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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :]


I'm very thankful to my Family, Friends, Ssangchu 101 classmate and just being here today to celebrate it once again.

Have fun and eat lots lots of Ham and Turkey. kekeke!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Chapter 34

Scene: I love you

HJ: Noona~~ are you okay? ( Waving both of his hands in front of her )

HB: ( Stunned )

HJ: Noona~~~ kwenchana?

HB: What just happened?

HJ: You mean this? ( Kissed her again, but this time it had lots of emotion and meaning to it too. )

HB: ( her eyes went wide open ) Ya~~~ you already got me twice

HJ: Let's make it a 3rd time? shall we?

HB: ( Went back a little farther, from where HJ was sitting at.) You stay there~~~ and don't you move a inch.

HJ: Noona~~

HB: Joongie~~ I mean it... let me just breath and think.

HJ: What's there to think about? isn't it obvious that it happened coz we wanted it to happen? Don't tell me your going to say you didn't responded on that earlier?

HB: Can you stop talking~~ ( Covering her ears, coz she was guilty enough to have responded on HJ's act earlier. She would be a fool to deny it in front of him, coz she knew he wouldn't buy it. )

HJ: I love you... I love you... I love you... I love you...

( People that were passing by started looking at them, coz HJ wouldn't stop yelling the word I LOVE YOU. )

HB: Ya~~ stop it. People are looking at us weird.

HJ: I don't care, I LOVE YOU~~~~

HB: Ya~~ what if your fans sees us and will be front page for sure.

HJ: I don't care, that would be good.. so everyone would know that I love you.

( HB covered HJ's mouth and grabbed him to another place where they could talk and less people than the spot they were in earlier. )

HB: ( Sets him free )

HJ: ( Starts screaming again )

HB: What the heck is your problem? Stop screaming...

HJ: My problem? that you wont accept my LOVE!

HB: Fine Fine... I love you too, can you stop it already?

HJ: I love you... I love you

HB: I mean it~~~ stop being so childish.

HJ: That wasn't convincing... say it again. ( Smiled )

HB: ( Whispers ) I love you too

HJ: Say what?

HB: ( Serious ) Don't push it~~

HJ: Araso Araso~~ ( happy )

HB: Psssh, look at the BI-POLAR person.

HJ: Bi-polar? Who?

HB: You~~~

HJ: Me?

HB: So mad earlier and now your smiling like a crazy person.

HJ: Well, I'm not really mad... More like I'm confused.. it's like this issue is never ending. Now my brother is the father of JY? How did that happened?

HB: That prolly explains why JY looks like you. The first time I saw your older brother, he did reminded me of you. The 3 of you do really look alike.

HJ: Yeah about that.. How did you meet my older brother?

HB: Melanie and Jinwoo-shi introduced me to him.

HJ: Oh wow, what a small world. I can't believe everyone is connected to each other in some way.

HB: Yup, it's pretty amazing now that I think about it.

Scene: Thank you

( The both of them went back to the hospital where everyone was waiting for them to come back and they all had a good meeting. Everything was out and issues were being cleared out one by one. YJ and SH decided to just let the kid think HJ is still the real father, it would be very difficult for the kid to understand this matter as of right now. HB didn't object to the proposal and neither did HJ. )

YJ: I will find a way to make JY understand the whole thing. But for now, please bare with this situation. I'm really sorry to have cause this problem.

HB: Don't worry YJ-shi~~ I completely understand the things you have to go thru and ever since... I never blamed you for anything.

YJ: Thanks unnie~~ I can't believe your still treating me like this. I can't believe I have done so much hurt in your part and just for everyone. I'm really sorry and maybe my sorry wouldnt even be enough to make everything right.

HB: Stop~~ you don't have to say sorry. I told you, I completely understand the situation you were in.

YJ: Thank you unnie...

Scene: Jackpot

Anon: ( Calling... )

Person on the line: Perfect timing, I believe you got some good news for me?

Anon: Yup, a very big one.

Person on the line: Spit it out, I want details by details.

( The Anon explained everything to the person on the other line and how he got everything they needed. )

Person on the line: It was really a good idea to sent you out there with them. I can't believe this is turning it out like this. I wouldn't have expected it. I'm sure this will become a BIG HIT!

Anon: Yes boss-nim~~~ We hit the big JACKPOT!

Person on the line: OK, just be sure to come back safely and take care of that content.

Anon: Araso boss-nim.

Scene: Back to Korea

( A full video surprised the SS501, when they reported themselves to the Manager )

HJ: Hyung, what's going on? Why is this clip?

Manager-nim: Amazing right?

KJ: What's amazing about this? Has this been filmed when....

HJB: How could this happen? When I was the only one who took a video cam? and I never even remember giving it out to you yet hyung.. and I never remember getting a clip from this scene ( watching the clip that was in front of them )

Manager-nim: That's because this wasn't from your video cam.

HJ: ( Mad ) Then who filmed it?

Manager-nim: Our crew


Manager-nim: I know if I sent someone out there with you guys knowing about it.. then nothing like this could have come up. I never expected such a scene really did happened out there. We could actually use this as a MV drama series in your new up coming album. We already released the mini drama teaser clip. Actually, if you can see this chart... the teaser have received a very good attention to the viewers. Despite your long absence and not a word, I think the fans have missed you.

JM: Hyung, you can't do this... that was a personal.. How could you do this without our permission.

Manager-nim: Yeah, it was very personal that you guys never even thought of someone else could have captured it. You know how easy it was for our crew to have followed you guys and captured this whole scene? Actually, it was being captured with someone else. But I already cleared that out by releasing the mini clip teaser. I was fast enough to have thought of a plan to make it stop and turn it around. Now tell me? was it wrong of me to have covered the exposure of Hwang Bo-shi and for just everyone else who was involved? or did you guys rather wanted me to just let it be? and let everything out and destroy your carriers?

to be continued....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jang Geun Suk & Park Shin Hye's lipstick CF

I never knew this CF existed til now, but I don't know why I'm not mad at it. She's kissing Jang Geun Suk... THE one and only Jang Geun Suk. but she's NO ordinary Park Shin Hye either and maybe that's why I'm not totally hating this CF.

Wait, maybe its my Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam love pairing fan mode that's making me think about it differently. LOL, either way... this CF is making me giggle. XD

News tips: K-portal @blogspot
V-credit: JKsell @ YT

Note: I want one of those lipstick now and maybe I can get a bite of those Jang Geun Suk lips too or he could bite mine? Oh wait, that was too much info to give.... but I bet you guys were imagining the same... pwahahahhaa!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chapter 3

Scene: SS501 Commercial Photo shoot

(KJ greeted YS first before the other members could. I guess, coz they were still getting ready and KJ was the first one to get done.)

KJ: Hyung, you’re here. How did you meeting go? (He had his two thumbs up)

Manager-nim: It went good.

YS: Yeah, like he says.

Manager-nim: Let’s get going YS, and get you ready for the shoot.

YS: ye~~

HJB: Hyung Hyung~~ your back already. Did you do it? Did you sign it?

HJ: Ya~~ can you stop bothering YS and go back to your corner.

(HJ was right next to YS who’s hair was being done by a stylist.)

HJB: Araso!

HJ: So how did it go?

YS: It was okay, we discussed the concept of the show and signed a couple of paper works.

HJ: That’s good. I’m proud of you man.

YS: Thanks! I’ll be needing some of your help from now on.

HJ: Sure, don’t hesitate to come and ask me. I’ll be glad to help you out bro.

Stylist: Your done! Do you want me to put more hairspray on this part?

HJ: Ani, that’s fine noona. Kansahamida

Stylist: YS-shi~~ your up next.

YS: Ye~~~

Scene: Destination

Director: Well, this is it guys. We’re going to assign you the countries that each and everyone of you will be staying and going.

YS: ( Raising his hand, like a little student who wanted to answer or ask a question.)

Director: Yes, YS-shi?

YS: How long are we really going to stay over to that country?

Director: It all depends on the mission and how well you played your part of the program. there are situations and missions that you have to do. You also get to choose, either you want to go back or end the program at all. It’s a survival kind of thing.
YS: Oh okay.

Director: Any more question?

( Nobody answered, so the assistant director started passing out a couple of folders to each and everyone, who was a cast member of the program. )

YS: ( Reading the content ) Pelepins? Chinchao? But don’t we have a fan club over there? What if they might notice me? Manager-nim~~~

Manager-nim: Yeah? What’s wrong?

YS: Don’t we have a fans club in the pelepins?

Manager-nim: Hmmm, I heard that you guys have a couple of fans over there.

YS: Then how will this thing work? How can I become the ordinary transfer student in this country?

Manager-nim: I’m pretty sure they assigned you somewhere there wont be any trouble like that.

YS: Are you sure?

Manager-nim: Remember~~~ that person right there ( Pointing at the director ) His someone who plans everything out, before making a move. Haven’t I told you that already?

YS: Oh okay~~~ If you say so, but if things really get worst.. I’m so out of this program.

Manager-nim: Don’t worry about that too much! Most importantly right now is to concentrate and prepare yourself for your departure.

Scene: Departure

HJB: Hyung, don’t forget to call me? Araso?

YS: Why? Are you my mother?

HJ: Yeah, you should give us a call and let us know how is it over there.

YS: Yeah, for sure.

HJB: Wae.. Wae? How come when HJ hyung said it you agreed instantly.

YS: He sounded more reasonable for me to call, than the way you said it.

JM: I think our maknae is already starting to miss our dear Prince.

HJB: ( Did a fake sob )

KJ: What a cry baby…

HJB: I was just joking~~ gosh!

HJ: Pssssh, joking..? Lets see tonight, who’s gonna start looking for YS!

( All of them were looking at HJB and HJB only. )

HJB: No wont and stop staring at me.

YS: OK, I have to leave now.. I have to be there early to talk with the director.

HJ: Isn’t he going with you?

YS: Of course he has too~~

KJ: What about the others? Who’s going to be with them?

YS: Well, I was picked to be the first one to go.. Other idol’s wont be filming til I get done. Great? Right?

JM: Wow, this project must be a big one. I mean, you guys are sent out overseas. That’s a lot of FUND!

YS: You guys are not helping me at all. Knowing that it is a big project, makes me even more nervous that I’m doing it and I’m the very first one to do it too.

Manager-nim: Okay guys, your just making him more paranoid.. Let’s go Saengie-ah!

HJB: Don’t forget to call us hyung~~~~

YS: Ye, araso!

KJ: Have a safe trip!

HJ: Don’t be too nervous

JM: Don’t forget to get us something nice, when you come back

(YS already got into the VAN, he seemed to be spacing out.. Next thing he knew, he was already standing in front of his director, who was talking to continuously without stopping one bit to even breath. He was really amazed by it and just kept on staring at him. He didn’t even gasp a thing he said.)

Director: Are you listening?

YS: Oh, sorry director-nim.

Director: Are you okay kid?

YS: Yeah, well.. Truthfully, I’m quite a little nervous.

Director: That’s okay.. This is your first time being away with your fellow group. I wouldn’t expect you to be alright right away and feel comfortable with it, but you’ll get used to it, trust me.

YS: Kansahamida director-nim, please take care of the inexperienced me

Director: Don’t worry kid. I got your back.

(The Director had calm down the nervous YS. His very much comfortable with the situation that his actually in.. Having to leave and experience this new line of work. Having to be away with his fellow members and doing his own activity has made him realized, that his carrier has gone one step farther this time. He wishes this project could really be a successful one and he promised himself, that he will do everything he can to make it a successful one and he can finally proved it to his fans that he can do this for them and he will do it til the end. He also thought that if this show become a top rating one. He isn’t just putting his name to be known, but also his fellow members.)

YS: It’s my turn to put our name on top and be recognize once more.

To be continued.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chapter 33

Scene: Hospital

( HB & YJ spoke in unison towards Jinwoo, who they all found sitting
beside Melanie's bed in the hospital room. )

HB & YJ: She okay? ( looking @ each other )

Jinwoo: Yeah, the doctor already gave something to put her in a calm condition, and now she's finally sleeping. She was too in shock and that made her fainted earlier. I didn't know she would have reacted like this seeing an idol. I didn't even know she was that of a fan of you guys, since she never spoke of you before.

( YJ & HB who knew exactly why Melanie-shi had fainted, stayed quite in their distant corners. HB can see HJ glaring at her from the spot she was standing at. Moments later, she also spotted KJ who was standing right next to YS, trying to avoid her eyes meeting his. KJ couldn’t take it any longer and left the room. HB was not about to let him go for the second time, and followed him right away. She hated seeing him like that, having the sad expression on his face, because since she had known KJ, the kid was unbelievably happy all the time, and always have that smile on his face. He might not be the typical person who would just joke around out of nowhere, but he definitely had his own charm, that charmed to make a person happy. HB from all people was once comforted by his charm, that particular smile that could make a horrible thing become just fine. If it weren’t for KJ staying by HB's side, then she wouldn’t have able to survive being right next to HJ at all those times. It was because of that boy, HB was able to cope herself being close to the person she loved, but in a horrible painful situation. Having to endure the pain for awhile, KJ has never left her once in that painful situation she was in. She even thought of this herself, if she had to pick between KJ and HJ, then she would pick KJ instantly, but she also couldn't make a fool of herself, because she knows that in her heart, it only shouts out for HJ, yeah.. that exact person who puts her in a painful situation most of the time. The same person who made her think, that love is a hurtful thing to have.)

HB: Kyu-shi~ stop right there. ( Ordering at him, as if he was a robot and she was the controller remote of him. )

KJ: ( She can hear HB’s foot step getting near him.. ) Stop, Hye Jung~~

HB: ( Stunned ) What did you just called me?

(HJ seeing HB going after KJ, he too stepped out of the room... SH, who was right next to HJ saw him coming out and wanted to follow him, then YJ wasn't about to stay still inside that room and went outside too. Now the 5 of them are facing each other. )

HJ: Hwang~~

SH: ( Caught HJ's hands ) We need to talk

HJ: ( Looking at his brother ) Whatever it is, let's talk about it later.

YJ: SangHwan~~ ( terrified ) What are you doing?

SH: His my brother and he has the right to know.

( HB, KJ and HJ turned their focused on SH and YJ )

HJ: Know about what?

SH: Jongyi~~

YJ: Stoppppppppppppppp~~

SH: His not your son HJ. His mine.

HJ: ( Shocked, looking at YJ to confirmed ) What? is this true YJ? So it was all true? JY was really never my son?

( YJ run into HJ's arms and came down onto her knees, asking for his forgiveness. )

YJ: Oppa~~~ chincha~~ I didn't mean for this to happened. I didn't know you and SH were brothers and and... I just~~ I just don't know what's going on anymore.. Oppa! Pleaseeee forgive me. ( crying out loud for forgiveness... )

SH: YJ-shi~~ get up!

( HJ didn't even looked at her, he was too confused… angry? He doesn’t even know what he was feeling. How could this be happening? Was faith of life really that messed up to him? or for the all of them? )

KJ: Noona~~ Noona~~

( HB was in shocked and her legs started to get weaken, she fell over almost to the ground. But KJ was fast enough to catch her, before she could hit the bare ground. )

KJ: Kwenchana? ( Shaking HB ) Noona~~~

HB: ( Got back to her senses ) Oh, yeah yeah... ( Looking at YJ who was on her knees just below HJ, who didn't even care at the lady beneath him. )

( HB got up and started walking towards HJ. She stopped right in front of him, she then bend over to help YJ, who was kneeling down. But HJ seeing that view, he caught HB's hands before she could help YJ and dragged her away from the 3 people who were surrounding them. )

KJ: ( grabbed HB's hands on the other side. )

HJ: KJ-shi~~ let go of her ( He looked like he was being possess by a demon. )

KJ: No~~ where are you taking her?

HJ: I said let her GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ( He yelled loudly at KJ )

HB: KJ-shi~~ it's okay. ( Scared )

( KJ was exchanging his looks from HJ to HB's eyes. He knew right then, when he let's go of her hands, HB will never come back to his side anymore.)

HJ: Kyu Jong~~ don't make me say it again.

HB: KJ-shi~~ pleaseee, just let go

( KJ finally gave up, coz of the look that she saw in HB's face. )

Scene: Where are you taking me?

( The both of them got out of the Hospital and end up somewhere in a park near by. )

HB: Ya~~~ can you stop dragging me. Let go~~ your hurting me.

( HJ who finally had cool down a bit, realized that he was gripping her a bit too tight. He lets go of her right after noticing it. )

HJ: Bian~~

HB: Why did you dragged me out here?

HJ: I dunno, I just felt like.. I needed to get out of there and I needed you to be right next to me right now.

HB: I'm not your personal assistant anymore, and even if I was still your assistant.. This kind of things isn't included in the job. ( She got up from the chair that they were sitting at )

HJ: ( Sniffing~~ a tears were dropping.. ) Please, stay with me~~~ even just for now

( HB couldn't resist him, she was in a situation just like before again... She couldn't hold herself but to be on his side once again. How could he left a man like that? He obviously need her that time, and she knows that too. )

HJ: Noona, is my life really that messed up? Even my path of life has to be against me?

HB: Don't say that... you just took a path that wasn't too easy. Life was never easy to start off.

HJ: I'm sorry~~~

HB: For what?

HJ: For putting you in so much pain. For having you meet me in this horrible path.

HB: Yeah, you should feel sorry... Because of you, I had to go thru a lot of hard ship and pain. ( Trying to joke around a little, to make the atmosphere a little better )

HJ: Really noona, I'm sorry for what I have to put you thru... I didn't know you were suffering that much, coz of me. Sorry, that I didn't noticed the feelings you had in me and completely ignored the kindness you showed me.

HB: Regrets, Regrets... They do come in late and last

HJ: The only thing I never regretted in this horrible path I took, was having to meet you noona. I never in life have realized how precious it is to love someone. Specially having to love someone like you.

( HB just stared at HJ's face and blinking her eyes a hundred times. )

HJ: ( slid down a little bit more to get a closer look at HB's face and finally when he reached almost to her lips... He planted a passionate kiss attack on her. )

HB: ( Shocked )

HJ: I love you Hwang Bo Hye Jung and no matter what.. this feeling ( grabbing her hand and landed it on his chest for her feel the heart beat of his own heart ) will never changed. Having a kid or not.. being a super star KHJ or not. Having to take another path, I would still find that exact path you took...just to be with you. I will love you til this path to another. I promise you that noona.

Anon: Oh man, this is really some good stuff. ( changing the battery from his video cam )

To be continued…..

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chapter 32

Scene: Go find them

Jinwoo: Babe! Kwenchana?

HJ's brother: I think we need to take her to the hospital right now, she doesn't look good to me.

JM: What about the others?

HJ's brother: JM-shi~~ go tell SH and YJ. HJB-shi~~ go find HJ and HB. YS-shi~~ go search for KJ.

3 guys: OK, we will meet you back out here hyung.

HJ's brother: Yeah!

Scene: His mine?

SangHwan: It is possible YJ, I wouldn’t be here standing in front of you right now, if everything... if this was impossible, then you wouldn't be seeing me right now.

YJ: You don’t understand… This can’t be happening.. That means your HJ’s brother, that means... Otokie!

SangHwan: Oh yeah, how did you know my brother? And why is your kid calling my brother dad? Wait~~ could it be that~~~ His? His… ( Grabs YJ in her shoulder and they both faced in front of each other )

YJ: ( Tears ) His… His.. Yours? yeah.. JY is your son.

SangHwan: ( Shocked ) Mi…Mi.. MINE?

YJ: I cant believe this~~~ This is too unreal.

SangHwan: What relationship do you have with my brother? Could it be~~ ( trying to recall something.. ) His the guy that you were talking about before? the first time I meet you?

( SH and YJ meet up at the club was a complete coincidence. YJ was a bit problematic at that time, she got quite a few shots already and when SH suddenly sat right next to her to get himself a drink too.. She started looking at him so weird, since SH is someone who looks like HJ. SH finally noticed it that she was looking at him so weird and started asking her why she was looking at him so weirdly like that, then that's when they both started talking to each other. YJ finally had someone to vent out her problems, SH in the other hand kind of felt pity towards her and went along and drunk with her and stayed by her side. Both got drunk and ended up in a hotel. That's when everything changed. )

YJ: ( Still crying and just nodded to confirm the person in front of him )

( JM suddenly came in the scene and told them about Melanie has to be taken to the hospital. )

YJ: What?

JM: Jinwoo hyung already left… We should get going and follow Jinwoo hyung to the hospital.

Scene: Can you see me?

HB: Kyu-shi?

( HJ looked at the direction HB was looking at and found nothing but KJ who was hiding not too far from them and started running away. HB separated herself from HJ quickly to go after KJ. )

HJ: Hye Jung~~~ ( He yelled out her name so loud, like ordering her to stop. )

( HB didn’t even heard a thing from HJ, she just wanted to catch up with KJ as fast as she can before the young man disappears from her sight. She saw KJ’s face and it didn’t looked happy at all. HB left Korea without saying a word from the boys, and to be honest, HB felt a lot guilty for not saying anything to KJ, who has always been there for her all those times, when she was on the ground, nobody else was there to picked her up.. the only shoulder she could cry on.. The only person who understood what she truly felt inside other than him. He was the only person who was there completely. )

HB: KJ-ah~~ where are you? ( Looking around the area, hoping to see KJ )

KJ: ( Hiding.. Not far from where HB was standing.) Noona, stop looking for me.. ( Whispered )

( HJ finally caught up with HB and grabbed her by the hands once again. )

HJ: What’s wrong with you?

HB: Stop grabbing me like that.. ( Still looking around.. )

KJ: ( Listening.. )

HJ: Can you stop looking around for once and face me?

HB: I need to find KJ-shi~~~

HJ: Is he really that important to you right now? That’s why your acting like this? You just rushed down and followed him?

HB: Moya?

HJ: You didn’t even heard me calling out your name so loud.

HB: Ahhh, chincha~~ How could you think about this right now.. When your brother is off somewhere. Who knows what could happen to him. ( Still looking around.. )

HJ: KJ is not a kid anymore… He can find his way back, if he wants to. His smart and knows what to do if his lost.

HB: You don’t understand.

HJ: I don’t understand WHAT? What is it that I don’t understand… coz when we’re just hugging each other earlier.. I thought you understood my feelings and I understand yours.

HB: So you think this situation is just like that? Just hugging each other and everything could be just fine? You don’t even know how many people could get hurt.

HJ: Who? Kyu Jong? What do you want me to do? Just give you up? Coz my brother likes you? Is that it?

HB: What are you talking about? Instead of talking non sense, have you forgotten you have responsibilities towards your kid and YJ? Why did you even followed me when I run out? Wasn't it obvious I didn't want us to be in the same room? Having to leave without saying a word.. wasn't it enough to show you that I didn't want us to see each other ever again?

HJ: I have responsibilities towards JY and not his mother. I run out because I wanted an answer straight from you.

HB: What difference does it make? You have a son and a mother who is longing for you. Why can’t you see that?

HJ: You really asking me why I can’t see that?

HB: Yes, I left because I wanted you to see what you have in front of you.

HJ: Since you left, I couldn’t see anything but you… The reason why I can’t see YJ is because of you. The reason why I’m so confused and wasn’t myself is because of you. The reason why I came all the way here is because of you… There is no other reason why I’m here in front of you right now… other than YOU. Now I want to ask you noona, can you see me? Can you? Can you see that I'm here because of you?

( KJ’s tears slid down, upon hearing the words that came out from his hyungs true feelings. Now he understand how much HJ felt for HB. Tears were continuously falling for the fact that he knows how much of an amazing woman HB is and they both love her, but at this point, he doesn‘t have her heart. His tears was because he know damn right from the start, that HB's heart has always been to HJ and HJ only. )

HB: Why are you doing this~~~ why do you always make me feel so trap?

HJ: I’m not trapping you~~~ Just let it go noona.. I know you can see me, you were the only person who can truly see me from the start. Or is it because you just don't want to?

HB: You can never understand what I feel.. don't you? You claim that you don't see anything but me? but you can't even see that... It's not because I don't want too, but because the more I see the real you.. the more pain I feel inside. Knowing that if I stayed by your side... it could cause even more pain not just to me, but to other people too.

HJ: Why do you always have to put other people? Why do they have to be involved for what we felt for each other.

HB: It's because.. they aren't just someone else to you~~ they're apart of you.

HJ: Does this mean, that you can't accept me? Because of my PAST?

HB: It's not about accepting you, but this is what's RIGHT! I left, because it was the only right thing to do.

HJ: If that's how it goes? If that's what you think? then I don't know anything that's RIGHT, other than having you in my life noona. That's the only right thing for me, and nobody can changed that.. and not even you.

( It was silent for a long time, coz HB couldn't replay to him and not a single word came out, but HJB suddenly appeared out of nowhere and told them about Melanie's situation, how she had to be taken to the hospital. YS too finally noticed KJ who was stoned out and grabbed him silently, before the other 3 notices them. )

YS: I think you need to be taken to the hospital too. ( Silently holding on to KJ )

HB: Chincha? Melanie-shi?

HJB: Yeah! She passed out.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Chapter 1 and 2

All for the love of GREEN PEAS

Chapter 1

( Heo Young Saeng have signed up for a new variety show called "Foreign Exchanged Student" it said to be a new show that’s going to be airing soon in Korea. The whole concept of this new show is that a couple of chosen idols will be sent out of the country and experience other cultures, while learning something new. PD’s have already decided to which countries these famous idols might end up going and where they could be staying in while being there. As a foreign exchanged student, they would be needing a host family to stay in. Being the reality show it is, the idols have to be living like they’re real foreign exchanged students.)

YS: Hyung, do I really have to do this? I mean, why can’t baby do it? Or Joongie-ah? His the variety show person. You know I don’t like appearing much in reality shows.

Manager: I’m sorry that I have to put you up on this. I have so many complains from your fans, that they rarely see you doing your own activities. Plus, you were being requested for this show and I didn’t made any arrangement for it to happen. If you really don’t want to do this, like you usually refuse to do something by your own, then you might have to talk about it with Joongie-ah. If his willing… that’s if he is willing to do it, then I’ll talk to the PD’s for some changes. Though I highly doubt leader would want to take this reality show offer of yours.

YS: Joongie is pretty busy with his own stuff right now too. Damn, what a bad timing for it… Ahh! What about Jung Mal-shi? This kind of concept of the show would be perfect for him? Don’t you think hyung?

Manager: I agree, Initially.. I was thinking they would have picked Jung Min for it, but JM has been casted with a new musical play. Baby is busy with MC-ing and DJ-ing, while Kyu Jong is very busy with his new drama role.

YS: Aish~~ Chincha! They only picked me coz I’m the only one that doesn’t have any solo activity.

Manager: I don’t think so YS-shi~~ I know the director and producer for this program and they’re not someone who would just randomly pick anyone without any reasons. He specially studies all the possible cast and I believe you’re perfect for this show.

YS: No matter how I look at it Hyung, I just don’t think this kind of concept fits me. You know how shy I am all the time. How am I going to survive out there? I barely even talk.

Manager: Thats why it’s a perfect task for you. Your role is going to be a foreign student. You don’t really have to be anything but yourself trying to learn something new. It’s a reality show after all.

YS: Ahhh~~~ Chincha! I just don’t know what to do anymore.

Manager: Oh! By the way.. I already told them you would take it.

YS: What? You did what?

Manager: Hehehe, I kind of already know you wouldn’t have any choice but to say YES.

YS: Ahhh! I’ve been TRICK.

Manager: Oh shut up, this variety show could actually help you. Plus, it’s time to show your individual charm to your beloved fans. I’m pretty sure its something they all have been waiting for.

YS: Fine Fine Fine… I’m gonna do it.

Manager: Really? Your going to do it foreals?

YS: Because I love my fans so much, that I’m willing to do this for them. I will definitely show them my charm.

Manager: That’s my boy. Okay, I have to leave now and make a fix arrangement with the director.

YS: Eh? I thought you just said.. You already made the decision?

Manager: Hahaha, you got trick again.

YS: Hyung~~~ Watch, a mah get you next time.

(The manager-nim was running away from YS and went to go settle out everything with the producers and directors of the variety show. YS was left in the same spot thinking about the upcoming job that his about to take.)

YS: Ahhhh~~~ otokie? What have I got myself into now. Heo Young Saeng~~ can you really do this?

To be continued…..

Chapter 2

(That same day YS couldn’t sleep and stayed up til the maknae of the group came home tired, from his own individual activity that night.)

HJB: Oh crap~~ Hyung~~ you scared me. How come your still up?

YS: I couldn’t sleep. How’s work for you?

HJB: It was okay. Were you listening to me? ( Smiled cutely )

YS: Nah, I was too scared I might not able to go to sleep at all, after hearing you over the radio. It’s not like I don’t get enough of that voice of you out here at home.

HJB: Yaa~~~ Anyways, I heard from manager-nim your going to be appearing in a variety show. That’s great hyung.

YS: I guess…

HJB: You don’t sound too happy about it.

YS: Not that I’m not grateful for this opportunity that just landed to me, but it’s just that.. I don’t know if I can do it. I’m always nervous when the cameras strikes at me. I'm sure you already know that.

HJB: Well, it should be a good thing for you to get used to it. I bet your fans will be happy about this hyung.

YS: That’s mainly the reason why I took it. I want to show my fans that I can do stuff like this too. I want to repay them for their earnest and loyal support towards me.

HJB: That’s it hyung… Just think of your fans. I get my motivations from them too.. Aside from my family and you guys~~~ They're my ONE main source of motivation.

YS: Yeah, I really do have to step up from now on.

HJB: Aja Aja Fighting~~

YS: Eh? I think your tired. Let’s go to sleep.

HJB: Fighting~~~

YS: Just shut up and go to bed.

HJB: Aja Aja!

YS: ( Giving baby the look... Like, if your gonna say another word! your getting it for sure)

HJB: Araso Araso, Good night hyung~~ see you tomorrow.

YS: I hope not~~~

HJB: Maybe not tomorrow, but in your dreams tonight

YS: Oh don't scare me like that.

HJB: Night!

The next day….

Manager-nim: YS-shi~~ let’s go! We have to meet up with the director today and sign some papers.

YS: Araso hyung.

( The both of them had finally ended up meeting with the Director and Producer of the certain show. They all greeted each other politely and started to discuss everything that was need to be discussed. )

Producer: YS-ah~~ Just sign out here and everything should be settled now.

( YS was hesitating for a moment and looked up into his manager's direction. As if he was trying to confirm to him, if he should sign it. )

Manager: What's wrong?

YS: Nothing~~ ( He finally signed the contract that was presented in front of him )

(Everyone was clapping their hands, to show a warm welcome to YS. The director finally said his greeting personally and has expressed himself to how excitedly he is to have YS, and him becoming apart of this new variety show.)

Scene: Inside at the SS501 van

Manager-nim: See~~ I told you his not someone who would just pick randomly.

YS: The director seemed to be really excited about me becoming apart of his show.

Manager-nim: Maybe he got a feeling, that your just the RIGHT person to make this new reality show a HIT.

YS: Oh thanks manager-nim~~~ you just planted a major pressure on me, before I could even start the SHOW! Oh thank you so much for that.

Manager-nim: Oh come on now~~ Have a little CONFIDENCE KID! Oh yeah, didn't they picked the country that your going?

YS: No, not yet. I hope it will be US. Last time we went.. I really really did enjoyed that time. I'm currently getting better with my ENGLISH too. I just have to get used to speaking it.

Manager-nim: See, forcing you guys to speak ENGLISH with each other is a good thing.

YS: I guess you made your point now.

Manager-nim: Sure I did~~~ I never let you guys do something, that doesn’t benefit you guys in the future.

YS: OKAY hyung~~ let's stop praising ourselves now. Hahaha!

Manager-nim: I'm just saying~~~ that this one isn't something that you wont be benefiting at the end either.

YS: I know I know~~~

to be continued....

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