~~ we're missing one person right?


JM: Who could it be? Kyu Jong -shi?

KJ: Present~~ ( smiled )

JM: Ohh there you are... Hmmm, ( Teasingly Singing... ) Ohh Baby baby~~ ?

HJB: ( Smiled brightly and waved at the fans ) Present~~

JM: Ahhhh~~ our Maknae has been charmingly smiling these days. Hmmm, Young Saeng-shi?

YS: Annyeongsaeyo~~~ ( Bowed down, smiled and waved at the fans )

JM: Ahhh~~~ the Prince is here too~~ Hmmm, Where is our Leader? Ohhh yeah, I almost forgot. He told me~~ his coming out later on for a surprise~~

HJB: Surprise?

JM: Ye, he said~~ his gonna come out later on with a special surprise performance for the fans that came all the way out here tonight.

KJ: Chincha?

YS: How's that for you guys? Are you guys willing to wait for the LEADER to come out later on?

FANS: ( Screaming........... ) Yessssssss~~~ ( Chanting.. ) Kim Hyun Joong... Kim Hyun Joong.

JM: Araso Araso~~ let's be patient... For now.. let's give it up for THE URMAN performance~~

FANS: ( Screaming.... ) I'm URMAN~~~ ( singing along with the lyrics )

JM: Any sign of HYUNG?

Manager-nim: Nope~~

JM: Should we call the Police?

Manager-nim: Let's give it a little more time, if we call the Police now~~ I'm sure its gonna be all over the news. ( Walking back and forth )

YJ: Any signs of Joongie-shi?

JM: Nope~~ He hasn't called either.. GAAAAAAAAAAAAHH~~

YJ: We should call the Police already.. it's been how many hours

JM: Manager-nim~~

( The URMAN performance had ended already, and Hyun Joong still hasn't showed up nor there was any feed back from the people who went to search for him. )

3members: Any signs? ( Out of breath )

Manager-nim: JM go out there.. and tell them the next performance would be the BOF ost's

JM: Oh ye, Araso~~~

KJ: Manager-nim we should call the police already. What if something happened to him out there.

Manager-nim: Hyeon-shi~~ give me my phone. ( Dialing.. )


to be continued....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chapter 21

Scene: When emotions take over

( HJ was walking straight to were the dressing room is and was looking for YJ, but bump into Ji young the new assistant who replaced HB. )

HJ: Where is your boss?

Ji Young: ( Scared ) Boss-nim?

HJ: Who else would be your boss?

( Ji Young looked like she was about to pee in her pants. )

Ji Young: ( Points out towards were YJ was seating )

( HJ walked towards YJ and it seemed like there was nobody in the room, but just the two of them. He can only see YJ and nothing else matter at that time, not even the staff that were actually in the room mattered to him, it looked like he was about to attack her with the fierce and clearly pissed off face he had on his face.)

YJ: Oh Joongie-shi~~

HJ: ( Grabs her in her shoulder, together with both of his strong hands who took a good gripped on YJ) How come you never told me anything? Why did you sent her away? Are you scared of her?

( HJ was still in his tight grip of YJ, and you can tell YJ was really terrified. HJ already lost it, he was clearly out of control and his emotions was taking over him. The man wasn't thinking straight anymore, even the people around them stopped what they were doing, and just stared at them. Not a single staff dared to interrupt what was going on and none of them were able to moved. )

YJ: HJ let go of me~~~ what are you talking about? stop it, your hurting me..

HJ: You know damn right what I'm talking about... you planned all of this... did you?

( KJ and the rest of the SS501 members finally came in the scene and saw HJ having a tight grip at YJ. JM grabs HJ's hands and KJ took YJ away from HJ, while YS and HJB was telling the other crews and staff to get out of the room. )

JM: Ya~~~ what the heck you think your doing? putting your hands on a woman and looks like you were about to shook her off. What's wrong with you?

( YJ was in tears and KJ was trying to calm her down. HJB went and got her some water, while YS went to see what's going on with HJ and JM side. )

KJ: What happened?

YJ: I don't know.. he just came and started getting all angry about something I don't even know.

( HJ over heard her saying those words to KJ )

HJ: Moya? you don't know? then how come HB noona is in the plane right now on the way to US?

YJ: I thought all of you guys knew about it already?

HJ: I wouldn't be here talking and asking you about it, if we knew.

YJ: She told me that, all of you knew about her decision of leaving already. Plus, it's not my business to tell you everything about what's going on in her life.

HJ: I know you YJ and I know your purpose of sending her away.

JM: Can we just all calm down? and talked about this in a calm voice.

YJ: You know me? you know everything about me dont you? You just think I'm someone who uses people? is that what your trying to say?

HJ: Yeah infact thats what I'm trying to say~~

HJB: Hyung~~ stop it.. that's too much already.

HJ: No~~ I'm not stopping until she tells me the truth.

JM: What is the truth?


Scene: The truth and lies what makes everything complicated, but it's also what clears everything in the end.

( HJ got silent all of a sudden, and YJ too was in her silent corner together with KJ who knows something. YS was just shocked that JM asked that question, but that question already has put HJ in a position, that he had no escape but to tell every single one in that room about the things that has been going on, and the connection between him and YJ. )

HJ: She thinks Hye Jung would be a threat to her plans, and everything she came back for would be going down to nothing.

JM: How would noona be a threat to YJ?

YJ: How is unnie a threat to me? Why is it because YOU LIKE HER? Ahh, so this is what it's all about.. Huh? You like her and you think I'm scared of that.

HJ: Yeah, and your plan of having a FAMILY would be all nothing. Thats what you wanted right? You coming back out here in Korea, to finally make me see my son, who you have hidden from me for years. Having me feel guilty for it and you would think I'll be running back at your side, just for the sake of our son? Stop using people already YJ. I'm telling you now, I would never let you use our kid for your selfishness reasons again.

YJ: She really that special to you? that you would think of me as that kind of a person and taking her over ME and our SON?

( HJB and JM was just in deep silence, what else can the two boys do? Well, what else can the 4 of the boys do in the scene that was happening right before their very eyes. )

HJ: Thats where you miscalculated YJ.. I would be the best father for JongYi, but I would never come running back to your side. Never~~

( YJ just dropped down from shocked, while HJ went out and god knows where he went after all that thing happened in the room. )


Scene: What just happened?

KJ: YJ-shi, are you okay? HJB get some more water. pali pali~~

HJB: Ohh! ye ye ye~~~ ( running to get some more water )

JM: She okay?

( YS took a piece of paper and making some air for YJ to breath and KJ carried her to the sofa, were she could lay down. )

HJB: here's the water hyung~~~

KJ: You guys stay here and i'll go find hyung~~


 Scene: Arrival from Korea to Los Angeles

HB: ( breathing the air ) Ahhhhh~~~ Finally a step to my new life.

Melanie: Hwang Bo-shi~~ over here!

HB: ( smiled ) Did you wait long?

Melanie: Only for an HOUR!

HB: Omo, I'm so sorry~~ If only I could make them FLY faster.

Melanie: Hahaha, I think we can just get along just fine.

HB: I think so too.

Melanie: Let me help you

HB: Ani, it's okay...

Melanie: How could you carry all of it? come on.. lets get going, so we can have dinner already. Waiting for an HOUR was kind of gettting me hungry right now.

HB: Araso, lets go.


 Scene: The reason why she came back

Melanie: So how's my lovely bestfriend out over there in Korea?

HB: Oh she's fine.. she likes it alot out there~~

Melanie: That answers why she doesn't want to leave Korea. Well, not just that~~

HB: What do you mean by that?

Melanie: Well, as you know that YJ-shi already has a son right? I'm pretty sure it's already obvious why she came back over there.

HB: To put her family together?

Melanie: Ding ding ding! Yup, that's her main reason why she came back to Korea. I mean, to think about it.. We're already successful with our stores out here, but she really wanted to branch out in Korea for all of the places. As you know... we have branches in some other countries, but she picked Korea to managed from all of them. Well, at first she told me it's her homeland. But I didn't buy that... I'm Korean too and Korea is my homeland, so what does that got to do with business? Location is another thing, spreading your business in a certain location is a whole different story too. But I'm glad shes doing good out there and made it thru. I heard its all because she got you and you have made things easier for her. Now, I'm also going to be counting on you from now on unnie. Let's take care of each other and cheers for our FUTURE work together.

HB: Cheers~~

( HB already got into her apartment in where she would be staying and like she promised to YJ she would call. She took her phone and changed the sim, so she could use it and call her. )

(Calling.. ) Ring Ring Ring Ring.... tot~~ please leave a message~~

Melanie: Are you sure you don't want me to help you unpack?

HB: Ani, it's fine. I can do all of it, thank you so much. You already helped me alot

Melanie: No problem, who are you calling? Your boyfriend back home?

HB: Hahaha, ani~~~

Melanie: yah yah yah~~ that's what they usually say~~ hahaha, anyways, I'll come pick you up tomorrow morning okay? Let's go for a tour and show you the city.

HB: Okay, bye~~

Melanie: Bye, see you tomorrow.

( HB took melanie outside from the gate and said their goodbyes once again. )

HB: I wonder if she's busy~~~ Maybe I should call one more time...

( Calling... ) Ring Ring Ring Ring...

HB: I should just leave a message...

" YJ-shi~~~ I'm already here and the place is really great. Melanie took me into these great restaurant and like you told me, she's really nice and fun to be with. She told me shes really excited to work with me and I think I got the same feeling too. Hope everything is okay out there and please give me a call back. Okay? Bye "

HB: Okay, now I need to unpack my stuff. Ahhhh, that long flight got me tired. I wonder how was the concert?

( HB didn't know what was going on back in Korea, how it wasn't just a CONCERT event but more than that was actually happening back home. )


to be continued.....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chapter 20

Quick Review on Characters

Hyeon: HJ's REAL assistant and HB's cousin

Ji Young: The person who took HB's position and YJ's new assistant.

Melanie: YJ's business partner and bestfriend who managed the stores in US branches. She will be taking care of HB while she's over there. HB's going to be working under her.



Scene: Airport

HB: I checked everything already, so you guys should be good.

YJ: OK, thank you soooo much~~

HB: How come the boys arent here yet?

YJ: Ohh, I heard that they're coming later on... I talked to the manager-nim and he said coz of the FANS situation.. We and the rest of the crew need to get a head start out here first in the airport.

HB: Yeaah, those fans can get really serious. I remember before.. I almost got dragged away.

( Memories started flashing back on her.. that day when she almost got dragged away by the fans.. HJ was there and grabbed her by the hand and pulled her back. That was the first moment that she felt safe right next to him, she was secured that HJ could protect her, but now that she thinks about it.. She's the one that's protecting him. )

YJ: Chincha?

HB: ( Backed to her senses.. ) Oh! yeah yeah, so all of you have to stick together and maybe that's why manager-nim made this set up.. so you guys wont have to get separated.

YJ: Probably~~

HB: All your tickets.. Keep it together.. okay?

YJ & Ji young: Ye

HB: You guys should board now, and get settled down inside.

YJ: Unnie~~~~

HB: Hahaha, what's wrong?

( YJ went and hugged her tightly as she could.. She didn't want to let go, but HB somehow got to separate herself from her. )

YJ: Be careful over there.. okay? I already told Melanie about your flight and she'll be there early just to make sure. If anything.. Just call her or me. Okay?

HB: Araso araso~~ I got Melanie's number in my phonebook already, so don't worry. I'll be calling her tonight.

YJ: Okay okay.. Jaljayo~~ Don't forget to call me when you get there. Okay?

HB: Yeah! I promise.

YJ: Bye~~~



Scene: SS501 @ the Airport

HJ: Noona, where is my passport?

Hyeon: I got it right here..

( Fans were screaming everywhere... HJ was in the middle of a tidal wave full of fans screaming each of the boys names including his... But as HJ was walking towards the escalator, he somehow got a glimpse of HB in the crowd or he thought he did.)

HJ: HB Noona?

Hyeon: Here, just wear it in your neck~~ where are you looking at? I'm right here?

HJ: Oh! yeaaah, kansahamida! ( Puts on the passport in his neck, so he wont lost them again like what happened last time. )

( HJ looked back again to make sure, but the person wasn't there anymore. )

HJ: Ani, it couldn't be Noona.. She should be in the plane by now.

Hyeon: Something wrong? Did you forgot something?

HJ: Ani, but hey noona~~~ is everyone at the plane already?

Hyeon: As far as I know... they already boarded.

HJ: Araso!

( HJ wasn't hallucinating at all.. He really did saw HB in the airport. HB waited for them.. until they were gone out of her sight. HJ didn't saw her at the same spot again when he looked back, because she was pushed aside from the mad screaming fans who were taking pictures and fan cams of them. That time when HB was pushed aside.. she thought of HJ again and how this time.. He wouldn't be there to pull her back, because he finally left.)

HB: Annyeong, Mr. Kim Hyun Joong.. Have a nice trip, and always be healthy. ( Tears started flowing in her cheeks. ) Aish, chincha~~ I told myself to never cry anymore, but look who's tears are flowing now?

Scene: One last cry~~~

HB mom: Did you check everything?

HB: Yeah, thanks for the help mom.

HB mom: No problem dear, go and get some rest already.. You have an early flight tomorrow.

HB: Awwwwwh, a mah miss you so much~~

HB mom: Stop acting like a baby~~ your too old now.

HB: Hahaha, that's what I'm going to miss the MOST!

HB mom: Araso, good night! Love you~

HB: Night mom, love you too.

HB doubled checked everything, but while checking..Suddenly a drop of tears just flowed slowly in her cheeks.

HB: ( Wiping her tears out ) Come on now~~~ stop crying!!

( The more she keep saying STOP! the more tears flows down her cheeks )

HB: I hate this~~~ I should have just left, right after I dropped YJ and Ji young from the airport. Why did I even waited til he got there?

HB mom: Here some tow~~ otokie~~ what's wrong?

HB: Ohhhh~~~ ( wipes her tears ) Nothing~~

HB mom: What do you mean by nothing, when your eyes are clearly covered with tears.

( HB couldn't help it but run towards her moms arms, and hugged her for comfort. She bottled her emotions for so long, since that day she found out about everything... She could no longer help it, but vent it out all. HB told the mom everything and what she was really feeling deep inside. How hurt she was and how hopeless she felt.. The mom was just listening to her patiently and didn't even gave out any comments. Not even a single sarcastic comment, that she normally gives out everytime they talk. )

HB: Mom, am I really that weak?

HB mom: Your not weak at all dear.. For a person to sacrifice his/her own feelings for the sake of others is not something everyone can just do. People are greedy by nature~~ giving up something they really want or precious to them is something not everyone can easily do and you did it. You have given up what was precious to you in exchanged for their HAPPINESS, and that right there what makes you the stronger person. I want you to remember this...Your stronger!!! and you will always be~~ I know that for sure, coz I'm your mother.. and I didn't struggle on giving birth to someone who is just a WHIMP~~ Do you understand that?

HB: Hahahaha, thanks mom~~

HB mom: Okay, you should go to bed now and rest. We have to leave early the next morning.

HB: Araso!

HB mom: I'll turn off the lights on my way out.

HB: I would have never thought... I could sacrifice this much to a person, but I guess I really did love him that much, that I didn't even realized I have given up so much.



Scene: I would have said goodbye, but I couldn't.


KJ: Have you guys seen HB noona?

JM: Nope

HJB: Me neither~~~

YS: Haven't seen her, since like... I don't even remember when the last time I saw her.

KJ: Where is hyung?

JM: Last time I saw him.. he was with YJ

KJ: Araso~~~

( KJ went around to look for HB, he lost his phone... so he couldn't really call her either. Plus, they were in Singapore for concert.. He was pretty busy himself, but it's pretty amazing how he always spare some time for HB. )

Hyeon: Oh! HwangBO-shi~~ are you at the Airport now?

HB: Yes unnie~~ Just wanted to call you before I board the plane. Everything okay out there?

Hyeon: Yeah, the boys are practicing right now and everyone is really busy preparing for the concert.

HB: Oh, sorry to bother you.. but just wanted to say goodbye, since I didn't got a chance to say it properly to you.

Hyeon: Don't worry about it.. You have a safe trip okay? and don't forget to call me.

KJ: Hyeon Noona~~ is that HB noona?

( HB heard KJ in the background )

HB: Unnie, I have to go~~~ bye!

Hyeon: Wait~~~ Yeoboseo? HwangBO-yang~~~ Yeoboseo?

KJ: What happened?

Hyeon: I thinks shes already boarding the plane

KJ: What do you mean by boarding in a plane? Isn't noona out here?

Hyeon: What are you talking about? Didn't she told you guys already?

KJ: Uhhh, told us what?

Hyeon: That she's leaving for US today? and that's why shes not here.

( KJ was shocked to hear the news, it looked like someone poured a bucket full of ice on his head.)

KJ: Noona, your not kidding right?

Hyeon: I thought she already told you guys about it... I even asked her and she said... she has talked about it together with you guys. From all of the boys.. I would have expected you to know about it.

( Hyeon was trying to call HB again, but she wouldn't picked up.. She has already turned her cellphone off. )

Hyeon: She's not answering... I think it's already OFF! It says the subscriber cannot be reached.

KJ: She never told me anything... Where is Hyung?

Hyeon: She's with YJ!

( KJ went to look for HJ immediately.. He was running all around the place~~~ panting heavenly! He finally spotted HJ along with the other members. )

KJ: ( Rushed and ran towards HJ.. he was panting like crazy..)

HJ: What's wrong?

KJ: HB ( panting.... ) Noonaaaa.. ( panting )

HJ: What about Noona?

KJ: Did you know that she's leaving for US?

HJ: Huh? isn't she out here? ( Confused )

KJ: That's what I thought too, but ever since we landed Singapore.. I haven't seen her

JM: That's true~~~ I never saw her

( HJB & YS both nod at the same time to confirmed the two confused person infront of them, that they too haven't seen her since they landed Singapore. )

KJ: So none of you guys knew about her leaving?

HJ: There is only one way to find out.. ( HJ stormed out of the area and even bumped into HJB shoulder.. He looked fierce... )

JM: Yaaaa~~~ where you going?

to be continued...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It all happened too fast, within a blink of an eye...

Too many things has been going on right now... Jaebeom leaving 2pm, because of something that went out of hand, that it shouldn't have. But it really sucks that he had to pay a price of giving up his own future to protect his beloved members and for those he loved... Now, Jaebeom leaving wasn't enough for the anti's.. they start spreading rumors about Wooyoung fainting~~Which is becoming a HOT Trending topic in twitter right now. When will the anti's ever stop? Will they ever?

To top all of those news.. Leader Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 just recently got diagnosed of Swine Flu. He and the rest of the SS501 members has been traveling in and outside of the country lately, so they do have the biggest chance of getting the flu. As of now... not much details is out about the leaders condition aside from him being treated at the moment and resting. Joong Joong oppa get well soon.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Chapter 19

Scene: My answer is YES!

YJ: Have you thought about it unnie?

HB: Yup!

YJ: Waeyo? You look too unsure about it.

HB: Ani, I'm just a little tired.

YJ: Do you want to take the day off today? I don't want you to work in such condition.

HB: It's okay... I'm fine, don’t worry much.. I’m here to discuss about the offer and that I’m accepting it.

YJ: ( Big smile ) chincha? Your accepting it?

HB: ( Smile ) YUP! Who wouldn‘t want to accept such a great offer?

YJ: I'm so glad to hear your finally accepting it. We need to celebrate.. How about dinner? Shoot! I need to call for a babysitter. Wait okay...

HB: Ani, it's okay...

YJ: Aniyo, unnie~ ~ we have to celebrate. Come.. Let's go and tell

HB: Ye, araso..

( YJ told everyone and they were all very happy to hear about it.. She really deserves the JOB and all of her colleagues thinks the same way too. )

Everyone: Congratulation!!

HB: ( blush ) *bows* kansahamida

YJ: Are you going to invite anybody? What about the boys? You should invite them too

HB: OHhhh! Uhmmm, they're busy.. With the upcoming Singapore concert… remember?

YJ: True huh.... Which reminds me.. The outfits? Is it all ready?

HB: Yah, it's on the right closet.. Everything is tagged already too.

YJ: I know.. I can count on you.. See, that’s why I picked you unnie.. I made some decision in my life before, that up until now I'm still regretting.. but sending you over there.. I never doubted that decision.

HB: you praise me too much, that at the same time it sounds like your spoiling me too much.

YJ: Do I? Your an amazing woman unnie.. and even I'm wondering how come there isn’t a single guy spoiling you right now. ( looked back and smiled )

HB: Oh gosh, is this one of those boy talk again?

YJ: What's wrong with that?

HB: look who's talking...

YJ: hey hey.. My situation is a little different and complicated. As you know.. I'm already a mom.

HB: with one adorable kid.. ( Smiled )

YJ: Yup, his my little precious. The reason why I'm doing everything.. It’s all for my little guy.

( Got quite.... )

HB: hahahhaha ( awkward )

YJ: Why are you laughing? ( She started laughing too )

HB: Just random.. It reminded me of something that my mom used to tell me. She actually sounded like you... and thought how corny it was and now it doesn’t seem too bad at all.

YJ: Really? It might sound corny, but wait until you have one. It make sense to you even more.

HB: Aigo, let's start with having a boyfriend first.

YJ: you'll have plenty of selection, when you get to L.A~~ ( Teasing )

HB: Hahaha! Silly, you shouldn’t be tellin me that.. I'm going over there for work & school. Remember?

YJ: Don’t tell me your really going to work and school the whole time? Have fun too! It's a new place for you... Explore and enjoy...

HB: Your just about the weirdest boss I ever had...

YJ: I don’t treat you as my employee.. I treat you as my older sister. There is a big difference~~ Right now I’m talking to you as a little sister.

HB: YJ-yang~ ~

YJ: Ne? ( fixing the outfits )

HB: Komawa

YJ: For what?

HB: Forgiving me all the opportunity to really reach my dreams.

YJ: ( looks back ) Unnie, you did it yourself! All I'm doing right now is opening a path for you... You did all the work.

HB: In any case .... I still want to thank you for opening that path for me.

YJ: Oh come on~~ your going to make me cry.

HB: Seriously, I’m sincerely thanking you.

YJ: ( Hugged her ) Then… your welcome.



Scene: Celebration Night


YJ: Unnie, order whatever you want~~

HB: Actually, this is my treat.. So you go picked whatever you want.

YJ: Ani~~~~

HB: It’s mine~~ stop arguing with me.

YJ: Araso~~ ( Smiled )

( Both of them ordered what they wanted and bonded like they were really real sisters. With the small amount of time they have spent working together, it‘s really amazing how they both got really close to each other. But then again~~ HB is someone who isn‘t that hard to get a long with. The moment you meet her.. You will get that feeling that you have known her for years. Even the waitress mistook them for being sisters, and that made them laugh and even went along with it. )

YJ: Unnie, are you worried?

HB: Huh? About what?

YJ: Going abroad alone?

HB: Well, it is my first time going out of the country and this is not some kind of a vacation trip. You know?

YJ: I completely understand how you feel.. But don’t worry~~~ My friends are going to be taking care of you out there.. Your going to be working with her. You’ll love her..

HB: Fighting~~~~

YJ: Eh?

HB: Aja Aja, fighting~~

YJ: Fighting~~~ Hahahaha!

HB: Oh yeah~~ I would like to request to leave earlier than what has planned.

YJ: Request?

HB: Yeah, well.. I want to get settled over there.. At least get familiar with the place and all. Having to move with a big and unfamiliar place.. I need to get used to it.

YJ: But what about the Singapore concert with the boys?

HB: Everything is ready, and you can just take Jin young with you.

YJ: True, you also need to get settled down over there. But I was kind of looking forward for that trip too.

HB: You wont be needing me over there anyways… by yourself… I know you can managed it.

YJ: Ani~~ How can I managed 5 boys? With all those outfit?

HB: You’ll be fine without me.. The moment you guys leave for Singapore .. the next day.. I'll be flying to L.A

YJ: Wae? Why not wait til we come back? I want to sent you off too.

HB: Hahaha, that’s like the same thing as I go with you guys and leave when we come back.

YJ: That’s perfect~~

HB: Hahaha, it’s okay.. I’ll see you guys before leaving Singapore~~

YJ: Araso ( A little sad, that she couldn't convinced her to go ) Are you really sure?

HB: Yes~~

YJ: Anyways, have you told the boys about it?

HB: Eh?

YJ: Aren’t you close with them?

HB: Oh yeaaah~~ of course. They know already.

YJ: I don’t know, but sometimes.. I feel like a bad person for sending you away~~

HB: Wae?

YJ: I don’t know.. I just get that feeling~~

HB: Omo, don’t think that way~~ your doing it all for me and I can’t even express how thankful I am for that.

YJ: Chincha?

HB: Of course

YJ: So your completely happy about your decision right? It’s not like you were pressured or forced. Right? I mean, you don’t have to take it unnie.. I don’t want you to regret anything and I don’t want you to feel pressured by me.

HB: YJ-yang~~ I completely made the decision myself and this is all for my own good. So you don’t have to worry, coz you didn’t pressure me at all.

YJ: You sure?

HB: Yes~~~ Positively sure~~

Note: Sending away HB wasn't YJ's intention of separating them, she doesn't even know yet what's going on with the two, neither do HJ knows about his true feelings... But since HB knows what she feels, she tries to escape it.. The offer was just a perfect timing for her to get away. She doesn't know what else can she do? The more she stays in.. the more she would get hurt and situations might get unpredictable.. and something could go worst in the end. Her going far away might help her and everyone's situation and that's why she took it.

To be continued....

Leader's condition

I heard that HJ almost fainted, and good thing Hubby ( Young Saeng ) was there to catch him from behind. With the ridiculous schedule they have? I wouldn't be surprise, that later on... all of them will be having this kind of incident, and that's one thing we fans don't want to happen. I hope they do think about the boys health first as much as we fans think about it. I know they're getting popular and all, but nothings can go farther, if incidents like this happens pretty much all the time. It scares me what will happen the next time around. :(

SS501 fighting~~ Please do get some GOOD rest.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

F(x) Lachata

Note: Ohhhh snap~~~ Here comes my new OBSESSION. Omo omo, AMBER is just too JJANG~~ I love her!! I'm one of her BIGGEST FAN!!! Can't wait for MORE with F(x)

Full Video Credit: Sment @ YT

SBS challenge 1000 songs SS501 cut

Note: Just because I miss him so~~~

Full Video Credit: Ohdestiny11 @ YT

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